Who’s Your Favorite Athlete?

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Who’s your favorite athlete?

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42 Responses Feb 18, 2009

<p>Retired Boston Celtic Kevin McHale</p>

<p>Im not really a sport gitl so i cant help today</p>

I really don't know honestly....

<p>I know some people think NASCAR is not a sport, but I&nbsp;say Bobby Labonte #96.&nbsp; He is such a gentleman compared to all the "young guns" and spoiled brats in NASCAR now.</p><br />
<p>He probably should retire, since he hasn't had a winning season as of late, but his tenacity and love of NASCAR racing shows that you're never too old to do what you love!</p>

<p>It is a toss up....Between Jackie Robinson.......and John Thorp......Both people were great athletes in the Olympics.....But got the raw end of the stick....</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>But I was happy when they returned Thorps medals to his Granddaughter.....Too bad it was just a few years after he passed......He always knew that he did nothing wrong.....But they took them anyway....And now they allow Pro basketball pla<x>yers to retire....Just so they can play in the olympics.......And that is why I will never watch them ever again.....I mean they took Thorps medals away....and he just played baseball in the summer to make money to live on.....And now they allow them to do it in a sport that they make Millions of dollars in every day of the rest of the four years....What a slap in the face....All because they do not want to lose a little boys game</p>

<p>Brandon Inge currently the third baseman for the Detroit Tigers. I like him because he doesn't seem to think the game was invented to make him look good. He has played every position on the field except for pitcher and i'm sure if they asked he would do that as well without complaining and he does so at an extremely high level. He may not be the best hitter in the league but he has one of the best gloves in the game today.</p><br />
<p>Among retired pla<x>yers i would say Tom Brookens for pretty much the same reasons. Brookens was not a big guy (i would guess 5'6") and the funniest thing i ever saw in my life was when they brought him in as an emergency catcher. He came into the game wearing Lance Parrish's equipment. Lance was a very big guy probably 6'4" and he was a body builder Tommy looked like a little kid trying on dad's clothes LOL.</p><br />
<p>Among non professionals would be my nephew Austin a future NFL linebacker in football and my niece Justine who will someday play in the WNBA their sister Kaitlyn isn't much for playing sports but she carries an "A" average in school so i figure she will be their agent when they play professionally LOL</p>

<p>no one mentioned Lance Armstrong!</p>

<p>Lance Armstrong, for proving you can be drug free and have cancer and still outperform your opponents and rise above them. </p>

<p>Dolly Parton of course or maybe Marilyn Monroe!</p>

<p>Hmmm..Muhammad Ali and Allen Iverson (A.I. is just so beautiful lol)</p>

<p>My 14yr.old son!!!!!!!He is an excellant basketball pla<x>yer</p>

<p>I don't have one...</p>

<p>Who else-- DAVID B.---soccer sucks though!!!</p>

<p>My daughters. They are great students and athletes and best of all they are good kids!!</p>

<p>oh...am not really into sports so i dont have anyone i like, but yeah, i did vote for the entries that i liked :)... GOOD LUCK</p>

<p>My four year old son!</p><br />
<p>He can out jump, out throw, out ride, out swim, out flip, out kick any adult out there AND&nbsp;he never runs out of energy.</p>

<p>Alana Slater, Australian olympic gymnast :)</p><br />
<p>google it</p>

<p>Bo Jackson gets my First Place vote for Favorite Athlete. His overall talent was special but the effort and&nbsp; determined spirit by which he overcame a serious injury to return to professional&nbsp; sports was inspiring. For the same reason Magic Johnson and overcoming the stigma and health effects of HIV gets my Second Place Vote.</p>

<p>Micheal Jordan, Micheal Phelps</p>

<p>My favorite athlete is Oscar de la hoy the golden boy. Not only is he&nbsp;good at boxing, but he gives so much to his community in east LA.</p>

<p>hedo turkoglu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he plays for the orlando magic. I've been watching him since his second year in the NBA. I've shook his hand before. he is from turkey. </p>

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<p><strong>&nbsp; Kathy Freeman! ....A true AUSTRALIAN!</strong></p><br />
<p><strong>Her Olympic record still stands!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>( She lit the flame in SYDNEY!!..2000!</strong></p>

<p>Lance Armstrong</p>

<p>Ben Roethlisberger....</p><br />
<p>This guy makes plays that I've not seen a Quarterback make since John&nbsp;Elway.</p>


<p>Eddy 'The Eagle' Edwards</p>

<p>Jesus....HE carried the weight of the sins of the world</p>

<p>Since so many of them are doing drugs, gambling, animal cruelty hobbies or are overall stupid and irresponisble, it's difficult to put any "athlete" in this.&nbsp; I'm going to say my fav is Lance Armstrong.&nbsp; He is probably the only one who lives up to the title of "athlete."</p>

<p>i always thought Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball pla<x>yer ever.</p>

<p>A-Roid.</p><br />
<p>I can't help it. He's very sexy.</p>

<p>Roger Federer</p>

<p>Peyton Manning.&nbsp; I am a semi stalker when it comes to Peyton.&nbsp; I&nbsp;use my frequent flyer miles to follow him and my favorite team, the Colts around.&nbsp; Peyton is mmmm mmmm good.&nbsp; Plus he looks good on and off the field. MMMMMM did I say MMMM?</p>

<p>For ever? Has to be Jack Robinson. A true hero.</p>

<p>Wow! Well let me see ... Danica Patrick, Jackie Joiner-Kersee, Mary Lou Retton, Peggy Fleming and Mainne Bagger.&nbsp; </p>

<p>The Rabbit at the dog track ....... :o)</p>

<p>seb coe (not)&nbsp; chris hoy is the best</p>

<p>I have several athletes I admire...Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald from the AZ&nbsp;Cardinals, the women's beach volleyball team from the Olympics, all Special Olympians.</p>

<p>The ONE that doesn't CHEAT!!!</p>

<p>I don't like athletics and so alas&nbsp;I have no favourite athlete!</p>

<p>No one. They get paid big money&nbsp;to play games. I'm up against a life's struggle everyday.</p>

<p>Michael Phelps.&nbsp; The man is half fish.&nbsp; He's a miracle of science.&nbsp; </p>

<p>Jackie Sullivan-The Greatest Irish Boxer!</p>