Young, Marriageless And Wants To Adopt

I dream about it everyday. The poor preteen who has been faced  with more evil then people twice his age.

He fears the future so he lashes out.

People call him unadoptable or unlovable, but god... I disagree.

Maybe I want to adopt this boy because I see so much of myself in him; The pain and suffering in such a short amount of years in his fragile life.

I am so very young though... and I have no husband or boyfriend for a father figure for the boy.

I have time and money and so much love for him though. I am terrified of taking him in and he show none of what I show him.

Or what happens if it turns out the love I feel for him is nothing but pity?

My worries are endless and I am terrified but his worries are deeper and his fears more justified.

I feel lost in the ocean of if's before me.
krunkenstein krunkenstein
Aug 4, 2010