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129 Responses Jul 13, 2008

Gave a blow job to my boyfriend while we were parked at an interstate rest area, and people walking by could tell what I was doing. I raised up for a second and there was this girl, maybe 13 or 14, who had just got out of the car which was parked next to ours got out of the car (passenger side) next to our car, and saw exactly what we were doing, not to mention my boyfriend's fully erect member. She had one of those "totally shocked but like what I see" looks on her face. We decided we better stop in case she told her mother who was with her (but didnt' see because she got out of the other side of the car). So me and the boyfriend were just sitting there when they came back, and the girl looked over at us and grinned.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done during sex with a guy?

Probably going skinny dipping with friends and someone ran off with our clothes, thank God I was wearing my bra and knickers (some of my friends were naked) and I had to drive home with just my underwear and I got busted by my dad :/ I got grounded for a month and he banned me from seeing my friends, but I still saw them and I am at university with them now

I wrote and SENT my soon to be husband's Ex wife a letter to clear the air.

Was laid off work on (Friday) April fools day from a company in Ohio. Got in my car and drove to Florida the following Monday, got there late Tuesday, had a interview on Thursday, job offer Friday. Drove back the next Monday, packed and was working the following Monday. 2 weeks from laid off in Ohio to moved and living in an Apt in Fort Lauderdale. Don't know how I did it, but somehow everything was for the best.

On a spontaneous road trip my friend and I came across a dead deer on the road. Earlier we had been at a store and I had shown interest in these animal skulls for an art project. My friend and I started jokingly talking about decapitating said deer... then I started provoking it a bit more until we realized we were both willing to actually go through with it. Using an ax that I already happened to have in the back of my car (for bonfires, not an axe murderer :p), and other supplies we had to get from a store and exploiting my friend for his brawn I ended up heading home that day with a deer head and hoof in the back of my car. This one slightly tops all my other odd stories...

my wife's sister was at home the last night and she was sleeping in my room. i took a chance and slept very close to u. I touched her and felt her completely and i was so amazed to find that she was enjoying it. But after some time i stopped because i was feeling guilty. she is staying in ma house even today, what should do? should i continue?

I would stop..........But thats just me

Caan you actually Define Crazy? I had too many crazy things happen from life to list one as being the craziest? I prefer Sanity lol.

Went to the beach

I had sex with my cousin and fell in love

I woke at 4am and walked 18 miles to a wrecked plane to satisfy a small urge i had. yes there was more to it.

i did sex with a stranger in a train, and forgot to wear my panty . while leaving gifted that panty to the same person.

Letting myself get talked into sitting backwards on the rear seat of a motorcycle owned by the wheelie king. We rode on one wheel for miles.

I was in my car at a stoplight, waiting for the arrow to light up so that I could turn right. A woman also stopped at the light in the left lane, decided that she also wanted to turn right, so she "squeezed" her car into a place infront of me! It was so uncool that I beeped my horn at her, she responded by giving me the finger, I was pissed! The arrow appeared, and we both turned right, she in the left lane, me in the right, only to both be stopped at another red light. She was stuck beside me, her head locked in a face forward. It was then that I decided to give her a piece of my mind..., I opened my door, got out, opened her passenger door, and sat down!

She was shocked, as anyone would be, when I began to vent on her. In a very sing-songy voice I told her how ignorant, and even dangerous it was to not only drive the way she did at the previous light, only to punctuate it with "the finger"!
I reminded her that there were people out there even crazier than me who would react in maybe in a violent way. She yelled at me to get out of her car, and I told her I would once she apologized. I sat in silence for less than ten seconds when I heard her say "I'm sorry", I got out, closed her door, got back in my car and drove home. This was so obviously crazy that it doesn't need any explanation. She was terrified, I was not in control of myself, and it could have had a very bad outcome. I easily could have been arrested, a husband, and father to three young boys. It was a changing point in my life, and I make my decisions in a more rational way, less emotional, and much less crazy!!

