I Want To ..if I Be Able One Day..

i said before that i want to adopt kids one day..they tell me ''to adopt u ll need to have money and its not easy''..i guess idk what it needs to adopt kids..... but i ll learn..coz i want to..i want to be the best mom to my kids..maybe i wont have my own..idk .. but i want to adopt.. i wont ignore my kids,i wont hurt them, i ll try to do the best for them. i want to b a friend,a mom and a teacher to them..i want to protect them.to watch them,in every step they do...to see them smile,to have dreams..i want to read with them.

but i want to be a good mom..i want to learn more and understand things more so i can teach them and be there for them too..

if one day i adopt kids i ll do my best for them..coz they deserve that..

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im glad..


hugs polly*♥

sorry i dont understand some things..thanks for explaining..

if someone will have his/her own biological and adopted it has to be the same -equal..not show more care for one kid and the other not...<br />
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i ll read ur story tyco

I just wrote a story on this as well from the perspective of the child so if you want to know what might be in store go take a look :) x<br />
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I think adoption Is a great thing, I went to a few mistake care homes but look at me now... :D *trys not to act like a psycho* lol

all kids are equal...

Hi amyMA<br />
I do not think it is selfish to have biological children but all children are a great privilege.<br />

why say less selfish?is selfish to have biological kids?

hugs tyco* but kids come to this world..and there are ppl who want to care for them.


awwwwww yup this is also my view I was adopted and I also want to adopt<br />
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there are tooo many children without love and attention and without homes, so why bring another into a world when we cant even look after the ones we have?..

heh that made me smile :)u are observ-----?observant?i need dictionary...u describe it as if it was yesterday u went on that flight!

that was nice..yeah but u know something?u might see them again one day .u still remember them and it shows u care for them.<br />
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maybe one day this happen

wall..hmm..idk what to say...heh..<br />

this is so great amy, you're a gem. *much love*

yeah avi.i know..<br />
thanks wolf..many hugs*<br />
gryfnn,thanks for telling me..hugs

Good foster parents are much needed for children who have been neglected and abused...Social Services can help you--if you are interested in being a foster parent....one does not need to be wealthy---there is financial aid for people who foster children in desperate need of loving care.