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When You Were a Child, What Did You Vow Never to Do As a Parent?

The question for today:

When you were a child, what did you vow never to do as a parent?...?

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ExperienceProject ExperienceProject 26-30, M 72 Responses Jul 2, 2008

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to never never smear their food in their face when child was old anough to make their own plate, and not eat all the food.

to never never smear their food in their face when child was old anough to make their own plate, and not eat all the food.

to never never smear their food in their face when child was old anough to make their own plate, and not eat all the food.

to never act before thinking when upset with your child for doing wrong. then never say anything about it. before or after.

<p>&nbsp;I vowed to never excuse my actions because I'm older.</p><br />
<p>I vowed never to hit my child.</p><br />
<p>I vowed to never play favourites.</p><br />
<p>I vowed to never ignore my child.</p><br />
<p>I vowed to never say "you don't understand"</p><br />
<p>I vowed to never leave for 3 hours and not tell my child where I'm going</p><br />
<p>I vowed to never call my child worthless, and ridiculous</p><br />
<p>I vowed to never compare my child with others</p><br />
<p>I vowed to never say "I don't even recognize you anymore"</p><br />
<p>I vowed to never insult my child.</p><br />
<p>I vowed to never be a parent because I'm afraid to be like my own.</p>

<p>Indifferent Towards My Children</p><br />
<p>Doesn't Give Enough Guidance to My Children</p>

<p>be a parent</p>

<p>I vowed that I would never be abusive to my children.&nbsp; I am the baby of five and my father worked in a Steel Factory and my mother was a stay at home mom.&nbsp; My father had a drinking problem and he was mean to us growing up.&nbsp; If we got bad grades on our report cards we would get our behinds spanked with either his belt or a willow tree switch, you pick I don't know which one is worse.&nbsp; One time I remember my middle brother had got into trouble he was hanging with the wrong crowd, smoking pot and shoplifting.&nbsp; One day the police had brought him home because they had busted him shoplifting and when my father got home he spanked him so hard, I was crying asking him to stop, by the time he got finished with him his back looked like Jesus Christ when he got crucified at the cross.&nbsp; One other when my brothers had brought there report card home they had bad grades and he took a fork to there feet until he drew blood and I told myself, self if you ever have kids you will find a different way to discipline them, I did not want them to feel the same type of pain that I was feeling.&nbsp; To me there is no reason in the world to be abusive in any relationship you may be in whether it be a father son relationship or boyfriend girlfriend there are many other ways to work problems out.</p>

<p>As a child I vowed never to forget what it's like to be a child. As both a parent and Nanny I stayed true to my vow and found that raising kids was more about adventure and discovery than unbendable rules and regulations</p>

<p>I have always vowed to never use my mom's favorite saying on my children... My mom used to tell me "Don't make me beat you in front of God and everyone"... I always thought that was the most f***ed up thing to tell a child... I mean I didn't care if she spanked me in front of other people... but why'd she have to bring God into it??? I wasn't THAT bad... ok I was... but damn woman...</p>


<p>Well, I always said I'd never make my kids wash and dry the dishes. Obviously, that was one chore I hated! However... all three of my kids have washed and dried many a dish, which I reasoned help to prepare them for adulthood!LOL</p>

<p>Not to tell my kids:</p><br />
<p>"Don't Do as I Do, Do as I Say!"</p>

<p>I promised never to make them wash the nasty dishes. But, now, I've already become a hypocrite, considering I yell at my <i>roommates </i>to wash the nasty dishes!</p>

<p>Say, "Because I said so"</p>

<p>I vowed never to yell at them for doing something stupid and instead try to understand why they did it.</p>

<p>I vowed never to use the "BECAUSE I TOLD YOU SO, THAT'S WHY" reason.</p>

<p>when i was a child i never once thought about being a parent</p>

<p>To make sure my child never felt unloved, and not to allow my own problems to make me blind to theirs.</p>

<ol><br />
<li><b>never to put myself above my children</b></li><br />
<li><b>&nbsp;do anything to provide for them </b></li><br />
<li><b>&nbsp;try my best to give them what I've never had.</b></li><br />

<p>To never be like my dad.</p>

<p>I vow to always let my child to know that I love her no matter what.</p><br />
<p>I vow to help my child reach her goals the best that I can </p><br />
<p>I&nbsp; vow not to let her grow up in a house with an abusive drunk father </p><br />
<p>I vow to protect her with my last breath </p><br />
<p>I vow to remember that no matter what age she is to remember that I was that age once and try to understand when she messes up </p><br />
<p>That is just a few that&nbsp; my parent's did not do for me </p>

<p>I vowed never to have children. I am terrified I will be like my parents and the thought of puting someone through what I went through growing up terrifies me. Additionally, I just learned that I am bipolar and it is believed to be at least partly hereditary... just something else I could not bare to inflict on any person.</p>

To Say: This Is Gonna Hurt Me More Than You. (in response to spanking). Ironically, as a parent... I've realized the statement IS true!

<p>Well, A few things come to mind, I told myself as a Parent I would not be an Alcoholic or an Abuser, My Dad was an Alcoholic and he would beat on my mom and they would throw things at each other and us kids found out at an early age you better hide somewhere or have something hit you. This was not a good situation to grow up in.</p><br />
<p>Another thing, I would never force my children to go to church after they reach teenage years, Don't get me wrong I believe in bringing children up in church but there comes a time when too much is too much and when i was growing up we were in church every time the doors were open, every Sunday morning, night and Wednesday night, then we had revivals all the time, some that lasted for months on end and we were forced to go to every service, and now as an adult i hate going to church and I know this was the reason why.&nbsp;</p>

So many things....<br />
* I wouldn't make my child suffer so that I can impress others<br />
* I would never put my work ahead of my child<br />
* I won't give my child so low self esteem that they looked for acceptance in all the wrong places<br />
* I won't beat my child because I'm stressed<br />
* I won't act as though no matter what they do they can never earn my love<br />
* I won't favour one kid over another<br />
* I will never tell them they are not wanted and that they've ruined the family<br />
* I wont terrify my child

<p>Never to allow religion to become a source of friction between us.</p>

<p>I vow NEVER to discourage my child from following his dreams.&nbsp;</p>

<p>I want to never tell my child this very sentence;</p><br />
<p>"you're too young to understand"</p>