Any Plans For Memorial Day Next Weekend?

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Any plans for Memorial Day next weekend?...?

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33 Responses May 17, 2008

Will do motorcycle ride from Harlingen war memorial to one in mcallen

Well, my wife and I plan to go on our first nude hike of the season together. That, and go see the new Indiana Jones film. Otherwise, Im not really sure.

We have a parade, which I'll probably photograph, as well as ceremonies at the local cemetery.<br />
<br />
The ceremony features the widows of fallen soldiers. The women dress in white and lay flowers on their husbands' graves. I have a photo from last year's ceremony in one of my photo albums on EP.

<p>Nothing much planned so far.&nbsp; I'll probably end up at a cookout.</p>

What is Memorial Day?

<p>Dance at&nbsp;our local&nbsp;powwow and enjoy family and friends.&nbsp; Also join in the Ute Bear Dance activities and honor our warriors.&nbsp; So we eat, dance, pray, talk, and have loads of fun.</p>

either going down to the shore for the weekend or going to a graduation the shore.

<p>i shall be in a big marquee with my family and loads of friends enjoying the company, singing and playing instrements and genrally chilling together. And of course having lots of lovely food to eat..</p>

<p>In Canada we call it Remembrance Day and it is in November.&nbsp; HOWEVER, this weekend is Victoria Day, the generic date to celebrate the queen's birthday, and it's a long weekend.&nbsp; We've had friends over, we're working in the garden, admired the arm-length trout in the river right now, went to a bonfire with the neighbours, their kids and everybody's dogs, and tonight it's a roast on the BBQ, and sitting around talking half the night.&nbsp; Monday is expected to be quiet, but don't count on it!&nbsp; Spontaneous things happen!&nbsp;</p>


<p>I am going up north to be with family and friends, roasting marshmellows , having a BBQ, sitting my a fire at night talking about and remembering the people that we lost.</p>

<p>no I never have any plans Im a stay at home almost all the time and I like to meet people on the computer as its my entertainment. Im just an old lady looking for friends.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Work, work, work... &nbsp;Gotta keep the money rollin' in. &nbsp;In between shifts, relaxing in the pool out back, grilling out, and spending time together as a family--no guests allowed (for a change).</p>

<p>Memorial Day is next weekend?.......................Play,Party and Pig-out.</p>

<p>Memorial Day falls on m moms birthday this year.&nbsp; I think we are going to her favorite restaurant and then maybe go swimming.</p>

<p>Working, like usual.&nbsp; But, I hear wiseowl is having strawberry pie...maybe I'll call off.</p>

<p>We don't have Memorial Day next weekend, but we do have a Bank Holiday, so I will be having a school reunion pub crawl as is tradition&nbsp;amongst my friends&nbsp;on the Friday, probably hit the city for some clubbing on Saturday night,&nbsp;then spend Sunday and Monday recovering!</p>

<p>Hmm, that's the American holiday I'm guessing. Anyways not much, my hunny is supposed to spend the weekend with me. I can't wait. When there is love you can do nothing and not be bored! </p>

<p>My bf's friend is coming to town so he's probably gonna see him friday and saturday. I'll see him Sunday and Monday. We'll probably have a BBQ. </p>

<p>Going camping at our at the lake with the family.&nbsp; Coming back Sunday and Monday going to the fun park near us for a day of Carine rides</p>

<p>I'll be studying for my finals. Fun, fun. Plus I have to work!</p>

<p>I so hope to spend it with the kids... I don't care what we do so long as we do it together...</p>

<p>nothing yet, just trying to get settled in our new place, and swim and enjoy each other.</p>

<p>Nothing special. Did have a yard sale planned. Still thinking about it though. Other than that I will probably work all weekend, unless their closed on memorial day, wow, IDK. Is tj maxx closed on memorial day?.. i wonder</p>

<p>going camping up at lake erie</p>

<p>This weekend is I'll celebrate my husband and our birthday. My birthday is on the seventeenth and his is on the eighteenth of May. I don't know what we'll do but a few romantic evenings will be definitely involved.</p>

<p>Bib party at out house. Cookout and volleyball and water ballons. Lots of people and lots of fun.</p>

<p>With gas now at $4.09&nbsp;per Gallon?&nbsp; Not going to the Lake for the weekend... How sad.&nbsp;&nbsp;It was a tradition for<i> years! </i>&nbsp; I'm determined to have a <b>wonderful</b>&nbsp; time anyways!&nbsp; We'll get with friends on Sunday for a Barbeque, then hang out w/family Monday.&nbsp; I will honor those who bravely serve(d) &nbsp;our country, while sending a message to those who are ruining it.&nbsp;&nbsp; Noone I know is going to the Lake (3 1/2 hr. drive),&nbsp; in protest of Gas Taxes here.&nbsp;&nbsp; Hate to hit the local&nbsp;tourism earnings, but it's time to play ball!&nbsp; New traditions can be wonderful, too- Right?? :)</p>

<p>There is a Greek church festival that is held Memorial Day weekend every year that Mom & I go to.&nbsp; Haven't heard about it this year, though.</p><br />
<p>They have dancing, cooking classes, and a lot of great Greek food!</p>

<p>As an Ausie every day is memorial day because theres so many events in the world, good and bad, to remember </p>

<p>I only have today .... next weekend is way to far away </p>

<p>No special plans. Just enjoying the day with my husband and children. He usually has &nbsp;to work. To share this day together as a family is a blessing.</p>

<p>We are having a BBQ..ribs, hot&nbsp; dogs and a big fat strawberry pie is going to show up.</p>