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Ever had a pet fish?...?

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35 Responses Jun 7, 2008

<p>Yes, in fact, I have had many. My dad and I used to have an aquarium hobby together when i was a teenager. We had two aquariums, a ten gallon and a 20 or so gallon aquarium. We had one fish that my dad even names, it lived a long time and got pretty big, it was a "severum", large & white and roundish in shape. Later as an adult I had an aquarium & pet fish again for a while. But I moved a lot and so it was hard. Now i don't have pet fish anymore- I have cats.</p><br />
<p>Watching fish swim around can be meditative and soothing.</p>

<p>Yes.. apparently, it drowned =X</p><br />
<p>The other fighting fish in the tank were fighting it out after a while.. i wonder why..</p>

<p>Yes I had an aquarium full of color and wonderful. It was really great watching them swim and feeding them. Of course they all became cannibals and stared eating each other alive. Yeah I would come over to see one of the bigger fishes just gnawing on a smaller one. That and the infamous death by tank filter. Always loved seeing new fishes stuck to the demonic filter.&nbsp; So.. after they all died horribly, gave up fish and tried hamster. Of course that's a whole different story. ;)</p>

<p>I did until my daughter attempted to go swimming in the tank. She wasn't in there long, maybe a few seconds, but every fish in there died.</p>

<p>Yes !!! his name was Charlie. When me and my parents would go out of town Charlie would come along with us. His water in his bowl would go from side to side. He did not seem to mind it at all. Charlie expire at the age of 5yrs. I loved him and has never had another fish like him again. Sorry Charlie.</p>

<p>yes, it died after 2 days.&nbsp; I was 5 and asked my mum why it was doing the backstroke.</p>


<p>once my little sisters won&nbsp;a couple goldfish from homecoming&nbsp;which died&nbsp;2 days later&nbsp;(those homecoming fish never last very long...)</p><br />

<p>Yes, until one day kinkitty came over to my house.</p>

<p>I had a few growing up but the main dude was a goldfish&nbsp;we won at&nbsp;the carnival called&nbsp;Pinball (he zipped around the tank!) He died earlier this year aged 10 :( He had the most beautiful tail that doubled his body length. Guess he was about 7inches in total and he lived alone in a huge tank on the kitchen worktop. My dad used to have to&nbsp;pump his dirty water out through the kitchen window into the garden to clean him. People find it hard to believe that a fish had a personality,&nbsp;but he did! He would swim to the front of the tank when we came home from school for a chat and would sulk if we all went out for the day if we left him. We all still miss him - after 10 years, he was really part of the family.&nbsp; The kitchen worktop looks bare without him.</p>

<p>Yup, and she was pretty depressed.&nbsp; Consistently leaped out to kill herself while I cleaned the tank.</p>

<p>I may or may not have gotten them from the mafia.</p><br />
<p>Dead serious.</p><br />
<p>(no pun intended)</p><br />
<p>Basically, I had 2 Beta and 2 Goldfish. Kept the two species separate. Well one day, I wake up- one of the Golfishies is dead. Ew. Flush him, everything is back to normal. I have to clean the bowl out and all, so I put the remaining goldfish in with the beta for a bit. I come back, and one of the beta is dead. uuuhhhhh.... OK. Well. I separate the two again, flush mister beta. Next day, golfishy is glaring at Beta. Like, they're staring at each other through their bowls... the entire day... Beta is dead by the next day.</p><br />
<p>Incidentally, this Goldfish's name was Sweeney.</p><br />

<p>Yup! I have sex with her everyday! So wet.... ;D </p>

<p>I grew up with tanks & tanks of fish in the house.&nbsp; My Mom was really into fish.&nbsp; Then she gave up all her tanks one day a kept one.&nbsp; A hundred gallon in the living room.&nbsp; She decided to keep goldfish in it.&nbsp; There was the only fish I ever named.&nbsp; A goldfish named Christopher.&nbsp;</p>


<p>No, but had always wanted one. My parents would not let me have a pet fish.</p>

