Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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54 Responses Feb 16, 2009

it is romantic. it exits in the films or series. i don't know whether it exit in the reality. i hope some ideal girl love me at first sight.

<p>Yes it does exist...</p><br />
<p>I am one who fell in love at first sight......</p><br />
<p>And I will never stop loving him.....Its been 12 years....and still when he looks at me with that big smile on his face it melts me away!</p><br />
<p>Love at first sight is a wonderfull thing....but its very hard to let go of be carefull......</p>

<p>&nbsp;Personally,No.&nbsp; I think you need to know a person before you can say you are in love with them.&nbsp; However,&nbsp;I don't doubt that there are people who have experieinced it.</p>

<p>Undeniably&nbsp; yes ....... For true love is seen first ......</p>

<p>no. love is something that SHOULD require more than just appearance so it is impossible for love to happen at first it is possible to have love develop quickly over a single conversation but not upon first least not for me personality is so much more important than looks</p>

<p>Not really.&nbsp; I&nbsp;agree with lust at first sight, or basic attraction to another. But I feel <em>real true deep </em>love takes time to develop.&nbsp; You have to get to know a person, what makes them tick, if you have chemistry, their feelings, ideals, beliefs (do they match or not?).&nbsp; The little daily ins and outs, good and bad, moods...I feel it takes knowing all these things before real love can grow and develop.</p>

could happen

<p>Nope. Lust at first sight definately though.&nbsp;I think it takes a long time to love a person because it takes a long time to know a person.</p>

<p>absolutely not. you cannot judge love by someone's appearance. they make look good and have an awesome personality, but love is developed over time.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Yes, though it's more like love at first smell. &nbsp;I believe we all release pheromones and if we are very self aware we can sense compatible pheromones in other people.</p>

<p>ABSOLUTELY! I fall in love that way all the time...</p>

<p><strong>I saw my wife and fell in love with her on the first sighting!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>We divorced 18 years later,but are still close friends!</strong></p>


<p>I&nbsp;believe you have to get to really know someone to know if it is "love", but seeing someone for the first time and wanting&nbsp;to get your groove on is another story. So love at first sight, no but lust, heck ya!</p>

<p>Yes I do, because my husband and I&nbsp;are living proof. When I&nbsp;was in ninth grade, I switched schools in the middle of the year, and on the very day that I&nbsp;started my new school, I met my future husband, only I didn't know it then. He sat behind me in my English class, and I always thought he was funny, and slightly on the goofy/slightly geeky side. Eventually, Brandon grew on me, and came to be one of my very best friends of all time, but I <em>never</em> would have considered dating him. In high school, I dated an older guy, and ended up having two children with him; we even lived together for five years. And through all of this, Brandon and I were always still best friends...until eventually, the feelings turned into more. Brandon was married and in the military, and he was extremely lonely and unhappy; I was unmarried but in a very abusive and unhappy relationship...Brandon and I&nbsp;always kept in touch as friends by writing letters, and in one of those letters, Brandon told me that on that very first day, when I&nbsp;first started the ninth grade at the school he went to, he had happened to see me get out of my mother's car (I&nbsp;didn't know this), and he had said to himself, "There goes the girl that I'm going to marry someday." Well, that was twenty-two years ago, and we've been married for almost three years now, we have five children between us, and we couldn't be happier. So do I&nbsp;believe at love at first sight?&nbsp;You bet I do!</p>

Love-verb:[To be passionately devoted] adore, be in love with, care for, hold dear, choose, fancy, be enchanted by, be passionately attached to, have affection for, dote on, glorify, idolize, prize, be fasinated by, hold high, think the world of, treasure, prefer, yearn for, be fond of, admire, long for, flip over*, fall for*,be nuts about*, be crazy about8, go for*.<br />
MMMMMMM, maybe love is in the eye of the beholder. Knowing between lust and true love will be the test to whether you believe in love at first sight.

