Have You Ever Got Your Hair Cut At a Salon?

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Have you ever got your hair cut at a salon?...?

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43 Responses Jun 3, 2008

i have always had my haircut in a salon! i also work in one and i absolutely love it!

I am letting my hair grow longer and now cut my own hair. When I was active in business, my professional carreer, I would go to a salon to get styled.

Yeah.<br />
Big mistake- she went all trendy on me, dyed it a strange color, and cut it to look like Mrs. Brady. and charged almost $100.<br />
<br />
I prefer Supercuts- cheap and simple

<p>Yeah, and I'm one of the only men who goes into this salon, too.</p><br />
<p>Kind of embarrassing but I met the girl who cuts my hair when she worked at a more 'unisex' type of haircutting place. When she quit there and moved into a salon, primarily for women....hispanic women, at that.....well, I followed her.</p><br />
<p>Now I live across town, but I still drive over there. She's nice. She's cheap. She makes my big pointy head look not so pointy. Also, I can afford to tip her pretty good. This makes me feel good.</p><br />
<p>Also, when I mention my slight balding spot that's kind of new, she always laughs and tells me it looks distinguished. The girl is a natural at customer relations.</p><br />


<p>yes I have.. bur I don't anymore.. they looks like a ? when I describe how I want it to look so now days my mom cuts it for me.. =)</p><br />
<p>She's so much better then them!</p><br />
<p>no matter how good at things other people are mom will always be the best!!</p>

<p>Yes, and I cut hair in a salon also!</p>

<p>Yes, but I miss old school barber shops.</p>

<p>yes but not anymore they don't clean there shears</p>

<p>Yes, I do, I like it, because they know how I look better</p>

<p>yes, when I was old enough to stop my mom and grandma from doing it themselves, I would <i>only </i>get my hair cut by a professional.</p><br />
<p>Last time though, I cut it myself.&nbsp; It was only a trim, so I didn't think it was worth it to spend the money; and my hair has gotten quite long, so if I really screwed it up I could just have someone fix it&nbsp;and no one would even notice that I'd done anything to it.</p>

<p>Where else would you get a hair cut?</p>

<p>Yes!!! that is the only place I go to get a professional hair cut.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Oh yes, I go in there with a pic, also go to the same woman, so she knows me, because I have had people get crazy on me&nbsp; lol.</p><br />
<p>I love the la<x>yered look. Thats what I have. I am growing a longer la<x>yer though, which is easy once it is la<x>yered, right?&nbsp; I do have to go for a trim like tomorrow at the latest&nbsp; uugghh It always worries me she will do something strange, I think they have too much control. lmao</p><br />

<p>Hey!&nbsp; Hey! LOOK at me!&nbsp; Look at the picture?&nbsp; Seriously, do you think this doo happens without salon magic?</p>

What a strange question. Is there anybody here who *hasn't* had their hair cut at a salon?

<p>Yep, first time in my life in 2008 I went to a salon and got it la<x>yered and then went back and got it cut above the collar. It looks really nice now, well it does when I take the flat iron to it, but I'm lazy.</p><br />
<p>Nothing exciting...</p>

<p>yes, every 6 weeks. Did a guy write this question? Salon..Beauty Shop..same thing. Barber shops are or still may be mostly&nbsp; for men.As a child, my dad's barber would cut our hair.It was fun to go in there.That was 1956 and Barbers were a man's best friend.&nbsp;</p>

<p>A long long time ago, i got my hair done at a JC Penny Salon to get my hair colored. It was silly, and I like my shaved head too much to do it again.</p>

<p>not any more. I have a 16 yr. old neice who's been cutting my hair for the last year and a half. she does an ecellent job!</p>

<p>Without fail. Great stylist keeps the mane presentable--so that's one tiny thing I don't worry about.</p>

<p>Yes, I go to a salon.&nbsp; It's a very good one, and since it's in a small town it's reasonably priced, and is always full laughter, gossip and people who know each other.&nbsp; I wouldn't ever DARE cut my own hair!&nbsp; And none of my friends can cut hair either!&nbsp; When you are 60+ but still have good hair and it's pretty much your last asset, salon cuts are <i>de rigeur!</i></p>

Yes I have ever since I was about 12.<br />
<br />
Although I now think I should go more often since I only go twice a year :P.<br />
<br />
The last time I went I first got a cut and 2 hours later while my mom was having her hair dyed at the same salon I decided I was going to get a dyed the same day :P.