in my university days..i was a chatting maniac....
i was online for almost all day except the sleeping hours...
There was my university chat room....where guys were busy looking for chicks..
one day..i was feeling bored and decided to do a prank...
i pretended to be a girl and came online with a nickname "beauty-18-f" and offcourse...i happened to receive lots of messages from the guyz looking around for babes...
there was this guy who was just after me and became a magnet...he asked me to meet him in the university as he wanted to see me...or rather date me
i said ok...we will meet outseide Girl common Room...and as a symbol of recognition...i ll wear white upper and blue trouser....he said he ll wear black shirt and blue jeans...
at the decided day...i went there with my friends..and saw the guy exaclty in the same dress he had told me

i did not meet him and came back to my class...

but the funny thing was known later

after some days my friend (who was the classmate of that guy and did not know about my prank) told me that a babe of my class fooled his friend and did not come to meet despite promise
the funny thing was to know that the guy did not have a black shirt and blue jeans, he actually borrowed it from someone else...

lol :)

One of the craziest things I've ever done was actually not too long ago. I was on a date with this guy Michael and he was getting on my serves pretty badly by the tune we reached this club at like 1 a.m....so when i suddenly saw my ex talking to this girl (i could tell he wanted to take her home) i basically went over there said i needed to talk to him and he told him he should meet me outside which he did! I then drove home with him, trying to avoid my date (he had gone looking for me outside and everywhere)! After i had sex with my ex i left, calling my best friend who is 12 years my senior up, and he offered to drive me home...long story short, after months of playing around with our apparent feelings for each other we too nearly had sex in his car! Now to top it all of, both my ex and my best friend were in steady relationships at the time....that was quite a night ;)

Woah, quite a night you had. XD

Wow! you are a dirty w.h.o.r.e

I was in my puberty and we all know things can go wrong...well it happen that i was one of them ..lol...my dad was proud of his little prinses with her long golden hair,i asked him if i can color it black ..my dad said to me if you color your hair black i shave all your hair off,that night i color my hair black and jump out of the window because it game to my mind what my dad told me about coloring my hair ...jumped in his car and was thinking i can do this but my journey ended in the garden...and god yes i hat to walk to school with a shaved head :-)

Im 16, where I live the drinking age is 18, so me and my friends are all in a bar drinking etc, etc.., I promptly run out of money and notice an off duty police officer over the other side of the bar, start talking to him and he buys me a drink!

I flashed my butt around an Arbys to people who driving .

were you in the parking lot?? Would have liked to seen that.

I Had sex on the hood of my car along side the road while it was snowing.


I threw my boyfriend's phone out of the window of the car after he was trying to make something out of him by treating me as nothing so i threw his phone and then he stopped the car and went down like a fool and started searching for it when i walked back home !! I did that just to teach him how to respect me and never mess with me since if he does then he'll be the one kicked out of the window (joke) hahha

When my sister, a friend and I ran in front of a moving train on a bridge.

One of the craziest is i was fighting with a boyfriend in the car, which is one of the worst places to fight! He pushed me so much i slammed on the breaks, turned the wheel all the way to the left and pushed my foot on the gas as hard as i could, i ended up doing donuts up and over someone's hilly yard till i finely popped my tire on the sprikler system lol

well this was back when I was a alcoholic in a meth addict and the craziest thing everyday it is have my boyfriend clip pierced my **** and. then have him lick the bloody tampon out & and him putting it in his mouth and sucking it out the bloody tampon out

Had sexual relations with my boyfriend in college classroom during summer session. the professor walked in on us then told us to finish up he would be back and walked slowly out the class..i was mortified..my bf was cocky..he didnt even cover himself


Jumped in the community swimming pool for the first time ever during a severe thunderstorm. The pool was flooded. Plus the gates were locked so we kinda had to break in...

Asked my husband to marry my best friend....he did!

walk down main road naked

I fought my teacher and ran on a lunch table screaming **** y'all!!

