What Inspires You?

Your mom.......

In all seriousness though music.
ConfusedFlower ConfusedFlower
1 Response Jul 18, 2010

Thanks for keeping this alive. :)<br />
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Music inspires me too. Seeing someone rock the guitar or piano or electric accordion makes me want to do better with my own musical training. I just generally refer to art for inspiration. I imagine I could live in an art museum.<br />
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Little kids. They're always so full of hope for the future.<br />
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The atmosphere right before it rains. I like to walk at that time. The mosquitoes are out and they can always find me but I have figured out that if you are constantly in motion they won't go for you.<br />
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I just love to travel. Going to a new place can somehow change my way of thinking. If you go to a new friend's house and look out the window, even that can bring on a new perspective. It's really cool.