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35 Responses May 15, 2008

<p>Can only remember her first name - Susan.&nbsp; College English teacher.&nbsp; Taught me alot about creative writing and personal essays which helped me to resolve some old issues, tie them up in a neat bundle and put them away.</p>

I know you mean scholastically speaking, but i agree with Illiona....life was by far the best teacher i ever had. And continues to be. I never learned so much in 45 yrs.

<p>My band instuctor Mr. Cox. He is so freakin fuuny</p>

<p>my u.s. history history teacher. he was about 70 and he was a spitfire. he was a communist and a feminist. on the third day of school, he put his foot on a chair (think captain morgan pose) and said (with gusto), "I'm a commie, put that in your pipe and smoke it!" there was not a blank place on the wall because he had communist propaganda and political bumper stickers all over. he also had a humongus gay pride flag and a humongus soviet flag hanging from the ceiling. he had a little bust of lenin and made us rub it's head for luck as we went out the door. if you were late to class, he would lock the door then open the door a crack and ask the person if they were a terrorist. he would dare students to go to the office that moment and try to get him fired. he taught me that free thought was the best thing ever and to be weird was awesome. he would stand at his little podium and just scream about women's rights. I learned all my womyn's herstory (as he spelled it) from him. he's retiring this year and I will never forget him.</p>

<p>It would have to be my 11th grade Biology teacher.&nbsp;21 yrs later I can still hear his voice reverberate in my head, "ENZYMES"!!&nbsp; With a wide smile and his hand pointing straight in the air.&nbsp; He bestowed in me a love for Biology.&nbsp; I always loved science, but dissecting little "pig doe"&nbsp;was one of the highlights of high school.&nbsp; Thank You Mr McClendon.&nbsp; You gave me a belief in myself that I could do it & a new love & respect for science that has stuck with me ever since.</p>

<p>My 11th - 12th grade French teacher.&nbsp; She had me for French one and two.&nbsp; She amazed her students in so many ways because of the fact that she really cared about what she did.&nbsp; She wasn't just their for a paycheck, she was there out of love.&nbsp; After class (I had her for the last class of the day) I would sit with her and tell her all about my day and what I was doing after school/weekend.&nbsp; She wisdom she imparted on me has stayed with me and every time I make a decision I remember what she always told me.&nbsp; "Do what would make your heart the happiest."&nbsp; Of course, she always spoke this in French.&nbsp; I've been shopping with this woman, I've been traveling with this woman, and, yes, she is now a close friend of mine.&nbsp; I really do love her; she's like my second mother.&nbsp; </p>

<p>My 3rd grade Teacher, Ms Newel...</p><br />
<p>Damnation but I had a crush on that lady!</p>

<br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>The lessons of which I learned during my three years at Ball High School are many and continue to be called to mind as I live my life going toward the future.</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>What was taught to me in 1963 is still applicable&nbsp;in this new century though accompanied with a different mode of ex<x>pressions and definitely a quicker pace.</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Typing this is one example....I remember Typing Teacher Mr. Kingsbury. &nbsp;I was not the most nimble nor fastest....nor the most attentive....with perserverance....Mr. Kingsbury taught me to focus, learn the basics, not to worry about being adept at the keyboard and lastly not to worry about speed...those would increase as I become confident with the evident.</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;All "the stuff" I worried about, not being good enough, not keeping up with the others, was interferring with my learning and the quality of progress, was exactly correct.&nbsp; After many hours at the typewriter keyboard along with Mr. Kingsbury's constant support of teaching...I eventually became proficient in the skill of typing.</p><br />
<p>hmmnn...so you say no big deal?...Wait...here's the plus I typed this message in less than&nbsp;1 minute, focused on relaying more than a message of typing skills, and am confident that I have succeeded...soooo...learn to be yourself, start with good, make it better, then do your best...it can be attained.&nbsp; Honors to you Mr. Kingsbury, Typing 1, Ball High School, 1964.&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Arista</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
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aaah, who will ever understand drama classes but the theater kids?<br />
I love Ms Wray to the death! She is weird and quirky, childlike and yet motherly... she is also a talented director and always has great advice and great stories. And she is funny. Funny. Funny.<br />
best of all though, she isn't like the other teachers... working for the pay, or just for the sake of work. We, the little flourishing actors, are what motivate her. She loves us and we love her.<br />
Long live spectacle theatre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<p><i>As a girl, it was Mr. Cornelius, my history teacher. He was absolutely a dream come true. </i></p><br />
<p><i>As a boy, it was Ms. Baker in the third grade. She was a real hottie!!! I wished I could look like her. Sigh!</i></p>

<p>*Sigh* The band/choir teacher at my school...Mr. Parker...absolutely amazing in so many ways! He's STILL my favorite teacher :)</p>