<p>Many times. I started going to a salon in my late teens or early twenties, and gave up barbers who seemed to cut everybody"s hair exactly the same I havent been in since 2004 because I started wearing my hair buzzed, and my girlfriend (now my wife) began cutting it for me.</p>

<p>On the day my&nbsp;then wife&nbsp;(now ex)&nbsp;moved out to live with her married "other man" I died my hair blonde using a kit in the bathroom.&nbsp; That night, while cruising the local bar, I got all kinds of attention from young girls who swore I was 15 years younger than my actual age....I was 39 and they guess me at 24-25...(obviously I ate up the attention because my ex had just left me for some other dude.....but did leave me with our children).</p><br />
<p>The next day my ex saw my blonde hair and I told her about the girls telling me how young I looked.&nbsp; I also told her I was not exactly happy with the color so I was going to a salon to have it re-colored.....she told me I need to just have it dyed back to black and skip the mid-life crisis blonde.</p><br />
<p>Two days later, I was in the salon when my then wife (who was now living with her married boyfriend) called and I told her I was in the salon having my hair redyed......she asked if I was having it colored back to black and I told her no, &nbsp;I was only having it done properly as a blonde.&nbsp; She asked why I was keeping it blonde and I told her that I liked the attention I got in the bar from the girls telling me I looked like I was in my early to mid 20's..................she screamed "THOSE ARE DRUNKEN WOMEN IN A DARK BAR!!!!!".......you also have to understand that this women was extremely jealous when I began dating after she moved out.</p><br />
<p>Someone later told me that&nbsp;since I got such an angry reaction out of my ex..........it was priceless!!!....LOL</p>

<p>yes many times my best friend was a hair stylist now I have a caregiver who does my hair now but its long and love it when she braids it.</p>

Is it not normal to go to a salon?! I go every six weeks! Went last Saturday in fact.

<p>I gotten my haircut at the hardware store.</p>

<p>Yes i have gone to a salon to get a hair cut.</p><br />
<p>I do not go that often.&nbsp; </p><br />
<p>The salons are very expensive.</p>

<p>Several times...and each time I do I want to kick my own butt.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I have long hair and only cut it every 5-7 years.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Only time I liked it was when I was in the army.</p>


<p>I allways go to a salon to getmy hair cut. I don't want any amateurs messing around with it!</p>

<p>Well duh... If you don't go to the salon you end up getting a haircut by your mom that looks something like the one Quirky Girl posted when her mom cut her hair. So no thanks mom... I will go to the salon and spend any amount of money to make my hair look hot.</p>

<p>My hair is down to my butt...........What do you think? lol</p>

Many times. Not anymore though.

<p>Always! You wouldn't want to see me if I cut it myself! My mother used to cut my hair, but about 15 years ago when my hair was long I complained to her one day about being sooo hot. Well, that woman gathered it all up like she was going to put it in a ponytail, took the scissors and whack!!! Cut my hair off clear up to my ears! From then on I never said a word about the heat in front of her.</p>

<p>Always, well almost. I don't trust barbers with my locks. I now always go to my favourite hairdresser and make appointments via text messages. </p>


Of corse like every 6 months to get it died again and cut and straighten and blowdryed except i hate getting it washed cuz i have this fear of the bubbles getting in my ears. :P irrational i know but none the less

<p><b>The Gift</b></p><br />
<p>As much as I love being pregnant it's definitely a hard time for me. I spend start to finish dehydrated and usually unable to keep anything down. With the last one I actually lost a LOT of weight and came back to work with an entirely different look. My boss, who has always been very good to me, decided that a new foo foo hair cut would be just the gift. He made an appointment at his "family" salon and away I went. It was one of those expensive spa kinda places that, when you walk in, offers you a cappuccino and has to change tops into one of theirs so as not to wet or damage your clothing. They did the entire thing from conditioning treatments to color/highlights to cut.&nbsp;I was there for a few hours and when I left not a penny was requested. I found out later the tab was over $250. I know I'll never be able to afford that place on my own, nor am I sure I want to, but the experience was wonderful and the gift generous.</p><br />
<p>*MSP takes a bow*</p><br />
<p>LMAO Well that's my story... time to make the donuts! *giggles*</p>

<p>Yes! My friends hair was just the way I wanted mine! Late 80's perm. Loose curl. kinda of wet looking. I went with her to her stylist. it was packed. I was sooo happy! Had saved money to go. I watched her cut and perm and it looked great! Now it was my turn, 3 hours and 100 dollars later, I came out looking like my 60 year old mother and her poodle! Hair was cut to neck and a nice tight "old lady perm" I cried and cried . I tried to wash it out as soon as I got home but it was no use.&nbsp; I still don't know what happen that day? Did my friend pay her to do that? Was I talking in another language?&nbsp; I even got into bars and served after that cut n curl! Tears come to my eyes to this day!</p>

Sure I have. back when I had hair.<br />
<br />
I later found that I was much prettier without hair. : )<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
My Granny use to give me the bowl cut.<br />
<br />
I looked like on of the Beatles strung out on Acid.<br />
If you can imagine that. Not a pretty sight.<br />
<br />
<br />
It's no wonder I started shaving my head.

<p>How exactly would you define a salon? If you mean a place like Supercuts or Fantastic Sam's, then yes.</p>