What’s Your Favorite Animal to See At the Zoo?

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What’s your favorite animal to see at the zoo?

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44 Responses Feb 28, 2009

<p>The Zoo Keepers</p>

<p>I&nbsp;don't like seeing any animal in a zoo.&nbsp; Zoos are cruel, keeping animals in cages.&nbsp; I'd rather visit an animal sanctuary where they are free to roam.</p>

<p>Elephants. Watching them interact makes me feel connected to the rest of the animal world.</p>

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<p><strong>&nbsp; THE OWL.....Such a wise animal!</strong></p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Always asks WHO?</strong></p>

to reach the zoo had to go through a park where there were many squirrels, so we always stop to admire and rarely reached the zoo-

<p>the keeper!</p>

<p>I have a hard time seeing caged animals for others pleasure.</p>

<p>the elephants.i rode on one when jungle trekking years ago,i immediately fell in love with them.they are so big & strong & yet so placid.</p>

<p><strong>I love to see the monkeys.&nbsp; They are so cute and just so humanlike too.&nbsp; I&nbsp;love to watch them.&nbsp; I used to want one when I&nbsp;was a small child.&nbsp; I planned to take the plastic netting bags that onions and grapefruit come in and sew them together to make a large net.&nbsp; When I&nbsp;got older I was going to the jungle to catch me one!&nbsp; Ha ha, I would never take one from the wild now, but I had big plans back then!</strong></p><br />

<p>I woild rather go to a safari park where they have loads more room and seem more content i love all animals</p>

<p>I do not like to see any animals at the zoo they are cruel animals should be in thier natural habitat</p>

<p>Panda's, I just want to take them all home!</p>

<p>No one, I hate zoos!</p>

<p>I like them all, but my favourite is the chimpanzee! I think they are so comical!!</p>

<p>Definalety the meercats!! they are soooooooooo cute:)</p>

<p>The Seals</p>

<p>My husband'a family....they're a bunch of animals</p>

<p>The pandas.&nbsp; Duh.</p>


<p>The monkeys...without a doubt.&nbsp;&nbsp; I once told my little girl, who had gotten whiney at the zoo, that if she continued to whine when we went into see the monkeys, that they would throw poo at her.&nbsp; From that moment on, we ALL had a better day..well atleast as long as we stayed in the "Monkey House"..lol. :P</p>

<p>The Bonobo monkeys. I take notes.</p>

<p>otters: there beautiful and fun to watch.&nbsp; Nothing better to make u feel better than watching an upside down otter bash clams or crabs together with rocks so determinedly then eat to their little hearts content.&nbsp; Plus they always hassle the trainers because their a weseal family&nbsp;which means&nbsp;their all to "sugar high" for nonsense as listening and being commanded to do things.&nbsp; just throw them food and get out of the way, its for ur safety. ^.^</p>

<p>The mother in law.</p>

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; the gorillas</p>

<p>The monkies... remind me of my three.</p><br />

<p>the uncaged swans.</p>

<p><strong><em>HUMANS.&nbsp; Definitely HUMANS.&nbsp; They're the only animals who belong in unnatural confinement (of our own choosing, preferably).</em></strong></p>

<p>Working in the zoo, I had a baby puma to pet.&nbsp; Her mom let me ...&nbsp; that was too cool&nbsp; :)</p>

<p>The guy who feeds the penguins.</p>

<p>Yes, the Giraffes. My favorite by far. Silent yet expressive.</p>


<p>Giraffes, because it is so cool how they have long, graceful, necks.&nbsp; They are delicate yet strong</p>

<p>The birds....</p>

<p>The aquarium.</p>

<p>I could sit and watch the tigers for hours!&nbsp; They just have that mysterious aura about them!</p>


<p>I still like to see the chimpanzees. Just don't slip them any <em>Xanax</em>, or they might rip someone's face off.&nbsp;</p>

There is just something about the zebra's to me, such beauty in those perfect stripes. They are just beautiful to look at. They have always been my favorite.

<p>&nbsp;Apes. I believe they are smart enough to answer this question, for themselves!&nbsp; They look at people like we're odd ones.</p>

<p>I&nbsp;don't like seeing animals at the zoo. It makes me feel depressed...</p>

<p>I have always been fascinated by penguins. The last time I went to the zoo, I sat in the penguin house for a couple of hours fixated on the playful nature of these cute little guys.</p><br />
<p>Up, down, dive, and splash! They seem to hold the secret to happiness, which I suspect may be not to take one's self too seriously! I adore all animals but penguins make me laugh.</p>

<p>&nbsp;My favorite animal is the big black gorrilla, my daughter I took her and my grandchildren,to the zoo a few years ago,and my daughter she was 26 years old and she was making noises and faces at this gorrilla, see I believe things talk to me that normally don't talk with words, this gorrilla looks at me and says that is your child acting like that. I told him I know.lol LOve and Light Mary</p>

Giraffes for sure.