What Was Your Favorite Class In School?

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What was your favorite class in school?

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50 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Geography and History.

<p>psychology and anatomy/physiology</p>

<p>I loved math! =]</p>

<p>The Art and Science classes...all forms&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </p>

<p>My foods class. Awesome stuff.</p>

<p>A class about the music cultures of African Americans - It was taught by one of the best professors in college. &nbsp;All we did was watch videos of and listen to jazz, hip hop, go go, R&B, soul, doo wop, and have freestyle rap and dance battles, and then write papers on them and talk about them.&nbsp; It was tons of fun.</p>

<p>Humanities, followed by History and English.</p><br />



<p>History in HS because the history teacher/coach was a cutie which made the class a "must attend" and okay he made it interesting too!</p><br />
<p>College----Business Law</p>

<p>history it was always so easy and i always had as in that class</p><br />

<p>History. Had a teacher in high school that made it very interesting...especially the Egyptian history!</p>


<p>I liked Science and English.</p>

<p>working/middleclass did't like snobs&nbsp; lol</p>

<p>English, without a doubt, especially when allowed to be creative.</p>


<p>MUSIC, I was in band and chorus. Music has always play a big part in my life.</p>

<p>English class</p>

<p>It's a tie between home ecomonics and typing.&nbsp; THIS&nbsp;SHOULD&nbsp;TELL&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;HOW&nbsp;OLD&nbsp;I&nbsp;AM!!!!&nbsp;&nbsp; ARRRRRGH!!!!!</p>

<p>It was "Class Dismissed" !</p>

<p><strong><em></em></strong></p><br />
<p><strong><em>English as I was top of the class 3 years in a row!</em></strong></p>

<p>Hmmmm.....Let me see.....It is a toss up between....Music.....Science....Math.....reading....drama....</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Oh h377....I can make up my mind.....Really....I just loved learning....All forms....</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>So I guess you can say....Each class....each and every day....</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>I was the only that was always first to sign up for summer school the first day that it was offered.......Does that make me a Dork?????? Well then.....I guess that I am a Dork.....and I just might start the Dorks Annonamous....and We Dorks will have a place to go.....</p>

<p>English, I loved writting essays and reading books.</p>

<p>&nbsp;History is my favorite, I always got A's. Some of it is more intreging than other parts. I really love world History.</p>

<p><strong>I actually loved alot of my classes.... due to my teachers, who were amazingly awesome.. and yes, I know&nbsp; awesome is a bit overused, but so called for in this instance.....</strong></p>

<p>In college I really enjoyed my Forestry (management and dendrology) courses. Going back to school a few years ago, for photography, I enjoyed that class the most.</p>

<p>Mine was history.I still love to study history and now Im 36 years old!</p>

<p>Music of course. It was life changing.</p>

<p>I hated school!!! I liked Phys ed though</p>

<p>Chemistry!&nbsp; We had an awesome teacher and lab was a total blast.</p>

<p>Uummm....was I suppose to go to class?</p>

<p>ENGLISH, </p><br />
<p>I could express my creative passion with words...</p>

<p>web design</p>

<p>At secondary school I always loved Drama but for my GCSEs it would have to be German and Sociology.</p>

<p>sex ed</p>

<p>Are you joking! LAST&nbsp;CLASS&nbsp;ON&nbsp;A&nbsp;FRIDAY! Eventhough I loved school, nothing beat that Friday feeling, ever.</p>

<p>Umm, the final bell of the day =D</p>

i loved history....and i loved the history teachers too :)

<p>wow more than one for sure but if i had to do a %%%%%%%%% id say georaphy&nbsp; about 75% and science 25%!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>


<p>Math. It was interesting and my math teachers have been some of the best teachers I've ever had.</p>

<p>Online&nbsp;Classes&nbsp;When I was in school the first time around, that didn't exist.</p><br />
<p>I'm so glad there are online classes now!</p>

<p>Its hard to pick one i liked writing and science or biology.</p>

<p>Theatre!</p><br />
<p>It has a very positive atmosphere,&nbsp;because&nbsp;the teacher and the students are always really positive.</p><br />
<p>And it's very low pressure compared to a class like math or english.</p><br />
<p>But I love english, history, chemistry, biology, algebra, creative writing, spanish, computer technology, health, everything is just so interesting.</p>

<p>Em ..... Well&nbsp; it was playing Footie for the school team ,&nbsp; kinda outside</p>

That's hard to choose. Maybe the second semester of P. Chem. Physical Chemistry is the senior-year weed-out class for majors. I flunked the first semester, and had to repeat it, and barely scraped by. But the second semester was different material, and I was good at it. Such a good feeling, and a relief, to be the high-scoring one after that first semester.

<p>My favorite class in school had a test everyday!&nbsp; The answer was always the same, "HERE".&nbsp; </p><br />

<p>I never had a favourite as all the classes (classrooms)&nbsp;looked pretty much the same!</p>

My junior year of college....<br />
Relaxation 102B, <br />