Who’s Your Favorite Sports Team?

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Who’s your favorite sports team?

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38 Responses Feb 14, 2009

The Patriots.

nfl=pittsburgh steelers,baseball=pittsburgh pirates & cinncinati reds

<p>Texas Longhorns for college football, Indianapolis Colts for pro football, also like Boston Celtics, and for baseball i like Chicago Cubs.</p>

<p><em>The one that takes part for the fun of it, the disabled games are ab fab, as you see a great big smiling face, just beaming with happiness for taking part.... to watch in trepidation as the little nursery school, kiddies, nearly pee their pants, trying to concentrate..... best of all it has to be the mums race, the kids go crazy wanting their mum to be the best mum... even when their mum dont win, the love you get for just taking part is the greatest sports team in the world to be in.....</em></p><br />
<p>Out of all my most favourite sports team has to be the tam, that win or lose, bounce back, thrilled with just being able to be there, its not about winning or losing, but favourites I have many.x</p>

<p>The San Francisco 49ers</p>

<p>Basketball</p><br />
<p>The Utah Jazz</p><br />
<p>Football</p><br />
<p>The Arizona Cardinals and The Texans</p><br />

<p>Saskatchewan Roughriders&nbsp; CFL</p><br />
<p>New England Patriots&nbsp; NFL</p><br />
<p>Vancouver Canucks&nbsp; NHL</p>

<p>i like the AAA Baseball Team near my tow and i like seeing them live. Don't really care for sports on TV anymore. Sex is a good two person sport though!</p>

<p>New England Patriots</p><br />
<p>Boston Red Sox</p><br />
<p>Carolina Hurricanes!!!!!!!!!!&nbsp;</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp;The ADELAIDE CROWS!...................................AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL&nbsp;LEAGUE!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As if I will win this! ...I bet it will be an AMERICAN answer that wins!</strong></p>

Montreal Canadiens....

<p>Wow..College Basketball: Duke&nbsp; College Football:&nbsp;Florida Gators&nbsp; NFL:&nbsp; Pittsburgh Steelers/ Carolina Panthers (Panthers are my home team :P)&nbsp; MLB: Yankees&nbsp;</p>

<p>the Buffalo Sabers (NHL)</p>


I'm just following moomouse around.<br />
Is that a sport?

Manchester United

<p>None, our educational system is broken and people are paying big dollars to watch grown men acting like children.&nbsp; Inane if you ask me.</p>

<p>The Brisbane Lions AFL team</p>


<p>The Pittsburgh emmereffen Steelers, I kept that towel up on my wall as a reminder of their greatness!&nbsp; Also the NY Yankess.</p>

<p>Team America</p>

<p>Dallas Cowboys - All Day</p>

<p>Boston Celtics circa the 80's!!</p>

<p>my favorite sports team the one for me</p><br />
<p>lets take a look, let me see</p><br />
<p>its not the vikings or the redskins</p><br />
<p>its not the eagles or the dolphins</p><br />
<p>cant be the gaints</p><br />
<p>cant be the jets.</p><br />
<p>cant be the jaguars</p><br />
<p>ill get it you can bet.</p><br />
<p>OF&nbsp;COURSE!</p><br />
<p>the colts!!! (thats my favorite sprots team!)</p><br />


<p>Here We Go&nbsp;Steelers!</p><br />
<p>Here We Go!</p><br />
<p>Pittsburgh's Goin' To 'da Super Bowl!</p>

<p>No one</p>

<p>Dallas Cowboys</p>

<p>Dallas Cowboys, Cincinati Reds</p>

NY Islanders and Atl Thrashers

<p>Brisbane Broncos (they aren't actually my favourite but it's the only one i could think of.)</p>

<p>AC&nbsp;MILAN !!!</p>

<p>All of them associated with my state. If you don't have state pride... Well, <em>what kind of person are you</em>?</p>

<p>Green Bay Packers...<strong>GO&nbsp;PACK&nbsp;GO!!!!</strong></p>

<p>Glasgow&nbsp; <strong><em>Rangers .....</em></strong></p>

<p>old team dundee rockets love the whole team</p>

<p>Dallas Cowboys and the Yankees </p>

<p>They just won the Super Bowl!!!&nbsp; &nbsp; How about a repeat. (#7)</p>