Do You Prefer M&m's Or Skittles?

The question for today:

Do you prefer M&M's or Skittles?

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52 Responses Mar 1, 2009

skittles for sure, only the red and purple ones though.<br />
<br />
above is my primary reason why i dont eat candy, i usually end up wasting a lot because i only eat the reds.

<p>m&m s I would vote for chocolate any day </p>

<p>Overall, I'd say M&M&nbsp;(I&nbsp;just ADORE the peanutbutter ones), but Skittles are nice for a flavor burst.&nbsp; Skittles also good to keep you awake while driving!</p>

m n m s


<p>M&M's no doubt!&nbsp; I would never choose fruit flavors over chocolate</p>

<p>I'd have to say M&M's cuz I love their peanut butter ones!</p>

<p>I prefer skittles because they are many different <strong>Flavors.</strong> M&Ms are different <strong>Colors.</strong> Skittles are yummyer even my cat eats them!!!</p>


<p>I like them both! I like M&M's because they are so chocolaty and tasty and I like Skittles because they are fruity and funkie. The chocolate skittles are a good combination of both!</p>

<p>I atteneded a wedding recently at a wine vineyard and they served choclate skittles.&nbsp; They were to die for!!&nbsp; Chocolate Skittles!!</p>

<p>Im for both, I love the fruity flavor of Skittles, but there are times when I have to have dark chocolate M&M's!!</p>

MMs...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyummy in the tummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<p>i like m&m's more then skittles. this is because m&m's dont stick in your teeth like skittles sometimes do!</p>

<p>M&Ms definitely! Though Skittles has a new chocolate mix flavor that is pretty good. Never cared much for the friuty ones much.</p>

m'm's definitely. Never really liked skittles

<p>Have to say M&M&acute;s...what are Skittles???</p>

<p>Skittles are the devil's work. Give me M&M's.</p>

<p>M&nbsp;&&nbsp;M's</p><br />
<p>You can spell more words with the letters and express your satisfaction with the taste of the color you selected.</p><br />
<p><strong>More importantly</strong>, what color Peeps do You like, yellow or pink?</p>

<p>M&M's Those guys in the commercials&nbsp; are funny!&nbsp;</p>

<p>Skittles! The candy coating ruins the chocolate's taste&nbsp;in m&m's.&nbsp;Chocolate is better on its own, to me. ^_^ And Skittles are really good if you take one of each, and eat them at the same time, even though I don't like the purple or red ones.</p>

<p>m & m's of course they melt in your mouth</p>

<p>M&M's....but not by much...</p>

<p>Hmmm.&nbsp;&nbsp; Chocolate.....not chocolate.&nbsp;&nbsp; No contest!&nbsp;&nbsp; Sorry, Skittles.</p>

<p>m&ms.&nbsp; they're classic.</p>

<p><strong>PEANUT M & M'S ARE YUMMY!!!!!!!</strong></p>

<p>why can't we have both?</p>

<p>The question isn't clear! Are they m&m reagular or Peanut m&m's? If peanut, then yes. m&m. If reagular, definately skittles!</p>

<p>Hey......Got to love M &&nbsp;M......I am an old soldier.....Well not so old.....But.... I mean that was a candy developed for the soldier in WW2......The candy bars would melt during shipment....So the government asked if there was some way that the G.I.s could still have chocolate....but in a way.....And that was how the candy coated chocolat was developed.....</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Ya just have to love the green ones...Has anyone seem the bag of all green ones....Great thing...Called the new color of Love....(Hmmmm....wonder why that is...hehehehehe)</p><br />
<p>But my favorite ones were the tan ones....Do not make them any more....And I miss them....I would eat those and the black ones first...and remimber all of the men that gave their lives to give us those great little candies....The M & M</p>

<p>I prefer m&m peanut, they are so crunchy and pop in the mouth worthy, good for snacking when you study or just read. Watching tv, they are just awesome tasting.</p>

<p>M&M's... no, skittles, no ...M&M's, no ...skittles, no ...M&M's, no ...skittles, no ...M&M's, no ...skittles, no ...M&M's, no ...skittles, no ...M&M's, no ...skittles, oohhh...i dont know, i like both, depending on what my mood is at the time...</p>

<p>i prefer m&ms cuz they have all the colorful excitement of the rainbow but the chocolatey goodness of chocolate. the rainbow never tasted so good.</p>

<p>im going to cheat....and say BOTH =) lol</p>

<p>It depends my cravings: Do I want a chocolatey crunchy fix or a tangy burst of flavour? </p><br />
<p>Yum, I like both of them equally!</p>

<p>yeah hands up for tasting the rainbow,I love Skittles,and the rainbow,love and light mary</p>

<p>Smarties actually</p>

<p>Skittles!&nbsp; I like the different flavors and tartness of them.</p>

<p><strong><em>skittles skittles SKITTLES!!!</em></strong></p>

<p>Absolutly without a doubt M&M's. Personally&nbsp;I like to give them to my girlfriend and let her alphabatize them.</p>

<p>Peanut butter M&Ms.</p>

<p>okay everything has to have a story... the other day we're in my education class and the student teacher gives us all M&M's to practice counting. We're supposed to pretend we are the age group that they are teaching and it was kindergarten. The teacher asked if we were all ready and had our candy ready to go and I&nbsp;opened my mouth to show her the entire bag!</p><br />
<p>Gross.. .maybe</p><br />
<p>Cute... oh yeah!</p><br />
<p>*giggles*</p><br />

<p>Hands Down I would have to say Skittles!&nbsp;Nothing better than tasting a rainbow! </p>

<p>M & M's....Skittles are ok...but not as yummy as chocolate candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hand!</p>

<p>Jelly donuts!!!</p>

<p>M&M's always. Usually eat the one color at a time, then another. The M&M&nbsp;Girl in the commercials is awesome too! Great heels.</p>

<p>M&Ms, because they are chocolaty good!!!!</p>

<p>Peanut M & M's are the best 'bombs' to throw at talkers at the movie theaters.&nbsp; Skittles are too small for that.</p>

<p><strong>M&nbsp; &&nbsp; M's</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>I like their advertising campaign!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>What is your favourite colour?&nbsp; ...........................RED for me!!</strong></p>

<p>M&M' on each n*pple....then watch&nbsp;my lover&nbsp;lick them off. Purrr!!!!</p>

<p>Skittles anyday all day! With skittles, if you only like a certain color-then you can eat those, but with M&M's it's a take it-or-leave it deal.</p><br />
<p>So much variety with Skittles (especially the BLUE pack)</p>

<p>Skittles!&nbsp; I'll eat all the colors except for the purple ones because those are for throwing at boys that smell</p>

<p>Skittles of course! You can make shapes with them and streaky coloured ice-cream. M&Ms are for the colour blind.</p><br />
<br />