One Day

One day I would really like to adopt 3 boys. I would prefer to adopt brothers, so they don't end up splitting up. I would feel guilty if I adopted one, and another one was still waiting to be adopted. I have always wanted boys, and never really had an interest in having a girl. I suppose this is because I'm afraid to have a sucky relationship with a daughter like my mom and I have had.

I would like to have boys between the ages of 3-7. I really haven't had any interest in having a baby. That is partly why I wish to adopt and not have my own. So that I can skip the whole baby phase. Also, I'm not sure that I can have children, my mom had a lot of trouble trying to have children. It took her 10 years to have me, and she had 2 miscarriages in the time between. Plus there are some other factors going on with my body. I suppose that I have always been aware that I may not have my own children, so i never had my heart set on it. Also I believe that there are all ready too many children out there that need a good home. Why bring one into this world, when there are already so many children that need a place to live and have loving, supporting parents?

The only thing is I hope to be married before I adopt. So that limits my options of guys for me. Most of the guys that I have dated have absolutely been against adopting. They want their own child. I figure that the child will feel like it's yours, and you won't feel the difference. But I suppose there's only certain people that can adopt a child and really feel like there is no difference in having one from yourself or adopting.

If it does take me awhile to find someone that wants to adopt like me, then I will adopt without a husband. I will not put my life on hold just because there is not a guy beside me. I feel that I shouldn't have to. Though I believe the child would be better off with two parents, but there are plenty of children that have only one parent and most of them are doing fine. Even some children that have 2 parents are not doing all that great. Some maybe getting neglected and abused. It all matters in the quality of the parent.


Krysta Krysta
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Its like listening to myself talk about future kids. I hope you find your guy and three boys.

its way easier to bond with a baby then someone over the age of 7, good luck

My son is adopted. We adopted him at birth. I feel like he is 100% a part of me. There is no question that he is my son. He acts like me, smiles like me, likes the same foods - he really is a mini me and my husband. <br />
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The bond between a mother and a child does not need a biological connection. I bonded with him the moment I laid eyes on him. <br />
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I met him in the hospital when he was 2 days old. He looked up at me and smiled (the nurses said it was just gas) and I knew it was a geniune smile. I looked down and burst into tears - I knew he was my son.<br />
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He is now 6 and quite an amazing child. Adoption was the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life.