What Is Your Favorite Type of Soda?

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What is your favorite type of soda?

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64 Responses Feb 19, 2009

sorry! i'm not fond of soda...

<p>Root Beer</p>

<p>a cold diet pepsi sounds nice.</p>

<p>i dont really have one i like coke when im eating bread stuff like chips....i like dr.pepper with my breakfast, i like mt.dew after sex, i like sprit when im sick.</p>

<p>My favorite would have to be Nehi Peach Soda. Delicious.</p>

<p>Sparkling spring water (Scottish of course) ........</p>


<p>I don't drink soda anymore, but it was Dr Pepper.</p>

<p>i love soda period, but my all-time favorite is a toss up between Tahitian Treat and Dr. Pepper</p>


<p>Not a soda drinker....if I have one my fav is Cherry Coke.&nbsp; Main daily drink is water.</p>

<p>Pepsi One---it has Splenda instead of Nutrasweet.&nbsp; And anyway, it's not "soda"; it's "pop"!!!&nbsp; </p>

<p>Anything Strawberry flavor, but it can't be carbinated.&nbsp; </p>



<p>sprite-- sometimes with Hot Dam!</p>

<p>Ah Diet Rootbeer although I love just plan diet coke not pepsi at all But yes Rootbeer</p>

<p>Lately it's been Manhattan Special Pure Espresso Coffee Soda. I'm also fond of Blenheim Ginger Ale, Vernor's, and Ale-8-One.</p>


<p>Natural - Blue Skye Cherry Vanilla</p>

<p>Lime Soda</p>

<p>Soda?</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>I drink POP!!!</p><br />
<p>(diet coke)</p>

Coke, of course!

<p>Pepsi and mt.dew </p>

<p>Odd question as&nbsp;I just gave up on drinking sodas due to health reasons. I've always been a DR. Pepper drinker until a week ago.</p>

<p>Diet Coke - hands down!</p>

<p>pepsi :)</p>

<p>ANYTHING THATS<strong> </strong></p><br />
<p><strong>FREE!!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />


<p>I don't drink much soda or fizzy juice as we call it here. It would have to be Irn Bru though -it's made from girders!!</p>

<p>coca cola classic of course...and only in the can..&nbsp; I&nbsp;love that slow burn..going down..nothing like it.</p>

<p>Dr Pepper. Anyone who says otherwise is either stupid or lying.</p>

<p>Ice Cold diet pepsi</p>

<p>I was given coke when we ran out of milk. It allowed me to pretend I can drink booze when I need to be one of the boys. I drank it at my wedding so I can perform on that special night.&nbsp;&nbsp; I sip it quietly now and count how many teeth I have left.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Things go better with coke</p>

<p>My favorite kind of coke is Diet Dr. Pepper.</p>

<p>Jone's "Turkey-gravy" soda</p>

<p>No Caffeine; No sugar; No preservatives; my favorite type of soda is No soda at all! It's freshly squeezed juice - any fruit that's juicy! </p>

<p>Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper made by yourself is definitely better than the can kind : ) I love it!</p>

<p>Why, it's Minnesoda, of course!&nbsp; Oh, and we, like the Pittsburghers, also call it "pop."</p>

diet pepsi!

It absolutely has to be a diet wild cherry pepsi... Every single day!

<p>a cherry coke with a real cherry in the bottom like from sonic. cant beat that,especially if it is happy hour. 1/2 off drinks</p>

<p>Cherry vanilla dr. pepper.</p>

<p>diet caffeine free coke</p>

<p>Coke classic very cold but without ice</p>

<p>This question is biased against Pittsburghers. I don't drink soda, I drink POP goddamnit!</p>

<p>Diet Sunkist Orange Soda</p>

<p>the good old fashioned rootbeer</p>

<p>Tab. For ever and ever.</p>

<p>Well....Right now it's Barq's Rootbeer</p><br />
<p>..but next week it might be dr. pepper ;)</p>

<p>Pepsi pepsi pepsi pepsi pepsi and pepsi</p>


<p>I don't drink soda anymore, but when&nbsp;I was little it was Orange, when I was 10 it was Root Beer, and when&nbsp;I was 13 it was Mountain Dew.</p>

<p>Jolt.&nbsp; Gotta have more!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now!!!</p>

<p>Jolt.&nbsp; Gotta have more!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now!!!</p>

<p>Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper..........dessert in a bottle :)</p>

<p>the real coke with vodka in</p>

<p><strong>Caustic,</strong>!!</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>Oh you mean SOFT DRINK!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />


<p>cherry cola</p>

<p>mtw dew</p>

<p>Regular will make ya fat and kill ya.&nbsp; Diet will destroy your kidney function and kill ya.&nbsp; So I drink diet caffiene free to hopefully delay being killed by soda consumption.</p>

<p>anything warm and flat</p>

<p>Baking</p><br />