Argo--its Bleu

a radio announcer was hooked on these knock knock jokes and had a man on the street live show-- soon a drunk came down the street and the radioman asked him about his joke. the drunk replied knosh -- knoshk who's there-- argo--argo who?--Argo  f--- yerself mack!!!  Well to make a long story short the FCC pulled his license and he was reduced to janitor at the radio station.  He worked for five years and accumulated every knock knock joke in existence-- then he was promoted to radioman on the street again---the show was quite sucessful and one day the same drunk came down the street. The radioman asked him what joke he had now and the drunk replied knossh konscssh--who's there-- Fred--- ( Well the radioman knew all the Fred jokes and all of them were innocuous ) so he said -- Fred who--- Argo F---- yerself  mack!!!!!       Not my joke but I heard it years ago in a bar with my friends---hobojo
hobojo hobojo
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To CFOM; I answered the question of what was the best knock knock joke you have heard and saw later that the category was six months old. I am not familiar with this media and answered in the wrong category--hobojo

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