Nothing... It was awesome

The craziest?!?! During my drinking days, (I have almost 2 years sober from alcohol), I went to my sister's bridal shower up in Sonoma, where we went wine tasting. I was already getting my buzz on in a limo on our way up there with vino, of course! Lol. There were a car full of guys driving next to us, mind you that every woman had either plastic boobs or real. I'm not giving away my genuinity. ;) Anywhoo, the three of us women, one had plastic huge boobs(fitness trainer), the other had double-D's(a new mommy) and me. Uh hem, just a nice size. Lol. We all said, "On the count of three we're gonna flash these boys when they drive by us." So we did. Lmfao. They honked their horns and we made their night! Ha!!!

it was the fourth of July a few years ago, my brother and i thought it would be a great idea to buy some fireworks, we spent hundreds of dollars on these fireworks, went to our parents house and thought we would have a great time. we set off a hand full of these things when one decided to go up in the air come back down and landed right in our huge tote full of fireworks and exploded. it was a shame that our nite had to end early, but we had a huge grand finally everything exploded including my moms new tote

i had sex, butt naked, in a wide open space in the middle of the bush an it mind blowing

I went insane and said a bunch of stuff that I'm REALLY regretting. I feel so bad. Its on my stories, Titled: I broke my own rules. If you want to see it. yeah, I feel bad...

OMG im scaared to share this....<br />
That day i was really dead tired from a long flight. Me with my husband just wanted to have enough rest so we sleep together. Wearing only my panty or without(i don't remember) i found myself outside of our hotel room.....there's 2 man lookin at me from a distance. I asked myself why they're lookin at me like that. Fact! That's it,,my husband and i acted like nothing happened.:)(Hahhhaahaha)

Challenged, won, revised & changed the Secret Service laws for Freedom ofSpeech. <br />
<br />
.<br />
Note: See; "Freedom of Speech with Secret Service and Arent Fox"

i walked across a waterfall...it was awesome!!!

you know what i did on last saturday in public parking in my car i mastrbuted wow it was a great fun

hi try this if your in a relationship, kindly ask your girl to chant on your myke thrust me i did that to my guy an damn i made his day worth wild. Did i fail 2 mention that he was driving damn he was umm umm umm umm....

I had an ****** in a library : )

The craziest thing i have ever done was live on the streets of seattle for six months then meet some guys and jump freight trains and hitchhike down to cali. From there I went with a hippie traveling kitchen, we went to New mexico to Arizona, from there I went with a truck full of guys to Colorado. then i found my way home. After traveling for a year.

Right on man!

that is alot for me lets see went to park i was like 14 ***** an road around park naked then ut clohtes back on<br />
sis walk injo on me as i was ******* off i did not stop till i came i know she was there<br />
that an more

I planted a bomb in my school and blew it up.

I think the craziest thing I ever did was back about 11 years ago . my then boyfriend and I went cliff diving at our local lake, this was not horribly uncommon for us. The water was deep and the rocks were few. To get to the the cliff you actually had to swim out to this little island and then climb up the side. Well we swam out there and we each took a turn climbing and jumping and right after I finished my last jump and we were swimming back to the main land we realized we were swimming with water moccasins all around us. So what was suppose to be only a little crazy turned out to be friggin insane. We never went swimming in that lake again.

When I was 17 me and a good friend got into the local pub under-age. We spent the evening drinking spirits under a fog of cigerette smoke and "when i was your age". When we left my friend did donuts on the gravelled police station carpark with me on the roof! Like I said, I was 17 and at that moment in time and quite possibly immortal.

My cwazyest moment was when I recorded two shows at once on my xfinity Dvr. That **** was crazyyyy. But I don't regret it.

My sister and I had been seeing these two brothers all summer then one weekend we switched brothers! Ever since then we have been dating the switched one!

