What’s the Best Surprise You’ve Ever Received?

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What’s the best surprise you’ve ever received?

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27 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Before I turned twenty, I had never had a surprise birthday before, even though I had always wanted one. Three days after my actual birthday, my oldest friend wanted me to come over so we could go to an ice cream social her church was throwing. I almost didn't go, but she begged me to come over. Then, before I was about to leave, the door bell rang, and it was an old friend I met on my mission trip to Chicago! We had become pretty close in that week, and kept in touch afterward, but hadn't seen each other since. She told me that my friend had invited her down there, to celebrate my birthday with me. She said she was supposed to meet at my friend's house, but didn't know how to get there. I thought that this was the reason my friend was so determined to get me to come over and didn't think it'd get better than that. So we drove up to that friend's house, and when I got there, the house was full of balloons and streamers, and my closest friends were all there. (Minus one who was sick) There was a beautiful two la<x>yered cake, and my friend's mom had bought a 24 pack of coca cola for the party, knowing my great love for Coke. It was the most wonderful surprise I have ever had.

<p>There have been a number of pleasant surprises, but I suppose the one that is best is the birth of our first child - a son.&nbsp; He had a difficult birth, and his head was strangely mis-shaped and I feared some mental deficiency would be the result.&nbsp; When I discussed it with my mother-in-law who had borne nine perfect babies, she laughed and said, "Oh, he'll be fine." My wife and I watched our son grow, get two graduate degrees and become a college administrator at a Christian university. God is good. </p>

<p>In 1999, like a week before Christmas, I was riding in the car with my dad and his gf.&nbsp; It was dark outside but we stopped somewhere and they turned on the car light to "look for something".&nbsp; During this time I looked down and noticed a newspaper ad, it was a big picture of the Backstreet boys.&nbsp; As I&nbsp;read on I saw that they were coming back and repeating a tour that they'd done earlier in the year (I was in love with them, but I'd missed that concert that year because tickets sold out in thirty mins and my dad was too late).&nbsp; I started screaming, "DADDY THEY'RE COMING BACK!&nbsp; YOU GOTTA GET ME TICKETS!"&nbsp; But my hopes were shot down when I saw that the date tickets had gone on sale had come and gone, and I knew that by then they'd be sold out.&nbsp; He told me he'd try, but he said it wasn't likely.&nbsp; So on Christmas he came to pick me up from my mom's house like always.&nbsp; But this time he brought a few presents over, which he never usually just left them at his house for me to open up.&nbsp; He told me he wanted my mom to see one of the presents he got me.&nbsp; When I unwrapped the first the box it was a old silver shoebox, then I opened it and there was a smaller wrapped gift and an old ugly shoe, I&nbsp;was like, WTF?!?&nbsp; I kept unwrapping and that's when the ticket master envelope fell out.&nbsp; It was those concert tickets, I&nbsp;fell backwards in my chair.&nbsp; I swear I almost fainted LOL!</p>

<p>the best suprise I ever got would have to be when my son and wife gave me a christmas card in 2007&nbsp; saying Merry christmas grama &#62;&#62;&nbsp; that was there way of telling me they were having a baby.</p>

<p><strong>I have been a volunteer, with the ''Witness Service'' in the local magistrate courts for 8yrs,. I was invited to an awards evening, ''i didn't know at the time'', i was&nbsp;to pick up a ''Long Service Award'' in recognition of &nbsp;dedication, shown towards supporting victims, witnesses and survivors of crime, was the biggest surprise, and compliment&nbsp;i have ever been given,.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</strong></p><br />

<p>A one Hundred dollar a day raise!</p>

<p>a laptop</p>

<p>Finding out that I am getting money from the government that I DON'T have to pay back.... Now that's a suprise!!!&nbsp; </p>

<p>Finally meeting her in person and finding that she was more than I had expected!</p>

<p>Being approved for a loan with my super crummy credit rating!!!!</p>

<p>I don't like surprises!</p>

<p>My daughter</p>

<p>i must say the best surprised i ever received is from my ex-boyfriend who called me saying we have to talk but wouldnt say anything else about it i was freaking out thinking it was something bad and that he was breaking up with me or something but after work he showed up to my house i opened the door and he surprised me with a dozen roses ina vase and beautiful card i was so shocked i slamed the door on him and i also cryed happy tears of course</p>

<p>My granddaughter's face and outstreched arms every time she sees me...I am always so surprised that someone could love me so much (& I could love someone at least as much right&nbsp; back). Wow!</p>

<p>waking up from a living nightmare....and realizing that someone really does love me and always had..soulfriends mate beyond the flesh whatever you would like to call it ..and becoming able to see life more clearer than ever ..i was blind for so so so long ....im grateful for every surprise life throws at me now ...im just now becoming free from my own prison ..that i was trapped in since my early teens i am now 41 ..so yeah many years passed but no time like the present right ? peace thanks for making me think..smile happy valin day to everyone ....hugs for the group ..aim</p>

<p>The best surprise was when I&nbsp;got tickled on the backs of my thighs in a dream.</p>

<p>my now life-partner of 8+yrs surprised me after i had a major car accident by showing up on my doorstep. she flew in from Texas and i'm in Oklahoma, and then took a taxi to my apartment. all to take care of me so i could recover. she was in university persuing a masters degree and had a job, but put it aside all for love.</p>

<p>Well, there's actually three surprises!! And they're all teenagers now!!!</p>

<p>I was in charge of the youth group at the church I was attending. Our meetings were held on Friday evenings. All through the service the kids were going in and out of the room. I was starting to get a little annoyed and was going to find out what was going on. When I went to the basement, all I heard was the word surprise. They had been setting up a surorise birthday party for me. This was and will always remain the most memorable thing in mu life, and I have had quite a few.</p>

<p>The Best Surprise I ever recieved was that I found my younger sister. We were seperated as Children and I had not seen her in many years and a couple of months ago I finally found her. We had not seen each other since we were very young so that was the very best thing that could have happened to me. We both live in the same city so we are able to talk and see each other but she does have health issues but it's nice to know that I can be there for her and she won't be alone.</p>

<p>The best surprise that I have ever gotten was on my birthday last year. It was ....amazing.</p><br />
<p>See, over the school year I had been asking this guy in my art class for pretzels. He always had them and I became hooked on them, asking for them every day. So, on my birthday, I walk into my art class and WOW, there is a ginormous 10-pound bag of pretzels. It was amazing...and very surprising!</p>

<p>Birth of my child <strong>.&nbsp;&nbsp; "Surprise, it's a girl ! ", </strong>the nurse said. That was cute.</p>

<p>I was walking down the street one summer, dressed in baggy shorts, my junk slapping around. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I had an ******. I wish that would happen again</p>

<p><strong>Putting $5.00 in the pokies(slots) and winning $2,500!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; So very nice!</strong></p>

<p>A bithday party where everyone I care about bothered to show up :)&nbsp; ...</p>

<p>My little guy Jasper. My husband surprised me with him, just because. I wanted a tiny dog, so my husbands friend had chinese crested puppies and he needed to give them good homes, so he offered my husband one for free. These dogs are exspensive about $1200.00. He is the best present I EVER got. I love him so.</p>