oh hell ya, I love ornpa, ittyta bars, ussypa and getting over on EP sensors

<p>yes i do.&nbsp; when someone walks into a room and your attention is immediately drawn to that person, you just know that there's a future with them.</p>

<p>No...I believe it's more like <em>lust at first sight, </em>since you have nothing more but the person's appearance to go by...</p>

<p>I believe at first sight you can&nbsp;have&nbsp;a deep feeling of connection to someone.&nbsp; Love, real&nbsp;honest love,&nbsp;needs time to cultivate, grow and ripen.</p>

<p>I&nbsp;would like to think yes -- but deep in my heart&#62;&#62;&nbsp;NO.</p>

<p>&nbsp;i do believe in LOVE..... and infatuation at first sight... &nbsp;</p><br />

Who doesn't!

<p>I believe it is possible</p>

I believe in lust at first sight. Kindred spirits too but I believe you have to grow in love........

<p>No way. You don't know anything about the person!!!</p><br />
<p>On the other hand, you can like someone at first sight</p>

<p>Absolutely! and its a terrible thing because if it is not recipricated its is painful and obsessive and often dangerous! <strong>LEARNT</strong> love is a much more useful and long lasting!</p>

<p>Only if both parties are naive and under 14.&nbsp; </p>

<p>lust at first sight, yes. love, no.</p>

<p>Of course!!!</p>

<p>Love at first sight....No.....Lust is another story....I do believe in Lust at first sight...But not love......Well at least not real and true love...That is something that takes time....</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>But the I love you...and want to jump your bones...Well that is real....Just not real love...</p>

<p>Yes i believe in love a first sight.... or should i walk by again?</p>

<p>not really. I'm much too rational to admit that possibility, and much too skeptical to really believe in it.</p>

<p><strong>Magnetism..someone you have instant feelings for can be a blinding force.Fire that burns is love.That never goes out."YES"</strong></p>

<p>Yes, when I first saw him, I&nbsp;saw his soul. And I loved it. Still do.</p>

<p>I would like to, but I&nbsp;don't</p>

<p>I believe when you meet the person you are meant to be with you know immediately in your gut that there is something special about that person and that there is a high likelihood that you will fall in love with eachother.</p>

<p>How about "OMG&nbsp;I&nbsp;WANT TO **** YOU!" at first sight?</p><br />
<p>or</p><br />
<p>"Oh my you'd look good in my pants"&nbsp;at first sight?</p><br />
<p>or</p><br />
<p>"Okay so long as the lights are off" at first sight?</p><br />
<p>sorry guys just being a dork :P</p>

<p>No, I'm a realist not an idealist. Lust at first sight, that's real...a chemical reaction designed to propagate the species.</p>

<p>I believe in "oh my goodness i have to do him" at first sight </p>

<p>Yes, I first saw my husband when I was 12 holding hands with another girl, he talked finally became boyfriend and girl friend, he joined the Navy and we had a long distance relationship and today 20 years on we are still happy together, in love and have two beautiful children. I never loved anyone like I love him</p>

<p>No......because the obstetrician that delivered me was a big bald fat dude!</p>

<p>Yes, i believe it is possible. Though i have never experienced it.</p>

<p>Not really.&nbsp; Second sight is a definate possibility!</p>

<p>i sure do!&nbsp; my husband and i fell in love on our first date, at ages 16 and 17.&nbsp; we married 9 months later, and love each other more than we ever did 39 years ago!</p>

I do believe! I'm still looking for him! ;-)

<p>I do, most definately. Although, when I fell in love with My King, it wasn't actually "first sight", just the first glimpse of each other in -this- life.</p>

Yes. And I also believe that just as fast as it comes it can just as easily disappear, too.

<p>Yes I do, and I married her!</p>

<p>yes i do</p>

<p>Without a doubt.</p>

<p>Not really a fair question if you happen to be blind!</p>

<p>No... how can you love someone you've seen for just a moment?&nbsp;Love is deeper than that.</p>