What Was the Last Thing That Made You Laugh?

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What was the last thing that made you laugh?

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26-30, M
10 Responses Mar 12, 2009

i accidentally burped out loud while practicing my golf swing out in the driving range. cochina! ijole!!!! lmao

Selena standing at the fridge saying "I'm hungry, my stomach is growling" and she just had lunch like 20 minutes ago. I honestly don't know where this child puts it all!

<p>When my grandson.....3 years old was given a box.....He said this.....A package.....Wow Mr. Landon has a package.....Mom can I play with my big package....</p><br />
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<p>Well it was funny to my two perv. daughters.....They were always able to make someting dirty out of any thing....hehehehehe</p>

<p>me and my friend doing a txt dance off lol. we were txting eachother different moves trying to beat eachother. it was hilarious.</p>

<p>the harley davidson joke :D</p>

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<p><strong>&nbsp; My 2yo grandson all dressed up ,in rehearsal,for daughter's wedding!</strong></p>

<p>My best friend met the boy I am crushing on and she hates him because he reminds her of her first boyfriend (who was best friends with me, I introduced them). It was the most awkward hour. He was completely oblivious to as why she kept sneering at him. It was hilarious. Apparently we have similiar taste in guys.</p>

<p>The manager at McDonald's yelling at 2 boys who were waiting in line acting like they were ordering but really they were just loafing to talk to their friend who worked there!&nbsp;</p>

<p>&nbsp;a dog came running towards me ...i jumped on the wall........saw the dog came for the cat which was right nxt to me...............</p>