<p>My favorite teacher was my Dad. He taught me to be kind because he showed kindness to others.He taught me to love books and learning. Dad taught me responsibility when he allowed me to get a cat, even though Mon was against it. He was a hard working man, with calloused hands, but he was gentle with his little girl. My Dad died&nbsp; a few years ago and I will always miss him.&nbsp;Thanks &nbsp;Dad for all the love you gave to me.</p>

<p>My favorite teacher is here on EP.&nbsp; He has taught me more about life, love, myself, and God than any other person I know.&nbsp; He challenges me to be better every day, to be smarter, to love more. to live more.&nbsp; He holds me when I need it, knows what I need before I do, and kicks my *** when I need it too.&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>We may never meet in person, maybe we will.&nbsp; Until then, he is my teacher, my best friend and dare I say my soulmate.</p><br />
<p>I will love him forever</p>

<p><b>Mrs. Patricia Cooper </b>was my favorite teacher.&nbsp; She went beyond her call of duty and followed my education and growth from the 4th grade up until she passed away.&nbsp; Mrs. Cooper was one of those people who didn't view teaching as a job, she viewed it as an honor and took pride in making a difference in the lives of children.&nbsp; She took all of her students into her life as though they were her children and that's why even if you didn't see her for months or years she never forgot a name or a face.&nbsp; She was tragically killed in a car accident where once a again she was serving as the greater good.&nbsp; It was a terrible rain storm and a van and its passengers had had an accident.&nbsp; She got out of her own car to help them and see if they were alright when another car slid in the rain and pinned her against the van.&nbsp; She not only meant the world to me, but to many others and as a result will forever be remembered with the dedication of a new elementary school being named after her.&nbsp; I hope her daughter (who was still young at her passing) has grown up knowing how much of a positive impact her mother had on so many people's lives.</p>

I never had a favorite teacher. I never had a teacher who I can say I looked up to; except my father!<br />
<br />
My father and I have not been getting along because of my sister now. I really looked up to him but not now there is nothing.<br />
<br />
I did learned a lot from him. How to be strong, work hard becasue the world isn't coming to you. You must go to it! The achievers and people who reach success are not the ones who sit around.<br />
You must be strong outside and inside, don't let anyone bring you down............

My English teacher in college. I hate English too, it's my least favorite class, but this guy made it enjoyable and had fun. Didn't really mind writting 25 page essays. What the hell is wrong with me anyways?

<p>My daughter !</p>

<p>My favorite teacher was my music teacher. He had long hair and wore red suede desert boots.</p><br />
<p>I wasnt any good at music but he was my favorite teacher because of his relaxed laid back attitude&nbsp;and because he seemed to like me. He encouraged me to be myself and not worry what other people think.</p><br />
<p>I often think of him and and remember things he said and I still feel from him courage to be myself whatever the situation.</p>

<p>Lambchop, who else?</p>

<p>My ****** up family... They made me learn that doing drugs gets you NO WHERE!! They made me understand that living with depression isn't the end of the world, that you can live a perfectly good life no matter how ****** up of a family you come from... But last, they showed me that you can blame everything you do wrong on someone else... YOu HAVE to take responsibility...</p>

<p>My English teacher in high school.&nbsp; There was a group of about 20 of us who were in a certain program at school, and she was the English teacher for our group for 3 years.&nbsp; She was one of the cool teachers lol&nbsp; It seemed like we always had a blast in her class...even when we were reading the Grapes of Wrath!&nbsp; The work never really seemed like work, yet i learned so much from her class.&nbsp; She didn't treat us like 'kids' the way most of the teachers did...felt like we could really connect with her.&nbsp; Good times in her class...good times :)</p>

<p>My kindergarten teacher Mrs Thompson. I loved her so much that when it snowed I would stop at her house after school to shovel her walk and driveway. Considering I was five at the time and lived in Montreal this was no easy task. I just loved her to pieces though. She was the kindest teacher I ever had.</p>

<p>Mr. Goss, he was my fifth grade teacher and he was so dreamy.</p>

<p>Miss Maytag (MM), my 5th grade teacher at Guardian Angels. She was so nice and pretty also. She made learning fun in years that I was missing my mother who had died when I was 7. MM would let me stay after school and clean all the Blackboards, empty the trash, etc. I had a real crush on her and she would ride me home in her car, knowing that I had a long walk. She would encourage me to see school as an adventure and in doing that I would do my homework and saw school in a new light. WOW, what memories.</p>

<p>Until&nbsp; the death of my mother I realized she was my best teacher. I learned how to be caring, polite, to love any person and let myself be loved. All these positive traits she taught me I am able to teach them to my children.</p>

<p>Mrs. Bottiggi in 4th grade! She was probably the most understanding teacher I ever had. She knew how to have rules without them feeling confining. </p>