In the midst of it all, I've had many crazy moments. One that I would consider the craziest is when I was in South Korea and we left the club. At the time, two friends and I were all tipsy leaving a night club in a very popular area in Seoul. We wanted to eat some Turkish food from a vendor on the street. I was so hungry that I had specific instructions to the vendor guy. I explained to the guy he better not cheat me on the meat for my wrap. I told him I would be very upset. I even paid him extra money for more meat. As I conversed with my friends and he fixed my wrap, I looked back and noticed he was putting so much lettuce on my wrap that the idea of seeing so much green, angered me more. Loudly I shouted, what are you doing? I'm not a rabbit! Take off some of that lettuce. Apparently, I was getting so loud my friends grabbed me to get in a cab. I took my food of course. The three of us ended up splitting. One friend left in one cab while two of us left in another.The friend that accompany me was in the same state of tipsy capacity as myself. We clumsily laid in the back of the cab awaiting our destination. The cab driver stopped and said, "Yogi" in Korean, here. As we were preparing to pay the cab, I looked down on the floor and noticed the euros I ordered at the vendor and fussed about were all over the back of the taxi. I tapped my friend and said, hey, look on the floor. She looked down and said, let's just pay and get out unnoticeable. We paid and got out the cab. After getting a km down from the cab, the cab driver opened the door and said, "Hey!" in English, "Come Back Here!" My friend and I took off running in high heels and club dresses. He chased us down the sidewalk. We were running so fast we ended up in a dark alley that was not the entrance of our hotel. He eventually stopped and we finally arrived at the hotel to explain to our friend we had been chased by a cab driver.

Broke my middle school principal's leg...with my wheelchair.

i slept with a guy that i met him on the internet at his hosue <br />
while his wife was at work

Well how about a couple stories. I can't pick just one.<br />
Got pretty buzzed. Friend let us take his dad's Porsche out. (his dad was the chief of police btw). I was in the passenger, driver had no license and little driving experience. Got up to 140 in a 35. Slowed down. Drove home. Stupidest thing I have ever done by far. <br />
<br />
Another time. I was headed to a party with PLENTY of drugs on me with 6 other people who also had PLENTY of drugs on them. Problem is, the car was a toyota camry. Now, where would these 2 extra people sit. In the trunk of course. As I'm driving the hour and a half drive to San Francisco. I get pulled over for going 80 in a 65. We turned the music off to tell the people in the back to "shut the **** up. We're getting pulled over". Cop gives me the ticket and I go on my way. <br />
<br />
On the way back from this same party. We lose 1 person in the process so only one person has to sit in the trunk. This one person is blacked out "4 drinks plus 3 mollys". After laying down in the trunk begins freaking out so we close the trunk and leave. 10 minutes later stops screaming. We give him air every 5 minutes or so but forget for the last hour. We get to his house and he is out cold drenched in sweat. We think he is dead but luckily he is breathing. We barely walk him to his door and he calls me the next morning asking "what happened". <br />
<br />
Another time, I was out "egging" with friends. Btw, this was a stupid idea that i greatly regret doing. "egging" is when you drive around at about midnight, throwing eggs at random people who are walking or the occasional car. I go for a pro egg throw and hook shot from the back passenger side seat over the car and hit a random guy wearing a leather jacket. 5 minutes later we are on the same street and come across a large truck who revs his engine and begins to chase us. A 30 minute car chase reaching speeds of 110 mph ensues. After we finally lose him, we decided to never go egging again. <br />
<br />
I have plenty more but am tired of typing. If anyone wishes to be entertained further by my crazy life, all u have to do is ask. <br />
Btw, I have never been arrested and have no criminal record whatsoever.

Lmfao, I was entertained. Thanks bud-dy. :op

i tried scarin a cat but in turn..the cat scared the hell out of me!!! I mean it!!! it just chased me all the way till the end of the street..that's probably one of the craziest thing i've ever done!!

My friends and I used to smoke a ton of weed and then go driving around. One time, we found this backroad with huge hills, so as we went up the hill we accelerated really fast. When we got to the top and started to go down, the jeep got air born and we all almost flew out. (The doors and top were all off.) It was crazy fun, if really stupid.


I took a hit from a bong and then held my breath until i passed out.

When I was 17 I helped my father building the house. I was carrying buckets of concrete up to the 3rd floor for hours. Walking downstairs, I took a shortcut and jumped into the frontyard from the first balcony, about 4 meters high. It was great fun as the underground was not too hard. On one of the jumps unfortunately I landed with my right heel ito a rusty nail that stuck out of a wooden board. I still remember cleasrly how the nail punched through my flipflop shoe right into my right heel and immediately out again. luckily it did not crush into the bone, but the blood poured out immediately. It was not too painful and it was a good way to stop these hours of carrying these heavy concrete bucket :-) After a week limping I was fine again. My advise, wear proper safety shoes in a construction site and make sure the landing area is cleared first.

