Do You Prefer Bottled Water Or Tap?

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Do you prefer bottled water or tap?

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51 Responses Mar 5, 2009

<p>tap because it is on tap you don't need a shop it's there free in scotland it's cold refreshing and soft like the people really nice</p>

<p>Me....I filter my own tap water....and put it into my own bottle.....So I have the best of both worlds....ANd save money also.....hehehehehe</p><br />
<p>Just make sure to get a real good filter....Now is I could think oaf how to put my own CO2 into the water....Then I could save money on Bubble water.....I love that bubble water.....</p>

<p>doesn't matter water is water. water from a stream could work as well</p><br />

<p>It has to be tap water, and why pay for bottled water when you can have as much as you like from the tap as fresh as a daisy!</p>

<p>water, water, water is great but i think i would prefer bottled water cause we can bring it to the beach on a hot day ond by the way tap water is dirty.</p>

<p>I use our well water.</p>

<p>Honestly, I grew up on tap water. We always kept a jug of ice water in the refrigerator. There is nothing better to quench your thirst on a hot day. Bottled water is good too, but I think the craze has been overrated. After all, it might taste good and be good for you, but it comes in pre-packaged plastic bottles, just like soda does. Why waste $$ on water when it comes out of the tap just fine?</p>

bottled please

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<p><strong>&nbsp; As far as I am concerned, They are both the same!</strong></p><br />
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<p><strong>&nbsp;The bottled water is a commercial rip-off!</strong></p>

<p>TAP...consider all the plastic created by bottled water....</p>

<p>Definitely bottled!!!</p><br />
<p>I have a water cooler in my den that has the most crisp, refreshing water! It's called Aqua Fresh and it's the best water i've ever had!</p><br />
<p>I will never, ever go back to tap!</p>

<p>In Central America you BETTER drink bottled water or you will be feeling pretty sick!</p>

<p>When I saw a prgram on about how much money these companies make from bottling water , I decided tap would do me. The funny part was</p><br />
<p>a lot of the companies were getting thier water from taps! One company got it our of a green hose outside! I am sure they ALL don't but</p><br />
<p>no doubt some deff. do!</p>

<p>bottled and tap taste the same to me.....tasteless! I HATE WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>I prefer bottled water because I can put those flavor packets in.</p>


<p>bottles are bad for the enviroment, we use britta</p>

<p>Here in South Africa we are very fortunate to have good, clean water - so i'd prefer tap</p>

<p>I love water period and without it we would die. I take whatever God provides!</p>

<p>Water is water. </p>

<p>I prefer Perrier so I guess I vote bottled.&nbsp; But I drink Tap water as a part of my daily diet.&nbsp; 6 to 8 glasses of bottled water a day would get very expensive, especially if it is Perrier.&nbsp; I take a bottle at dinner time as a treat, the rest of the day, it is tap.</p>

<p>Taped </p>

<p>Since I can't afford bottled water I drink tap.&nbsp; Every now and then I might splurge and treat myself to a flavored variety of bottled water.</p>

<p>Bottled, in one of those bottles with the squirty top!</p>

<p>Neither!&nbsp;I don't like water!&nbsp;I can't stomach it!&nbsp;Everytime I&nbsp;have ever tried all I&nbsp;can think about is the fish that swim in water and everyone knows fish have sex in it!&nbsp;</p>

<p>bottled spring water</p>

<p>&nbsp;depends on the tap&nbsp;</p>

<p>Depends on the brand of the bottled water-- but i would say bottled.</p>


I do not drink water an less I can have Mountian Valley It is from surfur spings,,,very good water

<p>Well water is the best for youu. It is hard. that is good. Water from the ground that doesn't have a bazillion chemecals in it and has more nutritious value is better than bottled water or water from a city.</p>

<p>Tap...I think it's stupid to buy bottles and bottle of water that will end up in a landfill. Don't be lazy, buy a metal water bottle, fill it up yourself and wash it afterwards :P</p>

<p>tap it baby! tap it!</p>

<p>Grandma's water hose with that metal taste... built in vitamins. Oh and you had to let it run for a moment 'cause the first bit was boiling hot from the summer sun.</p>

<p>If I have to drink water at all- which i hate to do-- I want bottled water.. tastes better than what comes out of my tap!</p>

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<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt">Bottled water all the way</p><br />
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<p>my husband wont drink much water he always comments on how fish have s@x in there but I love all water provided it has no fishy/sulfury/egg smell that happens alot here in northern MN&nbsp;so I&nbsp;end up having to drink bottled but my tap at home is goo in fact I'm enjoying a cup right now!</p>

<p>I use a Brita water filter&nbsp;pitcher that holds about 2 quarts of water that I keep in my frigerator. So it's filtered tapped well water.</p>

I love Smartwater because it doesn't have an aftertaste. Tap water in my house tastes nasty,which forces me to drink bottled. My boyfriend also drinks bottled but his tap water tastes good so we save money by turning the faucet on!

<p>Tap is the easiest for making coffee lol.</p>


I could go with either most of the time, but there's a certain type of bottled water that is a treat to drink.

<p>Water is on the way out, didn't you know that everyone runs on coffee these days?</p>

<p>i'll go with purified tap. Bottled water is basically the same thing except your paying more money.</p>

<p>bottled and really really cold</p>

<p>I hardly ever drink tap water straight from the faucet anymore (all those little bacteria critters in the pipes); but I still use tap for my coffee and (hot) tea. My fave bottled water brand these days is Fiji's - however for economic reasons I buy Poland Spring in bulk, about&nbsp;every two weeks or so.</p>

<p>Why only two options?</p><br />
<p>I like spring water. Tap water varies, depending on where you are, it could be awful.</p><br />
<p>Bottled water? Ok, if you needed to keep it bottled, but usually people don't. It's just a waste of energy and pollutes the environment for no good reason.</p>

Bottled, and room temperature. :)

Mountain Dew

<p>I love your answer MissBebe!&nbsp; Water is water to me, bottled, tap, whatever.&nbsp; Just don't give me well water!&nbsp; YUCK!</p>

<p>Here in Hawaii we are lucky that our tap water tastes good.&nbsp; However, anywhere else, I prefer bottled.&nbsp; My son on a recent visit to a big city on the Mainland US, took a drink of tap water and said, "Mama this tastes like swimming pool water".&nbsp; From the mouth of babes.</p>