I'm not really sure I want to have children of my own, but I know there are so many children out there who don't have anyone to take care of them or who have been swallowed up in the system and I want to help as many of them as I can by adopting. I want to adopt at least one teenager especially because I know that teenagers are the least likely to get adopted and I feel like in some ways they need to be adopted the most because the adolescent years are so integral to how one views themself.

Also, I want to adopt because I want my family to be a rainbow.

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I want yo be adopted. Your right bout no one wanting terns. I'm 13 and even so no one wants me. I also still pee the bed and one family got put off by that. I hope someone will find me and take me home willing to look after me and help with my bed wetting issue.

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