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What's the Craziest Thing You've Ever Done?

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What's the craziest thing you've ever done?...?

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ExperienceProject ExperienceProject 26-30, M 129 Responses Jul 13, 2008

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Probably going skinny dipping with friends and someone ran off with our clothes, thank God I was wearing my bra and knickers (some of my friends were naked) and I had to drive home with just my underwear and I got busted by my dad :/ I got grounded for a month and he banned me from seeing my friends, but I still saw them and I am at university with them now

I jumped off a moving train at about 40mph.

I wrote and SENT my soon to be husband's Ex wife a letter to clear the air.

Was laid off work on (Friday) April fools day from a company in Ohio. Got in my car and drove to Florida the following Monday, got there late Tuesday, had a interview on Thursday, job offer Friday. Drove back the next Monday, packed and was working the following Monday. 2 weeks from laid off in Ohio to moved and living in an Apt in Fort Lauderdale. Don't know how I did it, but somehow everything was for the best.

On a spontaneous road trip my friend and I came across a dead deer on the road. Earlier we had been at a store and I had shown interest in these animal skulls for an art project. My friend and I started jokingly talking about decapitating said deer... then I started provoking it a bit more until we realized we were both willing to actually go through with it. Using an ax that I already happened to have in the back of my car (for bonfires, not an axe murderer :p), and other supplies we had to get from a store and exploiting my friend for his brawn I ended up heading home that day with a deer head and hoof in the back of my car. This one slightly tops all my other odd stories...

my wife's sister was at home the last night and she was sleeping in my room. i took a chance and slept very close to u. I touched her and felt her completely and i was so amazed to find that she was enjoying it. But after some time i stopped because i was feeling guilty. she is staying in ma house even today, what should do? should i continue?

Caan you actually Define Crazy? I had too many crazy things happen from life to list one as being the craziest? I prefer Sanity lol.

Went to the beach

I had sex with my cousin and fell in love

I woke at 4am and walked 18 miles to a wrecked plane to satisfy a small urge i had. yes there was more to it.

i did sex with a stranger in a train, and forgot to wear my panty . while leaving gifted that panty to the same person.

Letting myself get talked into sitting backwards on the rear seat of a motorcycle owned by the wheelie king. We rode on one wheel for miles.

I was in my car at a stoplight, waiting for the arrow to light up so that I could turn right. A woman also stopped at the light in the left lane, decided that she also wanted to turn right, so she "squeezed" her car into a place infront of me! It was so uncool that I beeped my horn at her, she responded by giving me the finger, I was pissed! The arrow appeared, and we both turned right, she in the left lane, me in the right, only to both be stopped at another red light. She was stuck beside me, her head locked in a face forward. It was then that I decided to give her a piece of my mind..., I opened my door, got out, opened her passenger door, and sat down!

She was shocked, as anyone would be, when I began to vent on her. In a very sing-songy voice I told her how ignorant, and even dangerous it was to not only drive the way she did at the previous light, only to punctuate it with "the finger"!
I reminded her that there were people out there even crazier than me who would react in maybe in a violent way. She yelled at me to get out of her car, and I told her I would once she apologized. I sat in silence for less than ten seconds when I heard her say "I'm sorry", I got out, closed her door, got back in my car and drove home. This was so obviously crazy that it doesn't need any explanation. She was terrified, I was not in control of myself, and it could have had a very bad outcome. I easily could have been arrested, a husband, and father to three young boys. It was a changing point in my life, and I make my decisions in a more rational way, less emotional, and much less crazy!!

in my university days..i was a chatting maniac....
i was online for almost all day except the sleeping hours...
There was my university chat room....where guys were busy looking for chicks..
one day..i was feeling bored and decided to do a prank...
i pretended to be a girl and came online with a nickname "beauty-18-f" and offcourse...i happened to receive lots of messages from the guyz looking around for babes...
there was this guy who was just after me and became a magnet...he asked me to meet him in the university as he wanted to see me...or rather date me
i said ok...we will meet outseide Girl common Room...and as a symbol of recognition...i ll wear white upper and blue trouser....he said he ll wear black shirt and blue jeans...
at the decided day...i went there with my friends..and saw the guy exaclty in the same dress he had told me

i did not meet him and came back to my class...

but the funny thing was known later

after some days my friend (who was the classmate of that guy and did not know about my prank) told me that a babe of my class fooled his friend and did not come to meet despite promise
the funny thing was to know that the guy did not have a black shirt and blue jeans, he actually borrowed it from someone else...

lol :)

One of the craziest things I've ever done was actually not too long ago. I was on a date with this guy Michael and he was getting on my serves pretty badly by the tune we reached this club at like 1 when i suddenly saw my ex talking to this girl (i could tell he wanted to take her home) i basically went over there said i needed to talk to him and he told him he should meet me outside which he did! I then drove home with him, trying to avoid my date (he had gone looking for me outside and everywhere)! After i had sex with my ex i left, calling my best friend who is 12 years my senior up, and he offered to drive me home...long story short, after months of playing around with our apparent feelings for each other we too nearly had sex in his car! Now to top it all of, both my ex and my best friend were in steady relationships at the time....that was quite a night ;)

Woah, quite a night you had. XD

Wow! you are a dirty w.h.o.r.e

I was in my puberty and we all know things can go wrong...well it happen that i was one of them dad was proud of his little prinses with her long golden hair,i asked him if i can color it black dad said to me if you color your hair black i shave all your hair off,that night i color my hair black and jump out of the window because it game to my mind what my dad told me about coloring my hair ...jumped in his car and was thinking i can do this but my journey ended in the garden...and god yes i hat to walk to school with a shaved head :-)

Im 16, where I live the drinking age is 18, so me and my friends are all in a bar drinking etc, etc.., I promptly run out of money and notice an off duty police officer over the other side of the bar, start talking to him and he buys me a drink!

I flashed my butt around an Arbys to people who driving .

were you in the parking lot?? Would have liked to seen that.

I Had sex on the hood of my car along side the road while it was snowing.

I threw my boyfriend's phone out of the window of the car after he was trying to make something out of him by treating me as nothing so i threw his phone and then he stopped the car and went down like a fool and started searching for it when i walked back home !! I did that just to teach him how to respect me and never mess with me since if he does then he'll be the one kicked out of the window (joke) hahha

When my sister, a friend and I ran in front of a moving train on a bridge.

One of the craziest is i was fighting with a boyfriend in the car, which is one of the worst places to fight! He pushed me so much i slammed on the breaks, turned the wheel all the way to the left and pushed my foot on the gas as hard as i could, i ended up doing donuts up and over someone's hilly yard till i finely popped my tire on the sprikler system lol

well this was back when I was a alcoholic in a meth addict and the craziest thing everyday it is have my boyfriend clip pierced my **** and. then have him lick the bloody tampon out & and him putting it in his mouth and sucking it out the bloody tampon out

Had sexual relations with my boyfriend in college classroom during summer session. the professor walked in on us then told us to finish up he would be back and walked slowly out the class..i was bf was cocky..he didnt even cover himself


Jumped in the community swimming pool for the first time ever during a severe thunderstorm. The pool was flooded. Plus the gates were locked so we kinda had to break in...

Asked my husband to marry my best friend....he did!

walk down main road naked

1) I walked on water and then swam through land.<br />
<br />
2) I killed an animal today and it felt great.

I fought my teacher and ran on a lunch table screaming **** y'all!!