In The Future When I Am Ready I Will Probably Do So.

I was an adopted child so I know first hand what its like to be thrown from care home to care home ripped away from the carers who you bonded with as parents because you lacked having the real thing, developing late speech, having no friends in primary school where everyone got on simply because you couldnt communicate like everyone else could and when you eventually did make friends you where ripped away again to start all over.

Not being able to trust anyone or look anyone in the face because your whole life you have been lied to and you know that at some point you will be torn away from them as well, put into the car of a new family you dont even know to maybe have to go straight back again if they dont like you or think your to much hard work! find the magazine you where published in like a cattle market. then when your parents find you eventually you have to go right back to the start and test all boundaries be as distructive as possible just so you know how far you can push them and if they did explode would they still love you?... so for those people wanting to adopt It wont be easy you will be pushed and tested, hurt and humiliated but just remember that these kids have been through a lot more... and it is only a test... and they just want to be loved also they have to test their boundaries in super quick time cause they wouldnt have been able to do it gradually as they where growing up.


there are tooo many children without love and attention and without homes, so why bring another into a world when we cant even look after the ones we have?..
Also I think every child deserves to have a childhood and a normal upbringing, Every child is pure and deserves only the best no child is imperfect it is impossible.

As a gay man one of my only options of having a child is to adopt as well.. and I am a very paternal figure :)

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That is certainly not true for me... I have no hunger to know even see my birth parents again, why would I? They where not there for me in fact we where only tortured when we where in their care! Also my parents now are so full of love for us I don't seek anything more from what you call my "real parents" they are hardly my real parents, parents are supposed to look after you not endanger you.<br />
If its different for you fair enough but its not the same for all of us.

I think adoption is an awesome thing cause some people really shouldn't even have the option to have children..

Not a problem :) hope it goes well.

Must've been excruciating to have experienced all these things as a child.<br />
I can slightly imagine the testing boundries thing and all the other mechanisms they employ, just to find real, unconditional love and belonging.<br />
And i agree, its one thing worth really doing if you are capable of it.<br />
And i do plan to do that.<br />
*many hugs*<br />
Thanks for sharing

awwwwww Adrew that was totally cute! :)<br />
<br />
I don't see it as a bad thing though.. in fact I see it as the oposit... if that hadn't of happened what would have happened to me where would I have been?<br />
But im not gonna say it wasnt hard cause it really was, but as I keep saying now look at me :)

I think it's a wonderful thing to do, good luck x

Good :)

i wont change my mind..<br />

not a problem hope it inspired thought on your decision whatever you choose to do :)

i thanku for sharing this.. thanku tyco..

Thank you! I actually got a little emotional writing this.. I dont often express this part of my life with people and I have only skimmed the surface<br />
<br />
AmyMA good luck and I know you will be a great mother and I can see you see the love for children as unconditional wich is a great thing! good job

u are right tyco..every kid deserves a good home..good parents..<br />
many hugs*and ppl who want to adopt have to really care for kids..and have patience n love n care for kids..