<p>Well, there was Jenye, who taught me&nbsp; a few things, she was older.</p><br />
<p>And there was my step father who taught me to be cool under pressure, to sail a bot, to tie knots, and to focus on the people you are with and the business you are in.</p><br />
<p>And then there was my English teacher who terrified me of "gross errors" and helped me to write well.</p><br />
<p>And then there are my sons, who explained in no uncertain terms why I am a dork.</p><br />
<p>In the end, aren't we our own best teachers.</p>

<p>I'm not sure I can choose a favorite teacher. I was incredibly lucky, and have had so many wonderful people teaching me - in school and out of it. </p><br />
<p>My English teachers in high school continuously opened up new worlds to me. </p><br />
<p>My Algebra II teacher refused to let me fail myself. My calculus teacher taught me to appreciate that even math had a beautiful simplicity to it. </p><br />
<p>My first college history teacher blew me out of the water and made me fall in love with history, a subject I had previously rejected. My women's studies professor was one of the most amazing people I have ever met, allowing real open discussion in class, even when it went against her own ideals. </p><br />
<p>My grandmother (mom's side) gave me my absolute love for reading, and encouraged my inquisitorial nature. My parents let me take things apart when I needed to know how they worked - even though they knew I couldn't put them together again. They taught me about life outside of books - encouraged me to love nature - to play sports - to study people. They taught me that thinking for myself was the only way to be, even when my own journey took me far from theirs. They taught me that love really does exist, and is stronger than anything else.</p><br />
<p>My brother taught me how to escape from a headlock, and that you can really love someone even when you don't really like them - and later, he taught me how to like someone you already love.</p><br />
<p>My friends taught me that no matter how hard life gets, someone is going to be there to help me get back up.</p><br />
<p>My dad's mom taught me to stand up for what I believed in, even if it got me in trouble. </p><br />
<p>I have been taught that everyone has an incredible capacity for love, compassion, strength,&nbsp; and spirit. I have been taught, that real strength is the ability to ask for help when I need it, even if I'm not always willing to admit that I do need it. </p><br />
<p>And the lesson I am trying hardest to learn, that my friends and family have tried the hardest to teach, is that I am loved, and should love myself the same way they love me, the same way I love them - unconditionally. </p>

Mr Rushke! He was my grade 5 teacher. I went to a private Christian school and he taught most of the subjects. He would tell us stories and cool facts all day long. I would come home everyday and sit at the dinner table with my parents and and tell them everything.<br />
<br />
Soon enough my parents would come to expect what I was going to say, "Mom? Dad? Guess what...!?" and they'd say, "What did my Rushke say?"

<p>My drama/improvisation teacher in College.</p><br />
<p>It took lot of guts to take that improvisation-course because I'm so terribly shy. I was even more shy before it. He really taught us to let it all out, make fun of ourselves, open up and tell even the stories that doesn't seem to make sense. I can't remember any other classes that would have been filled with so much laughter. Those lessons became the highlight of the week and when we left the classroom, our stomachs hurt because we had laughed so much. He was incredibly encouraging and saw the potential in me that I had no idea of. Those lessons were huge boost for my self-confidence. Thanks Tim! :)</p>

My biology teacher Mr Wilson. <br />
<br />
I always remember that he told us in S.e.x Ed that your virginity is the most special gift you can ever give to someone, so amke sure you save it for someone special. <br />
Thank you Mr. Wilson, why couldn't all our teachers have such poignant advice.

<p>My favourite teacher is ME!!! haha j/k, though I do hope I'm someone else's favourite teacher!</p><br />
<p>I love it when ex-pupils come back to see me - it makes my day to see them doing well. Staff room chatter often turns to ex-students, so chances are, the person you're about to talk about still thinks of you occasionally too. It works both ways. :)</p>

<p>&nbsp;life itself is my best teacher..With falling and getting up i learned more than i ever did at school... ;)</p>

<p><b>Mrs. Stover!</b></p><br />
<p>She taught me, in high school, the true meaning of the word initiative! I had to interview to get into her class, a three hour long, student run, preschool. It was the greatest and I wrapped myself in the class planning and training involved. Because of that class I was encouraged to&nbsp;train with the American Lung Association and I taught a weekly class at the local elementary school on the dangers of smoking. I also became President of the club she sponsored and just recently have rejoined her efforts and we now volunteer together at a place called "tent city"...</p><br />
<p>Twenty years later and she's still making an impact in my life. I'll never forget her!</p>

A brunette I met in a bar. Kidding. lol<br />
<br />
My grandfather taught me most everything I need to know about living. I'm sure you meant school but. The things I value the most were taught to me by him.<br />
<br />
He was a wonderful man. Always kind, and would do anything for anyone. He sure helped me out a lot when I was growing up. I thought a few times he was going to work me to death. : ) <br />
He was a contractor. If I wasn't in school, I was helping him build houses.<br />
<br />
I will miss him for the rest of my life I guess. <br />
<br />
I wish you guys could have known him.