When Was the Last Time You Used a Pay Phone?

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When was the last time you used a pay phone?

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47 Responses Mar 4, 2009

It been years, since I used the payphone. I rarely used the payphone. But, remember, collecting coins in that little slot. Sometimes, when they gave change back to the people or the money didn't go through. I love the sound of the metal clinking. when, looking for coins. The sound of coins dropping in the machine. The good olden days.

<p>When I got lost going to my son's new apt. in a neighboring town. I needed to call my son who lived 1.5 blocks away, but i couldn't remember his number because I didn't have my cell phone. So I had to call home (long distance) so hubby could call my son to come & rescue me! LOL!</p>

<p>they where great things but well in the past now seen a guy today using one and wondered why but who the hell am i to question him lol</p>

<p>About 1982</p><br />

<p>Umm, what's a "pay phone"?</p>

<p>I&nbsp;had to use one at the airport last summer! Those things are antiques! </p>

<p>&nbsp; I'll never forget it- I was in the 9th grade and I needed to call my grandmother to ask her if she needed anything from a store (it was quicker than going ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN TO HER HOUSE THEN GOING BACK TO THE STORES). So here I am, money inserted into the phone she picked up, "hello", i'm there talking ..talking.. jshe's like "Hello?"..so i couldn't figure out what was the problem, until I realised the part you talk in ..was not working. so I&nbsp;wasted 50 cents and gas to head all the way over there. But..looking back i'd do it a million times more if i could have those times back.</p>

<p>At least 18 years ago waiting for telstra to connect our line in the flat we were renting in. Since then i have never looked back.</p>

<p>They still have those?</p>

<p>where I live we still have the old crank phones,&nbsp;I dial up a lot of fish hee hee hee only kidding</p>

I cant remember the exact last time i used a payphone but it is months after mobile phones came into usage.

<p>My only use for a pay phone booth is to gain access to my secret lair.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>The rest&nbsp;of the time I use my shoe phone or speak directly to the chief under the "Cone of Silence."</p><br />


<p>Finally about 2 weeks ago ...&nbsp; they raised the cost to 50 cents from a quarter ...&nbsp; I remember when it was a dime ...&nbsp; 500% increase ...</p>

<p>Probably before I got my cell phone, so it's been a few years.</p><br />
<p>Also, pay phone kind of gross me out...since high school biology, when we swabbed the school phone and found out just how much bacteria is growing on those things!!!</p>

<p>A pay phone?&nbsp; Where does one find a phone booth with a working phone?&nbsp;</p>

<p>I&nbsp;can't remember. I'm thinking probably sometime in college. That would be back in the early to mid 90's.</p>

<p>Funny you should ask. I&nbsp;used one on Sunday becuase I broke my cell phone and then I&nbsp;had to try to use one Tuesday after class because the cell phone company wouldn't fix my damn phone! And PAYPHONES&nbsp;SUCK!&nbsp;</p>

<p>The night my father died, 7 years ago next month.</p>

The last time I can actually remember was in 1989-90.....since then it has been so few and far between that I cant remember the exact time (but I know I have). Its been awhile though.

<p>Years ago, probably 8, when I was staying in&nbsp;Vienna and calling home using public pay phones was cheaper. Now I only use my mobile phone. </p>

<p>The last time I had sex outside....uumm...let's see....when was that?</p>

<p><strong>TWO&nbsp;WEEKS&nbsp;AGO!</strong></p><br />
<p>I'm at school and come out of class to take my teen and go home. I'd left her in the lounge on a computer with <strong>MY</strong> cell. Of course I'm trying to sneak out of the school because I had no intentions of going to my second class but couldn't find her anywhere and finally saw a payphone. Freakin' 50 cents for one minute of "Get your @ss to the car NOW!" and probably a lifetime of ear diseases.</p><br />

<p>Going back&nbsp; and I had to use&nbsp; [ im an aussie]&nbsp; predecimal coins so it was in 1966.</p>

<p>Last year.... or was it the year before? Hmmm....</p><br />
<p>I locked myself out of the house at 7pm and my fiance was at work and wouldn't be home until 12am and I drove out to the only pay phone near our house and tried to call my fiance's work through the directory but the lady couldn't hear me, I think the receiver was broken lol. And I tried again, still no go, and I decided I could go to a new pay phone and call and ask him to come home, but I didn't want to get him into trouble at work, so instead I drove around a bit, bought some candy from a petrol station and went to a movie to fill in the time lol.</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt">Years ago calling my gf at the time I was 19 I think ill be 25 this year</p>

When my family was taking a very long road trip to Arizona. I didn't have a cell phone yet. We stopped at a gas station and used a bunch of quarters to call one of my friends. That was a few years ago.

Sooo many years ago. Around 1999 I think.<br />
<br />
I rarely used the ones in public places, they didn't work most of the time. But at the boarding house where I used to live, they provided us with this pay phone that actually worked and we all used to have this collection of old coins since they were the only ones that went with that pay phone!

<p>Anytime I don't want a trace ID read out on the person's caller ID device. Bill Collectors have to be creative.</p>

<p>I quit using pay phones when I sold my pay phone stock and bought VHS stock.</p>

<p><strong>Back in the day!!!!</strong></p>

<p>last year when i ran out of gas and my cell phone was dead. i had to call collect because i didn't realize they didn't cost a quater anymore and i had no more change. so embarrasing. but it looked almost new?</p>

<p>I can't even remember the last time i had change in my pocket:-)</p>

<p>Ages ago!</p>

<p>I would have to say at one of the turck stops near Lima OH.2007.Iwish they still had them,I don't have a cell phone.It's not fair most of them have been removed.</p>

<p>What is that?? LOL</p>

<p>Partied tooo hardy down on the beach, thank you, couldn't find my keys, not even my car!! The year, 1999.&nbsp; Go Prince!!</p>

<p>I don't know.</p>

<p>It was Superbowl five or six years ago. I was watching the game but my roommate and her boyfriend were fighting the whole time so I&nbsp;had to get out of my place since they wouldn't leave. I&nbsp;went for a walk and ended up going to McDonalds and called my other best friend who didn't pick up.. it was a bad night!</p>

<p>i never used one</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp; This morning!....Calling a Cab!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp; Then Again......Calling the same Cab</strong>!</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp;YET AGAIN! ........Telling them where to shove their cab!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>.......................All this over 3/4 hour!</p>

They still have pay phones?????

<p>Well, my cell phone sure isn't FREE!&nbsp; Neither is my home phone...&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; I just remember stopping at every one we saw as kids to check if there was any change left in there....</p>

<p>I can't remember the last time I used one offhand - but I would still use one if I could only find them!&nbsp;I don't like using my cellphone for every call I make; I still 'believe in the landline', it still has its place in our high-tech world.</p>

<p>Oddly enough the last time I contracted pink eye....</p>

<p>When I&nbsp;saw some movie about being watched by a sniper in a phone booth. I&nbsp;had to tempt fate. I&nbsp;am daring.</p>

<p>many moons ago.</p>