While in Orleans down town district in France. I saw a young woman that made the rockets flare and bombs burst etc. I had to give it a try. I mustered the very best French fraise I could come up with. She replied, "I have been watching and wondered how I could make contact with you," is perfect English.<br />
I was speechless. She said she was there on vacation. It was great from that crazy moment on<br />

The craziest thing I ever did was get shot in the mouth protecting a prostitute from being beaten up by her pimp and then she yelled at me for butting in. I had a flight to catch the next day and it quit bleeding so i didnt go to the hospitol when we took off something to do with the pressure change in the airplane made me pass out I woke up three days later in the hospitol after having a bullet removed from my spine in the back of my neck.

I was on a ride at Disney Land (Florida)in 1982, when the ride left the platform I took off the safety handle bar in front of me. It was quite dark inside and the ride was almost 50-60 Degrees vertical and I was having fun and suddenly the ride went down and i was almost air born, luckily I was able to hold on to the safety bar which was in front of me. I nearly freaked out and trembled with the thoughts as to what might have happened had i not got hold of that bar. It was stupid of me and never dared to do it again though I keep on doing so many stupid things on a regular basis and once in a while enjoy it too. :-)

i did this thing day before..... i smoked weed... lots of weed... and then i went skinny dippin in da river... it was awesome to watch fish swimming... and da ducks passing bye... the water... and da sun... it awesome to swim naked when you are high... and next was da most craziest thing ever i have done... i whacked off in da river naked... woohooo!!!!

i did this thing day before..... i smoked weed... lots of weed... and then i went skinny dippin in da river... it was awesome to watch fish swimming... and da ducks passing bye... the water... and da sun... it awesome to swim naked when you are high... and next was da most craziest thing ever i have done... i whacked off in da river naked... woohooo!!!!

OMG the craziest thing I've ever done?? That's good question. It was a pretty stupid thing to do but you people don't judge right?? Can't believe I'm going to tell you this story...... My junior year of high-school (last year) there was this guy in one of my classes that I liked. I looked him up on Facebook and added him. He gave me his phone number and we started texting. I asked him to skip a class I didn't like with me and he agreed. Somehow we got on the subject of sex. He asked if he could **** me and I said yes. The next day we skipped class and had sex in the boys bathroom. I don't even know why I did it but hey things happen can't change the past. What's done is done.

Dyed my hair in my teens and it turned bright, bright pink!!! lol and i went out and about like that to!! ha!!ha!!ha!! :-)

By the time myself and my husband we were travelling through Asia I did a crazy thing when we were in Bangkok, Thailand - I took a ride on an elephant when we were visiting a place called Rose Garden. <br />
It was hillarious and the remembrance of that moment I will keep forever!

A friend & I were in TX visiting his cousin at (a college) who asked us to drive him to Waco because there was some crazy religious cult making national news. So we ended up at the perimeter of the David Koresh (sorry if I spelled it wrong) compound where ATF agents would not let us in further (but they were nice). People were descending on the place from all over the US trying to get in touch with D.K. & selling T-shirts. My friend & I departed the next day and stopped off at a small town to stretch our legs & found ourselves glued to a TV set where we saw the compound, the one were were at the edge of the day before, ON FIRE! Freaky!

Smelled my the crotch of my friend's underwear.

Dare my best friend to set the bushes on fire..when the firefighter came we acted like it was never us..

when i was 16 i decided i couldn't take living with my parents anymore. i had actually graduated high school and was about to go to a nearby college.<br />
<br />
then i pointed to a random state on the map. packed a duffle bag of necessities, took my laptop, bought a one way ticket to north carolina and just left. somehow it all worked out...i'll never regret it.

what did you do when you got there since you didnt plan on anything. I've just been thinking of doing the same thing

When i was still at school,i always prayer ed to God to give me Job in my vacation and in turn give him back a quarter of my salary payment .But when i got it,remembered to give him when the salary was finished.So i didn't make it as expected and still its hurting me alot though i've asked for forgiveness.<br />
simple thats the mostly craziest thing i've had so far.<br />
Guys pray for me that next time to have job make it accomplished goal probably next month if he wishes.