<p>Always wanted a pet dolphin named flipper.</p>


<p>i always had several fish in a fish tank, i think i went threw the land before time characters twice and the detroit red wings hockey teams names a few times.&nbsp; i had a couple of suiced fish that jumped out of the tank into the cat dish, and the others just kinda dwindled down the tolite. </p>

<p>oh my yes a whole tank full a 50 gallon one then got older went to a 10 gallon then got older and now Im down to none but my son got them along with all my pets. Im not well enough to take care of animals but I love them so much and miss not having an animal. boy its the pits to get old to soon.</p>

<p>Yea,&nbsp; sure I did....called sammich&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; lip smaking good, with a jar of sun tea..... yes little tummy I will feed you too........</p>

<p>I had some of those 3inch sharks. They were pretty cool. But I never managed to keep fish very long.</p>

<p>i seem to have to adopt pet fish, my sister had one with her bf, and then they broke up (but now together again). it's name was manny, but then i named it penelope, as a joke as well as turning it into a female. lol. i always say " hey penel". they shouldnt have given him/her up, and i wouldnt have given him/her such a ridiculous&nbsp;name. lol</p>

<p>I have a big, fat Comet fish..his name is Sirloin , because he is so meaty!Serloin plays vollyball with the snails in his tank.He is almost five inches long, orange & white.&nbsp;He eats like a pig.</p>

<p>Alpha and Beta, the bettas. They lived in their little hexes oblivious to each other and giving a little color to the kitchen.</p><br />
<p>Until...</p><br />
<p>One day my ex and I came back from shopping, and their hexes were dumped over on the floor. And our cat was nowhere to be seen for a few hours.</p><br />
<p>As schlocky as it may sound, we figured out where they went...</p>

<p>Yeah I had 3 but once my mother changed water in the day before flood ( water was brown) and when I came back from school I saw my fishes dead :( I was just 7 years old :[</p>

Yep.....when I was a child I had two actually, goldfish named Oliver and Gertrude. Oliver went on to become a cartoon goldfish in a comic ***** I created while in high school. That didnt last long because there was only so much you could do with a fish in a bowl.

<p>ya several!!&nbsp; who hasn't?! </p><br />
<p>when i was younger i would always try to pet them!</p>

<p>I always end up with my son's pets and so babysat the aquarium for a year. I never was a 'fish person'. But I got to like the 'relationship' of seeing how they would get excited at the time of day the food was due. How they watched me work in the kitchen and how they had their routine with each other. I didn't like cleaning the aquarium but I liked how cool it looked lighting up the kitchen. I have not missed them since my son took them back. (sorry fish but I doubt you missed me either!)</p>

<p>I used to have smaller goldfish when I was younger but they always wound up dying because they were overfed. </p>

<p>Yep I did. He was a little goldfish that I won from the fairground. He was my first ever pet I think, ginger I called him. He was lovely. I was so sad when he died (about two weeks later), I think that was the first I even even knew about death I was so little, I have a vague memory of him being flushed down the toilet but maybe that was a different goldfish. All the goldfish I ever had were from the fairground and they all died within a few weeks - I think it could be something to do with me taking them on all the rides (J/K)!!</p>

<p>Yes ,I&nbsp;had a cat fish who ate all my other fish..</p>

Had an 'oscar', mean badass fishy that ate other fishies. Didn't know it at the time, so just kept on adding others because they kept on dissapearing. After about three months one of my friends told me what an oscar is, so I stopped buying new fishies and started feeding him minced meat. It worked out cheaper.

<p>Marty... He was HUGE!</p><br />
<p>Okay Okay... I had a 55 gal aquarium and it had freshwater sharks and all sorts of cool neon little fish that swam in schools and it had tons of petrified driftwood and I tried to clean it once and forgot to dechlorinate the fresh water and yep... all the fishes were just a floating away.</p><br />
<p>Sad Sad day... fish and plants are bad in my hands</p>

<p>yea? why you ask the kitty that ? prrrrr.....</p>