Hey, I'm raven. Uh well I just made this sight a few minutes ago, and I'm not quite sure on what I should post. But I really need some help and suggestions on how I can and will lose weight. I'm 15 and I weigh 142lb and I want to get to 130lb. And look fit. I have tried possibly everything I can think of. I've tried eating healthy but I really hate vegetables, I've tried working out but I never stick to it. I drink a lot of soda and so much junk food, I don't know how to stop. And I just really need to lose weight, because I won't even leave the house anymore because I feel I'm to fat. And how do I get rid of cellulite. If you have an suggestions comment below⬇️
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Hello Raven, My name is Heather. I understand your struggle I wanted to lose weight like crazy when I was in high school, its really hard I get it and the cravings are unreal and dont help with trying to lose weight. why do you want to lose this weight?

I just wanna have a flat stomach

Ok so you want to get something that involves abs. Right now I'm doing hip hip abs if you like to dance and you want a flat stomach this is the way to go it's so much fun doesn't feel like your really working out. Do you think this is something you would be interested in?

Yeah well possibly! But If I workout but still drink soda. Can I lose weight?

cool cool. heres the link to my site www.beachbodycoach.com/hjblackstone, you can join for a free memebership and you get incentives that will help you reach your goal weight. we have multiple videos and workout things if you want to check them out, but just by talking to you I think the Hip hop abs is the way to go if you have any questions let me know. yea you can still lose weight but soda is extra calories and you'll just have to work a little harder it may take longer for the weight to come off. have you tried like sparkling water, its carbinated like soda but doesnt have the bad things soda contains plus less calories.

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first of all. soda and junk food can have NO place in your diet if you're trying to lose weight. cut that crap. immediately. think about what you want more. The 5 min of satisfaction the food provides? or the amazing feeling and elation of having completed goals you've set out for yourself. Everything will change. Your confidance. Your outlook. The way you view yourself, respect yourself. Keep these things in mind next time u want 5 min of false 'pleasure' and 'comfort' which are just dragging u further from your happiness.

get rid of things around you that 'trigger you'. The unhealthy crap. Your weaknesses. It's impossible to diet with all your favourite things around you. Always focus on your goals. Write down what you eat. Weight yourself weekly no matter how bad u think that week went. Concentrate so hard on your goals, not on how hard it will be to achieve. REalistically 12lbs can take you about 2 months. Thats nothing! 2 months of your life to achieve a life long ambition? You'll feel amazing!! There is no better time to start!

Im a nutritionist and if you need help with your daily diet plan just don't hesitate. I love being able to help. I know how much excess weight can effect your whole personality. Confidance. Happiness. It's just not worth it for something that's so easy to change! Message me if u wanna know further.

Good luck!

Thank you so much and Ugh the thing is I like cannot cut soda out of my life. I've tried

i used to think that. I used to wake up and drink diet coke in the morning. I lived on that and red bull. Once I cut it out for good I actually physically can't drink that anymore. You can train yourself to like and dislike anything. That's a fact!

Well thanks I'll try

that's the best u can do right now so good for you for saying you'll do it! best of luck to you x

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