When I was in high school, one of my best friends was from Venzeuela. Her parents were divorced but her wealthy father flew a jet in once a month to pick up his kids and deliver them for long weekends in Caracas. I believe he was a diplomate of some sort. Anyway, not once, not twice, but three times I went with my friend out of the country! I told my mom I was going with R to her dad's house. Since her mom would drive us to the nearby major city, my mom assumed that's where her father lived. My parents had no idea I was leaving the United States and they certainly had no idea I was in South America. Looking back, I can see how willfully stupid this was. If I had been in a crash or an accident, my poor parents would have had no idea. No one would have known how to get in touch with them! My parents weren't bad parents, it was just a different time then. And they trusted me not to do something stupid. (No, I have NEVER told them and I never will!) Now if my kids cross the street, I want names and phone numbers and possibly a profile check on the family they visit!!

when my husband and I were still dating....I took my clothes off in his truck on our way to the car wash where gave in a blow job during the wash and rinse.

also tried on jeans in a dressing room with door open and let others see I had on panties when I came out one mother asked if she could see so I showed her <br />
and she showed me hers I went home with them on she went home with mine on

My friend and I were running late to meet up with this other friends and so we figured we would take a short cut. His friends were going to meet us up at this castle and my friend and I had seen stairs on the other side of the city hill and so we thought it might be faster if we went through the train/tram tunnel to get there. Turns out the train tunnel didn't go straight and wasn't even level. About 15 minutes in we were all excited because we could finally see light at the end of the tunnel.<br />
Him and I started running since we were already really late. We didn't run very far before we realized the ground was shaking and the light was getting way to big, way to fast. <br />
The next thing I knew my friend and I were pined to the side of the tunnel was the tram flew by just inches from our faces. Turns out we had just missed stepping on the third rail by a few inches when we jumped out of the way of the tram.<br />
By the time we reached the end we could just hear the next tram coming from behind us. We stopped just out side the tunnel and just sat down... we couldn't help but laugh for some time at our luck and our own foolishness.

Most People Think That Doing Crazy Things Is Being Such A Loser...Not Everytime...<br />
Some pratically Outrageous Ideas Works Out Fine For Me...<br />
Like The Time I Kiss A Boy I Like In Front Of The Class Without Any Permission.It Turns Out That He Likes Me And Just Too Shy To Say It. We've Been Together For 2 Years...<br />
Just Recently I Sign Up For http://www.masterlistbuilder.us And It Was A Crazy Ideas Signing Up On Things That I Didnt Know...But Look What It Did To Me?!I'm Now Earning 20,000 Dollar A Month!!

Well the craziest thing my papa's ever made me do was jump on this half sinking boat in the lake. He wanted to see what It was like, it was cold and icy and tilted so we almost slipped into the water.

My friends and I were very much into parkour at the time, and the Catholic elementary school nearby was a perfect place to do it in. It was also fun to explore the many buildings because it is always dark and quiet outside, but for some reason the doors are always unlocked and the lights are always on.<br />
<br />
This one particular night, however, we decided to go inside the buildings because one of my friends had to poop, and we figured we'd use the bathrooms here, since they're never locked. As soon as we opened the double hallway doors on the second floor though, we heard a piercingly high-pitched alarm; at first I thought the cops were outside, because it sounded a lot like the siren. There was no way to describe how quickly we all booked it out of there. We ran back down to the first floor, out past the field, and hopped the fence in less than about two minutes.

Once my and my friend went into Wal-Mart w/ some spoons & grabbed a little milk bottle w/ some Fruit Loops & poured the milk in and walked around shopping with the Cereal box. The cashier just looked at us like we were crazy!!

I have mooned many people.

The day i graduated college, i ran through my college naked and went to my english professor and had sex with him! he was very good, and we dated for about three months ;)


well, this probably falls under "stupidest" thing I've ever done. <br />
many years ago, I got kinky with one of my boyfriends. I tied his hands behind his back and his ankles to the legs of the loveseat. and I wanted to pull him down with me onto the floor (STUPID). He crushed down on me unable to stop himself all 180lbs. busted his head on something- blacked out, his clavicle busted my nose in an upwards direction nearly breaking it. Blood poured out of my nose and I had two black eyes for over a week. (STUPID) I told the doctor everything- cause my nose was too swollen for me to tell if it had broke. he said no and laughed. I know everyone was cracking up in the urgent care that night.

