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Kate Moss,if you are a mankind who live in this world,you couldn’t dont know who is this guy,or that means you have been out of the date for many years,she,can be the Pronoun of the Fashion trend,She has being on for 15 kinds of the magazine’s face,she has more than 3 million Pounds income in 2006,and only she can be the headline on the newspaper together with the Politics,terrorists,disasters at the same time.
In 2011,the most wedding party belongs to the Williams’. After that,it is the Famous Model-Kate Moss’s wedding,in 1st.July,in the St.Peter Church in England,the Kate Moss marry with the Jamie Hince,they Made a deeply kiss during happiness they are!
Now that she is a model,so whatever she wear,will be the wind in the model,last Sunday,i saw she wearing a True Religion Jeans in the street,i can even smell her Discount True Religion Jeans face,how envy am i!
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Apr 11, 2012