What Makes Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Special?

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What makes your favorite pair of jeans special?

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26-30, M
41 Responses Feb 11, 2009

<p>They fit perfectly, feel super comfortable, and have some strange magic about them that turns all the men's heads to my legs.... hehehe.... simply put, they both look good and feel good, perfect combo!</p>

<p>The way they fit, they hug all the right places!</p>

<p>Bought in china with the love of my life. We have our initials on them.</p>

<p>favorite pair of jeans???? i bought all of mine on the same day. they are the same size style fit brand and color.</p>

<p>An orange helmet and it rides the short bus</p>

<p>Mine came from work.. Well, from a company I used to work for.</p><br />
<p>I have 12 identical pairs of them, aswell 12 grey utility shirts that the company issued to me.</p><br />
<p>They are so comfy and durable, plus my name is sewn into each pair</p>

<p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp; I'm in them!</strong></p>

<p>What makes my favorite jeans so special is that after all these years&nbsp;I can still get them to zip up!!&nbsp;</p>

<p>The way my man can tug and slide them off of me!&nbsp; Yowsa!</p>

<p>they are cosy and comfy</p>

<p>because they are so tight i have to lay on the bed to put them on.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Right now they are special because they are getting too big!!!!</p>

<p>My fav jeans my grandmother saved for, out of her pension.&nbsp; We had been shopping together when I spotted them and tried them on. She knew I wanted them badly, but couldnt afford them. She saved for them for ages apparantly, eating only noodles some nights.</p><br />
<p>When she surprised me with them one day. I knew saints do exist on earth.'</p><br />
<p>That dear saint has gone to heaven and when I wear my jeans, I feel closer to her.</p><br />
<p>Um, sorry, &nbsp;kidding here.</p><br />
<p>My fav jeans are special cause they fit just right, good colour, good hem/length and they look great in a&nbsp;casual or classy look.</p><br />
<p>Forgive me please, I couldnt resist.</p><br />

<p>They dont rip after few weeks..</p>

<p>They make me feel relaxed</p>

<p>I prefer skirts.&nbsp; Easier access.</p>

<p>They fit around my waist and they feel like I'm wearing a pair of sweat pants.</p>

<p>They fit.</p>

<p>the ones that hug my booty the best... forget breathing, it's over rated anyways</p>

<p>they are hip rider's, show a bit of tummy, have a rip in the knee area and have just enough length to cover my shoes and don't show sock when i sit or when i'm riding the motorcycle. not to mention they hug my *** perfectly! with big enough butt pockets for my man to stick his hands in.</p>

<p>they always fit; they look great and they make me look great!</p>

<p>They're comfortable like a pair of sweats, they make me look thinner because they're darker, snug and low rise but not low enough to give me a plumber.</p>

<p>I have had these jeans since sophomore year in high school and they still fit. They have been everywhere with me. They have been on every trip with me (because they are the only pair I&nbsp;have), every service project, every sporting event. They have a lot of mileage, but they still are great.</p>

I love dark denim and i only have 1 pair plus they are snug in all the right spots =D

<p>They were the one's that made my butt look great....Have not been able to get in them in a long time...But I still have them....and they did make my butt look great...They were long....and I had to wear high heels with them....But I was wearing them when I dated my hubbie.....And he did love them....Even if they did come with a built in wrap around belt....And he halways had a hard time getting the belt off....hehehehehhe&nbsp;&nbsp; He had to work soooooo hard to get to what it was he was wanting....hehehehehe</p>

<p>They make room for my flaws, make no demands, don't make me look bad in front of others, and hold on loosely. </p><br />

<p>I don't really have a special relationship with my jeans - though reading through some of these answers, I&nbsp;feel like I probably should. What makes them special? 1. They fit - not a lot of jeans tend to do that with me, so I'm automatically impressed. 2. They're the only pair I have (refer to #1 for the reason). 3. There isn't really a third reason, but things always sound better in threes, don't you think?</p>

<p>On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm a 12!!</p><br />
<p>Better than perfect if you ask me.</p>

<p><strong>The fact that they're the only pair I have.&nbsp; </strong></p>

<p>She's wearing them.</p>

<p>My favorite pair belong to someone else and she looks awsome in them!</p>

<p>Whether it's my jeans or my genes, I am comfortable with in them and they fit me everyday.</p>

<p>&nbsp;they have comfortably and forever molded to my lower torso like a second skin.</p><br />

<p>there's usually a tenner 'n' tissues hidden in the pockets.</p>

<p>I live in jeans, day in and day out, I have so many pairs I couldn't possibly choose between them it wouldn't be fair!</p>

<p>Like SaratogaGirl ... they make my butt look perfect. '-)</p>

<p>they are usually tossed to the side of the bed.</p>

<p>They're special because I can't get into anyone's pants that quickly or easily.</p>

<p>They make my butt look perfect!</p>

<p>They actually fit.</p>

<p>They are always there when I need them.</p>