My husband and I going down the highway in the middle of the night having sex in an 18 wheeler<br />
<br />
crazy and stupid, but I will never forget it!

When I was a kid I climbed a water tower and drove my car at 110 or 120 miles an hour. Then I got scared and backed off. The car could go faster, but I guess I will never know how much faster. Funny thing is I still have most of that car and my grandmother bought it new for somewhere around $4000. It had a 421 engine and no weight to the car.<br />
<br />
I think back and realize how very stupid doing those things were. how a gust of wind or a deer running out in front of me could have ended or changed my life forever. It is amazing how some of us ever reach adulthood.

Love ur style swatches have skinny dipped also, bloody freezing and at 31 too much sag to do again!

Taken on medicine pushers for 10 years and kicked manic depression for good!<br />
<br />
I have done some pretty hideous things while angry but am glad to have not accepted their view that I am sick and now am the most healthy happy and successful person in my own view than anyone would care to argue!<br />
<br />
Haha, I laugh a lot now at the most silliest things and help many get healthy but was told for many years how silly I was for not wanting to take medicines to get normal! I am so glad I persevered with what I knew was right in my heart, I now have a loving husband, have a great volunteer job, am 7 months pregnant which was also done naturally after being told me and my partner could only fall through IVF!<br />
<br />
Well big spill but all of your crazies are just amature when you talking to the certified, psychotic! My friend who is also now a life coach used to laugh with me and say trust me I am psychotic!<br />
<br />
Hope all of you feel better from your craziness as I have seen and done more than even feel comfortable to share. One really embarrasing moment was thinking the tv and radio had special messages! Not anymore thankfully but all of you crazies I love ya and add me as friend, I am the queen of craziness and am life coach so can help any of you conquer or set goals with pleasure, it is my passion!<br />
<br />
Luv<br />
peoples princess<br />
Hope you had a laugh as I don't take myself serious and can handle any kinda joke so dish it to me the lotta ya, I am aussie and love a good joke!

one of the crazyest things ive done is taken my shopping home in an iceland shopping trollie, and broke into it with my walking stick to get the pound back im other half thought id gone mad ha ha ha ha. it was only cos we where skint that i done it ha ha .

the most crazest thing ive ever done is make love on a train staion which was next to a police station lol lol it was fun a the time and daring

Met someone on line, we clicked, used that as the final excuse to end a 12 year relationship that was going south anyway. Flew to Las Vegas on their dime, spent 10 days with them. Might be in love, we are figuring it all out now.

this summer, i nearly had s e x at my old elementary school. in the middle of the night, we hopped the fence after hiking a nearby mountain, and during a storm, we went on the play structure and fooled around. oh, it was actually on the 3rd of july, heard some early fireworks. "the storm is romantic"

invited a guy from New Zealand to stay with me for two week.<br />
<br />
Saw a kid come into work with an ice lolly and promptly handed my notice to go work on the coast for the summer.<br />
<br />
made love in loos of two well known bars with doormen stood right outside.

Wow!!! Some great comments here. I guess I am a bit boring. LOL Drove from NH to GA ( I have a MASSIVE fear of driving) for a new job. So far so good.

<p>MY EX HUSBAND!!!&nbsp; If you have ever heard the ex<x>pression parents know best, take it and run with it because it is so true.&nbsp; My father tried to warn me about the man I thought was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.&nbsp; Well after 10 years of being together and married for 8 of them and having two wonderful children I kicked his butt to the curb.&nbsp; He is worthless, he doesn't pay child support half of the time and he has no contact with his children at all.&nbsp; He met a woman on the Internet and moved to California and the children have not seen him in a long time.&nbsp; This past weekend was our daughters graduation party and he did not even send her a card or anything.&nbsp; Thank God he gave me a heart big enough to love her for the both of us.&nbsp;</p>