100 Questions Answered...

1. What is your name?

Ryuuzaki.  As far as you know, it's true.

2. How old are you?


3. Are you sure?

Last time I checked

4. What is your earliest memory?

Walking down a wooded path with my parents.  I must have been about three or four years old

5. What is your favourite alcoholic drink?


6. What is your favourite vegetable?


7. Do you remember your first day at school?


8. What is the worst exam result you remember ever getting?

I failed an essay in my second year of university, but in exams I think it was a D

9. How tall are you?

5' 4"

10. Can you swim?


11. Who is your favourite movie actress?

Actress?  No idea...

12. Who is your favourite movie actor?

Hugh Jackman.

13. Who is your favourite comedian?

Eddie Izzard

14. Who is your favourite politician?

In history, I was always most interested in dictators.  My favourite to learn about was Mussolini.  I don't think that really answers the question though...

15. Who is your favourite historical figure (been dead for at least 100 years)?


16. Who is your favourite super-heroine?

Emma Frost

16t. Who is your favourite super-hero?

Spiderman.  Or the 'Nextwave' variant of Aaron Stack

18. Can you name a female scientist other than Madame Curie?

****...I know that one will pop into my head as soon as I move onto the next question...Does Jane Goodall count *googles it*  she does.  Ha.

19. Who is your favourite mythological god or goddess?

I'm fond of the iconography surrounding Bast (Bubastis), but I'd probably go for Tyr or Horus for a favourite.

20. Who is your favourite woman of all time?

Why are all these questions about favourite women?  Is it narcissistic to vote for myself?  Seriously, I put in my vote for Mary Shelley.

21. Do you agree with "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"?

No.  Any eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

22. Do you agree with "Life does not forgive weakness"?


23. Do you agree with "It is the enemy who can truly teach us to practice the virtues of compassion and tolerance"?


24. Do you agree with "The state can do what they want to do"?



25. Do you agree with "If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country"?

A vague question.  I'd usually rather let down the one than the many though.

26. Do you agree with "If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads"?

"Ooooh pretty path.  Look at all the butterflies, the flowers and....argh!  I've walked off a cliff".  In answer to your question, I'd kind of like to know where it leads.

27. Do you agree with "Crime is a product of social excess"?


28. Do you agree with "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"?


29. Do you agree with "And mankind is naught but a single nation"?

No.  Wishful thinking there though.

30. Do you agree with "Bulimia is soooo '87"?

What the Hell does that sentence even mean?

31. What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

Ninja Terminator.  It's hilarious

32. What is the worst TV show you have ever seen?

Big Brother

33. What is the worst book you have ever read?

'Villette' by Charlotte Bronte

34. What is the worst song you have ever heard?


35. What is the worst sport you know of?


36. Who is the worst movie "star" ever?

Nicholas Cage

37. Who is the worst comedian/comedienne ever?

I haven't really got any I dislike.  Dylan Moran's stand-up is pretty boring, but he was awesome in 'Black Books'...

38. Who is the worst author ever?

I can't stand romantic literature, but that's really just my personal preference and doesn't reflect on the authors at all

39. Who is the worst musical act ever?

The Cheeky Girls

40. Who is the worst sports "star" you have ever seen?

I really don't pay a lot of attention to sports...

41. If you could go back in time to witness an historical event in person, what event would you want to see?

The Battle of Thermopylae

42. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Okinawa.  Just because

43. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you meet?

Hugh Jackman

44. If you could become famous for one thing, what would that thing be?


45. If you could buy anything regardless of cost, what would you buy?

A dinosaur.  Though that would probably involve first getting a time machine...

46. If you could change any one thing about your country, what would it be?

I'd move it about a thousand miles closer to the equator...

47. If you could change any one thing about international politics, what would it be?

I'd probably insist that seven year olds were put in charge of all political parties.  They'd probably make better decisions anyway...

48. If you could meet any famous person who is dead, who would it be?

Albert Einstein.  I'd ask him what his last words were

49. If you could become dictator of the world, would you?


50. If you could eat an entire cow at one sitting, would you?


51. Have you ever illegally downloaded music/TV shows/movies from the net?

Yes, yes and yes.  I'm a rebel

52. Have you ever used illegal narcotics (yes, even pot counts if it was illegal at the time)?


53. Have you ever gotten any points on your driving license?

No.  I don't have a driving license

54. Have you ever stolen anything from a shop?


55. Have you ever bought alcohol or cigarettes while underage?

Alcohol, yes

56. Have you ever bought alcohol or cigarettes for another person who was underage?

Actually, yes

57. Have you ever tried to cheat the taxman/social security/other government agency?


58. Have you ever ridden on a train or bus without paying?


59. Have you ever been arrested?


60. Have you ever been charged with a crime ... ?


61. What's the furthest you've ever been from home?


62. Where have you visited that you would like to go back to?

Chichen Itza, Mexico

63. Where would you like to visit that you haven't yet?

Japan, Kenya, China, India...Pretty much everywhere

64. Where is your favourite place in the world?

My bed

65. Where have you visited that you hope never to go to again?


66. Where would you definitely never go to?

Anywhere where there was a strong likelihood of me being kidnapped or murdered

67. Where is your least favourite place in the world?


68. What is your favourite way to travel?


69. What is your least favourite way to travel?


70. What is the capital of Assyria?

Nineveh, according to WikiAnswers.

71. What was the last movie you saw?


72. Was it any good?

Very good

73. What was the last book you read?

'Dracula' by Bram Stoker, but I'm currently reading Dante's 'Inferno'

74. Was it any good?

Yes on both counts


75. What was the last song you listened to?

The theme from 'Ouran High School Host Club'

76. Was it any good?

Meh...It's okay

77. What was the last computer game you played?

'World of Warcraft'


78. Did you do well?

To a given value of well?

79. What was the last meal you ate?


80. Was it any good?

I suppose.  It was pizza...

81. Do you believe in God/Goddess/Gods/Goddesses (delete to suit personal preference)?

No, but I don't disbelieve either

82. Do you agree with the war in Iraq?


83. Do you believe in aliens?


84. Do you agree with the theory of evolution?


85. Do you believe in reincarnation?

No, but I don't disbelieve either

86. Do you agree with the idea of the UN?


87. Do you believe in karma?


88. Do you agree with the theories of man-induced global warming?

Some of them

89. Do you believe in democracy above all other systems of government?


90. Do you agree with Freddie Mercury when he sings "Fat-bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round"?

...I'm not really sure how to answer that question

91. What is your favourite movie?

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 

92. What is your favourite book?


93. What is your favourite song?

Fly me to the Moon

94. What is your favourite city?


95. What is your favourite sport?


96. What is your favourite place in the world?

My bed

97. Are you glad these questions are almost over?


98. What are you going to do next?

Go to sleep

99. Do you anticipate this activity being fun?


100. Give us a quote to end on ...

"Life is like a raindrop on a lotus leaf" - George Harrison

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
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Very good indeed :)

Emma frost.... Love her not as much as rogue though :)