My 100 Answers To Pass The Time
1. Name?
SKiesterly... formerly SweetKiester

2. Male or female?

3. Were you named after anyone?
i hope not.

4. Does your name mean anything?

5. Nicknames?
Kiester, NeƩ, S.K.

6. What do you think you look like name wise?
a horses patutti.

7. Date of birth?
a long time ago

8. Place of birth and current location?

9. Nationality?

10. Astrology sign?

11. Chinese Astrology sign?

12. Religion?

13. What's your favorite smell?
brownies/ a certain person

14. Political position?

15. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
would prefer a bloody mary....stick with Coffee instead. *grins*

16. Hair + eye color?
varying shades of brown/ blue

17. Do you look like anyone famous?
someone once said i looked like alanna morrisette...
but they were pretty drunk.

18. What do you look like?
ummm... a human

19. Any unusual talents?
can roll my tongue.... and my "R's"... have been told I have "mad skillz"... i think that's good.

20. Righty, lefty or ambidextrous?

21. Gay, straight, bi or other?
Straight as an arrow.

22. What do you do for a living?

23.What do you do for fun?
whatever my 5 yr old wants to do... he has pretty good ideas.

24. What are your favorite art materials to work with?
Pencil, paint, canvas,wood, clay...i'll try anything

25. What kind of materials would you like to work with?

26. Have you met your grandparents?

27. Boyfriend / girlfriend?

28. Crush?
i prefer grape soda...

29. What celebrity would you date if you could?
No Celebrities for me thanks.

30. Current worries?
when i rule the i going to have to yank Devilonyashoulda's
goatee thing? or will he submit willingly?

31. Favorite online guy / girl?
nuh uhh... ain't getting ME in trouble...*grins*

32. Favorite place to be?
wherever i am.

33. Least favorite place to be?
buried under 1O ft of snow... that cannot be fun.

34. Do you burn or tan?
burn, burn, burn, tan

35. Ever break a bone?
yes... around 8

36. What is your favourite cereal?
frosted mini-wheats

37. Person you cry with?

38. Any sisters?

39. Any brothers?

40. Any pets?
Cat and Toad...also a virtual polar bear and cat. and fishes... some shrimps and 2 snails.

41. An illness?

42. A pager?
Not in about 20 yrs.

43. A personal phone line?

44. A cell phone?

45. A visible birthmark?
not that i know of

46. A pool or hot tub?
i don't have either.... prefer pool

47. A car?

48. Personality?
depends on who you ask

49. Driving?

50. Your clothing style?
varies with the seasons

51. Room?
for improvement

52. What's missing?
my millionaire handyman recluse neighbor who likes doing things
around my house with no hopes of a relationship.

53. School?
finished yrs ago

54. Bed?
reinforced. *grins*

55. Relationship with your parents?

56. Do you believe in yourself?
*pinches self* OW! yeah

57. Do you believe in love at first sight?

58. Consider yourself a good listener?
Yes... mostly...sometimes...maybe not...

59. Have a future dream that you would like to share?
my son growing up and doing something usefull

60. Get along with your parents?

61. Do you save your email conversations?
The good ones *smiles*

62. Pray?

63. Believe in reincarnation?

64. Brush your teeth twice a day?

65. Like to talk on the phone?
depends on who's on the other end.

66. Like to eat?
it is necessary.

67. Like to exercise?
ehhh... not at gyms

68. Like to watch sports?

69. Sing in the car?

70. What is a dream that you have all the time?
****edited for sextuality***

71. Dream in color?

72. Do you have nightmares?

73. Sleep with a stuffed animal?

74. What is right next to you?

75. On your coffee cup?
handpainted polish bird butterflies

76. On your mouse pad?
don't have one

77. Your favorite flavor of gum?

78. Favorite deodorant?
One that works

79.Your dream honeymoon?
o come on.....

80. Your dream husband / wife?

81. Hiding in your closet?

82. Under your bed?
my lock box

83. The name of one of your closest / best friends?
good try *grins*

84. Your bad time of the day?

85. Your worst fears?
heights... sand sharks on mars

86. What's the weather like?

87. Your favorite time of year?

88. Your favorite holiday?

89. A material weakness?

90. The weirdest food or drink that you liked?
i don't know.... i've eaten and drank some weird stuff....

91. At the top of your to-do list?
spend some time with significant friend sans son.

92. The hardest thing about growing up?
realizing adults sucked.... and you don't automatically get a house.

93. Your scariest moment?
cop lights in the rear-view

94. Your attitude towards love?
cautious, but much improved.

95. The most desperate, outrageous thing you've done to attract the attention of the opposite sex?
ummmmmmmm.... i don't generally work that way.

96. The worst feeling in the world?

97.The best feeling in the world?
LOL *wicked grin*

98. Who sent this to you?
no one

99.Tag more people?

100. Hiking Guy and Tonybologna

****wondering why I had to click the inappropriate for children box to post this*******
SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
41-45, F
Aug 23, 2014