What Do You Consider to Be Your Biggest Strength?

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What do you consider to be your biggest strength?

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26-30, M
58 Responses Feb 25, 2009

<p>My biggest strength is my spirit. Something in which no one can take away from my, and something in which makes me who I am. From all hurt I have been through in my life, the trails and tribulations, I have never let anyone break the spirit!</p>

<p>My empathy for people - whether they are hurting emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually - I can't pass by and do nothing - I&nbsp;have to help any way that I can.</p><br />
<p>I KNOW&nbsp;that if money were no ob<x>ject, I would have so many causes and people that I would gladly help - sometimes the amount of need in this world is overwhelming - I wish I could do more!</p>

<p>My ability to mutli-task is my biggest strength. I&nbsp;go a million miles a minute and have alot to accomplish...I&nbsp;get the job done :)&nbsp;</p>

<p>I would have to say it's my will power... once I've got something in my head, good luck getting it out!</p>

<p>Modesty</p><br />
<p>It seems to me that one's greatest strength is usually also&nbsp;one's greatest weakness</p>

<p>my peenis</p>

<p>My optimism .......</p>

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<p><em><strong>&nbsp; MY ablity to REASON!</strong></em></p>

<p>I like being able to NO when I need to</p><br />
<p>I like being able to YES when I need to</p><br />
<p>I have less stress when I trust my own judgement,I love it!</p>

<p>My ability to see good in all people. Even the meanest person has some good in them. Most hard people have had some bad life experiences.</p><br />
<p>You can't pick your family. If you are kind and give a person a chance to grow, they usually will. Of course there are exceptions in all things.</p><br />
<p>For instance a child molester has no re-Deming qualities to me. or a child abuser. So absence of any serious mental issues people can surprise</p><br />
<p>you. Treat them as you want to be treated. And respect them.</p>

<p>im very outgoing...and can adpt well to new envoriments.</p>

<p>My greatest strength is my quirky sense of humor.&nbsp; If I can laugh at it, I can live thru it.&nbsp; I see most things from a slightly askew fashion and am usually aware of the absurdities in my life.&nbsp; I not only see this, I usually express this verbally in an unexpected way.&nbsp; Sometimes, it throws people off; they never thought about it that way.&nbsp; Sometimes it makes them think.</p>

<p>always being able to value the 'under-dog.' the worth of one soul is great in the sight of God.</p>

<p>i think it would be my stubborness. although it is something iv inherited, so that might have something to do with it.</p>

My mentality because it's what keeps me strong on the surface. It's what makes me feel like I can conquer anything if I put my mind to it or push my mind to the limit.

<p>moving on from a relationship</p>

<p>Empathy---though it's also my greatest weakness.&nbsp; My heart just breaks for someone else who is in pain.&nbsp; </p>

<p>I am emotionally strong and take whatever life throws at me, partially because I have a pretty intense sense of humor.</p>

<p>The muscle of LOVE</p>

<p>Patience with life and meeting things as they come, then moving on.&nbsp; It has really paid off!</p>

<p>I keep my head up.&nbsp;Whatever happens. </p>

<p>My charm. i can effect many things (work, co-workers, ect) without brute force. i find it ... exillerating and refreshing, quite feminine too.</p>

<p>My biggest strentgh is my ability to bounce back from any adersity. I have been abused and neglected since I was old enough to remember, by my family , by friends, by strangers, and finally, by the man of my so-called dreams. But I am still here, and though some days are tough, I haven't succumbed and I keep on fighting. </p>

<p>My optimism</p>

<p>I am awesome and can overcome anything!</p>

<p>I would have to say that my biggest strength is my love (its also my downfall).&nbsp; Through my love for all creatures I am able to give&nbsp;and find peace, respect, joy, solace and understanding.&nbsp;</p>

<p>my patience</p>

<p>my belief in angels*</p>

<p>My imagination. It affords me an excellent roadmap to navigate my way up and down life's interesting avenues with breathtaking views along the way and hepful directional signs when I need them.</p>

<p>My biggest strenghth is when I get upset,I turn my saddness into a painting or some form of art.That is the only way I know how to deal with things.</p>

<p>My sense of humor!</p>

<p>my iron sided stomach</p>

<p>my heart</p>

<p>My hubbie calls it Pig Headedness.....But I call it determination.....Same thing....Just looked at in a different light.....One being the light side...and the other the dark...</p>

<p>My biggest strength is my will to be the best mother I can be. Being a mother is the hardest job I have ever taken on.</p>

<p>My insanity.</p>

My ability to laugh at my troubles....and keep my kids laughing...SS

<p>My Strength!&nbsp; My abililty to deal with all the obstacles life has thown my way in the past 50 years,,, and I can still come out SHINING!</p>

My biggest strenth is my faith is God. This is a gift He has given me and even in the worse situations, I know He is watching and is doing what is best in my life.

<p><strong>Fatherhhood</strong>.......it was something I was determined to be my best at, since my Father was'nt.</p>

<p>I would have to say my Husband (my soulmate), because without him by my side I&nbsp;don't think I could have survived the number of curve balls life has thrown my way :)</p>

<p>&nbsp; My biggest strength is my ability to take whatever life throws at me, accept it, get through it and keep moving. Even thought i may stress about it interally-over all and externally i don't sweat it nor complain.</p>

<p>My stupidity.</p>

<p>I have the ability to make people feel comfortable.</p>

My ability to listen and not judge a person when they tell me about something they have done wrong. However, I do try to help them learn from their mistake/s and understand why they made the mistake in the first place.<br />
We all make mistakes but I think our strength comes from our understanding of why we do the things we do and how we choose to behave after we have made them. Blessings!

<p>My resilience. No matter what happens or what challenges I face, I don't let them keep me down for long. </p>

<p>my ability to do the Hustle</p>

<p>The compassion that I have for people and the strenght to raise 4 sons alone without a single dime of child support and father....I love the strenght that is within me!</p>

<p>my religion, and my husband.&nbsp; not always in that order.</p>

<p>saying it like it is . No bull just straight talk</p>

<p>My Perseverance, no matter what life brings me I keep on going.</p>

<p>My experience in life.&nbsp; I am a much stronger, solid, appreciative, and most important WISER person from what I've endured in my existance.</p>

<p>My determination.</p>

<p><strong>My greatest strength is that if I have a lot of determination to do something I most likely will succeed. </strong></p>


<p>My greatest strength is my loving heart, that I gladly give to anyone in need of love. Love and Light Unite and Make Everything Right. Mary</p>

<p>I would have to say.... my strength....</p>

<p>I keep going and going and going...</p>