I'd Rather Adopt Than Give Birth

I've always been a 'why make more when there's so many who need families' kind of girl. Frankly, childbirth scares the hell out of me anyway. I'll admit, adoption seems wonderful because of the selfish aspects, it's just a total pro that it will help the planet a little.

I don't feel that 'need' to share my DNA with someone. I understand though, my partner wants to have kids some day and medically willing, I'll probably give him the whole, "yeah ok" about the issue, but I suspect I'll always feel slightly jaded if I have kids the 'natural way'.

I mean, I'd love to take in a kid that was a bit older, or a little quirky, and work with them. I'm not interested in the whole 'splitting myself open' thing, and frankly, I think my DNA package is probably the equivalent of 'off meat'.

SO, the thought of taking in a lil bundle of joy and raising it with love, and all the privelage I can muster sounds perfect for me... because the alternative holds NO appeal whatsoever.



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I'm a 13 year old girl, I always loved the thought of adoption for multiple reasons. One, I always felt that it is a lot better to save a child then to have your own, because lots of babies especially newborns are put up for adoption every day and they need homes and families. Two, the thought of pregnancy scares me, many things can go wrong and it can destroy your body. Three, statistically, parents of adopted children are less likely to be divorced, parents of adopted children are more likely to be committed and show more love to their children and each other, and three, birth parents that give their child to adoption can finish school or college and they are a lot less likely to repeat an unplanned pregnancy. So yeah, I would rather adopt <3

hey im a teenage mum i always said i will adopt and not have kids simply the reason being theres plenty of kids already here who needs a loving family untill i fell pregnant very young i now have 2 kids and the thought of adopting is still there i dont feel complete untill i have adopted a child and made there life so happy x

I agree with you, i don't want to get through the pregnancy thing and the first few difficult years with a child, especially considering there are 1,000's of kids that are being tossed around foster home to foster home. I think you love your (adopted) child just as much as if you gave birth to it, my boyfriend on the other hand disagree's.

Kids are to be cherished and I like to think that having your own is not as important. It helps the planet, it helps the child and it helps you. You couldn't have more of a win-win than this. I don't see the need for passing down DNA and in some ways it is less beneficial to pass it down when it comes to diseases that are inherited.

I' m a teen male and have thought the same thing. People adopt abandoned pets because they want to save, love and cherish them... why not children? I see no difference from having your own child and adopting one, besides the fact that you are helping one that is already living. As for my DNA... I'm not sure... I'm more leaning towards "who cares?" DNA love, adopted love... it's all the same.

If you gals are serious about whatever you have expressed, accept my hearty congratulations. Hats OFF! please do try. Good luck!!<br />
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I sincerely hope you're joking.

You want to be the last of your own little species? If you don't have babies evolution will be vewy cross.