Where’s Waldo?

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Where’s Waldo?

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49 Responses Mar 11, 2009

<p>Probably off with carmen sandiego. She's probably teaching him geography like she used to teach the kids on that game show.</p>

<p>I know exactly where Waldo is, he's in my city doing random acts of kindness. I stood right behind him at the grocery store this morning. After paying for&nbsp;his groceries I saw him glance over at the frail&nbsp;old woman&nbsp;in the next lane. Her&nbsp;arthritic hands trembling&nbsp;as she struggled to count out the money for her&nbsp;groceries.&nbsp;He hesitated for a moment, then with a kind smile,&nbsp;took money from his&nbsp;own wallet and paid the cashier. Not waiting for a response he&nbsp;hurried away.&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Later while having lunch outside at the park, I&nbsp;saw him again.&nbsp;He was coming out of a nearby fast food restaurant carrying a bag and drink I just assumed&nbsp;was for himself. But he walked over to&nbsp;where a scruffy&nbsp;man, unfamiliar&nbsp;with&nbsp;the benefits of soap and water, was sitting on the ground, and sat down beside him. Waldo&nbsp;offered him the food which he&nbsp;glady&nbsp;accepted.&nbsp;When my watch indicated&nbsp;my&nbsp;lunch hour was spent and&nbsp;it was time to leave, I glanced over and saw&nbsp;Waldo was still sitting with the man, they were both&nbsp;smiling and&nbsp;laughing over some private joke.&nbsp;Though the scruffy man was still as filthy as when I first noticed him,&nbsp;the food, the companionship, and the laughter&nbsp;gave his face a new radiance.&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>I hope I'll see Waldo again tomorrow. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p><br />

<p>Here I am, right here!</p>

<p>He is with me and Wilson....on that deserted beach......Come on Waldo....Let's go play with Wilson</p>

<p>He changed his name to Keith, or maybe Charles. Wait... it's Ken now.</p>

<p>Out to lunch.</p>

<p>He is crashed in my igloo. What a bum, cant git rid of the guy.</p>

<p>To the left of the question mark.</p>

<p>Waldo's deep in his work of creating a website where questions of the day have depth, meaning and insightful.</p>

<p>Waldo went to Disney World!</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;I am not sure but if the sun is out there i will give it a try.</p><br />

Damn it, you beat me to the punch with the "he's in your heart" line. You win again!

<p>Uhh I think he's in your heart, next to Jesus?</p>

<p>Waldo is in every place you can't see.</p>

<p>Right now Waldo is in my head... trying to find out where he is</p>

<p>Waldo, Waldo here and there, wearing clothes that make all stare.</p><br />
<p>You travel in the dark of night and in the day your speeds like flight, we search for you in cliff and dale, on hiways black and wagon trail.</p><br />
<p>Oh Waldo dear Waldo we ask where are you, but, no answer affords us, not one, not a clue.</p>

<p>Waldo WHO?</p>

<p> at a charger's game.</p>

<p>Who Cares?</p>

<p>Up ur ***.</p><br />
<p>Now kiss mine.</p><br />

<p>In the fourth dimension ...</p>

<p>Spain he moved to Spain back in 1997 with a woman name Rose they have a sword shop that sells hand crafted swords and daggers to tourist. </p><br />
<p>He's happy there and still wears that hat and ******** shirt. </p><br />
<p>He's tired of the joke and is trying to move on with his life. </p>

<p>in his hotel hiding</p>

<p>Who the **** is Waldo??</p>

<p>Waldo is no longer, alas the person who created the character of Waldo has been admitted to a mental health facility and is unable to draw since he&nbsp;is not allowed pointy or sharp ob<x>jects.</p>

<p>He is under my desk eating my chocolate chip cookies!!!!</p>

<p>behind you.</p>

<p><strong>in the rainforest hunting vampires...</strong></p>

<p>If he was up your a s s you'd certainly know!&nbsp; Do we care were Waldo is?&nbsp; I think not.</p>

<p>He couldn't survive in this economy either.&nbsp; He lost his 401k, his house got foreclosed, vehicle was resposessed, and has no savings.&nbsp; Unfortunately he lives in an abandoned house not far from me.</p>

<p>A city in Florida, USA. Should I add something funny too?</p>

<p>The question isn't where's Waldo, its why the hell do we look for him? :)</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>I&nbsp;asked my best friend(&nbsp;he always comes up with answers)&nbsp;- He says waldo is always out on an adventure - guess my friends name?</p>

<p>the better question is: Where isn't he?????</p>

<p>At Wal Mart of course!!!</p>

he's at my friend's house performing suprize waldo butt secks on my friend...who's a guy.

<p>he tried to make a spell but he disappeared himself!</p>

<p>Waldo went over the bridge and far, far away...never to be seen or to blend in again..lmao</p>

Is he your fiance that you want to know?

<p>He's being censored.</p>

<p>He's blowing my friend Ernie.</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp; Hasn't he gone driving with Mr Magoo?</strong></p>

<p>Hiding out with Al Capone</p>

<p>Come here, get closer...reach in this pocket....ahh! there's Waldo!</p>

<p>&nbsp;IN THE PICTURE!</p>

<p>Probably just blending in again.</p>

<p>I got him right here with me!</p>

<p>I don't know.........but if I find that son-of-a-biotch..I'm gonna kick his ace!</p>

<p>Who cares???</p>