Do People Tell You That You Act Older, Younger, Or Your Age? Why?

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Do people tell you that you act older, younger, or your age? Why?

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36 Responses Mar 15, 2009

younger. and i hate it cause it makes people treat me like i know nothing when in fact im much older than they are or even at the same age.

<p>I have been told that I act much older then what I am when it comes to knowledge about many things since I was young. I love leaning new things all of the time no mater how cheesy they may seem. Did you know that butterflies have no lungs and they breathe out of their butts?! LOL but&nbsp;true! They have pores on their bottoms&nbsp;that absorb oxygen&nbsp;from the air! I have also been told that&nbsp;when it comes to my personality, i&nbsp;act younger. I have an open mind, a creative sense of humor and at times will do almost anything for a laugh.&nbsp;We all have to&nbsp;have fun once in a while!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<p>&nbsp; People tell me that I act classy and that they forget that I'm 40. They think that I'm no older than 32 in general because I don't look my age. Gee, I really hope I keep a good hold on my looks :)</p>

<p>I've been told I act older than what I am. I'm 20 but I've been working since I was 17 and at the same job. I'm a lot further alongthen many my age. I got a car and I won't need a student loan ffor school because I save my money. I'm pretty mature for my age.</p>

<p>they tell me i look younger then i am but i act older.</p>

<p>People tell me I act younger then my age,and I do.The reason is I have not let anyone or any thing take away the way I believe.I am happy care free and dwell on fun things.they seem to think only kids do that.</p>

<p>&nbsp;younger. &nbsp;I&nbsp;am 47 and outside of the house I am vibrant and energized. &nbsp;At home, not so much. &nbsp;I married a man at the age of 19 that is a TV&nbsp;watcher, not a people person and we live separate lives.</p>

<p>People say I act older because of some of my old fashion ways.</p>

<p>People have always told me that I act older - but not lately...</p><br />
<p>Lately I get ID'd for cigarettes.&nbsp; (Don't ask me why - the legal age is 19)</p>

<p>For the most part I've always been told that I act older than my age. I'm guessing it's got something to do with me being responsible and mature about most things.</p>

<p>Each at a different time, depending on my mood and what is happening in life.</p>

<p>some people tell me that i act older, because im only 17 and im engaged, i go out and do things that adults do.</p><br />
<p>then agen im also my age because i have mixed emotions over everything. "its just your age" they say.</p><br />
<p>then again some say i act a little younger, i haven't quite matured fully as far as some things go quite yet. e.g. arguing over little things.</p><br />
<p>as for looks... im always told that i look grown up.</p><br />
<p>even though... i don't actually see it.</p>

<p>Well it depends on my mood. If I'm with my bestfriend, people probably say that we act like six year olds on drugs. If I'm just chillin or something, people say I act my age. But if I'm actually being calm and collected, some people even go as far as saying I'm an old soul, not just acting older.<br /><br />
And because they feel like it?</p>

<p>older because i grew up fast</p>

<p>People always thought I was older. I think it is because of my passive attitude. Also, I acted mature for my age, but most importantly, I've been depressed all my life, therefore, it took a tool on my looks. I really believe if I had been happy growing up as a child, I would be more lively and out going, which would have caused me to act younger.</p>

<p>Me....I have always been looked at as being older than my age.....and my husband...Well even he says that he will never grow up.....He has terminal "Peter Pan syndrom" I guess if you put mix the two of us together...Then you have two adults that are at their right age....But until then....I will be the adult in this marrage....and he will always reminbd me that you have to play sometines....</p>

<p>I'm like a chameleon, when I'm around older people I act older but if I'm around a younger crowd I act younger. It must be a self preservation thing, I just adapt to my environment.</p>

<p>Older than my age ...&nbsp; because I look younger ...</p>

<p>People tell me I act older than I&nbsp;am (15). I guess because I try. I always try my best at school, and I like taking on tasks that really require effort. Like, alot of kids at my school just try to get by but I&nbsp;try to go above and beyond what I have to. I've also gone through alot of painful situations&nbsp;but I've learned&nbsp;so much&nbsp;from them, so I suppose that affects my maturity too.</p>

<p>I agree with "Kindamagic" It depends. Each person we interact with brings something&nbsp;out in us. The older side, younger. The good, the bad and the ugly. But it's up to us to decide what we want to pull out in others.</p>

<p>People say I act older than my age because when everyone else is out partying I am in my&nbsp;room studying is doing my homework, I mean I learned the alphabet backwards when I was 4, and have been in the honor roll since I was in kindergarten, I know OH&nbsp;MY&nbsp;GOD. A lot of people also call me a peace maker because I`m one of those people who are always breaking up fights. I might be only a teenager but I care about every living thing and our planet. And that's why people think I am older than my age!</p>

younger. i'm very playful at heart and im not afraid to let it show. it keeps me wrinkle free and lets me sleep at night.

<p>I am told I act younger. I don't look my age and&nbsp;I absolutely refuse to get old.</p>

<p>I&nbsp;am definitely younger acting because I&nbsp;have always gotten off pranking people.&nbsp; When I&nbsp;was a kid, I&nbsp;had a best friend (still my best friend for 50 years now) and we played on the phone for hours to entertain ourselves.&nbsp; This was before the days of Caller ID, or I&nbsp;would still be doing it!&nbsp; Now, we have to think of other ways to entertain ourselves with gullable people.&nbsp; If you are experienced in telling untruths, you can prank anyone at any time.&nbsp; I&nbsp;have to be in the mood, and it happens when I&nbsp;am at a gathering that begins to bore me.&nbsp; Instead of leaving, I&nbsp;will begin to play with people, and if my friend is with me, it is double trouble.&nbsp; Here I&nbsp;am, in my late 50's and still acting like child in order to entertain myself.&nbsp; Now, you may think this is cruel or childish, but we never do or say things that will hurt people.&nbsp; We just have a lot of fun getting reactions or comments you would not see otherwise. </p>

<p>Definitely act younger. Everything from the music I listen the car I drive. I'm not afraid of getting old, but afraid of acting old. Spring is almost here and it's time for another rebirth.</p>

<p>I am firmly in touch with my inner child. Think child-like not childish because there's a huge difference. I also think it contributes to people always telling me I look younger than my age. Remaining playful and letting go of stress keeps you young. Being overly serious ages you. It really is that simple </p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>My grandchildren tell me i'm silly cause when i'm with them I become a child!! Adults tell me ???</p>

<p>I have always been told I act and look younger, some people can't beleive I am the mother of a thirty year old.</p>

<p>Twenty years&nbsp;ago I used to put on a lot of makeup to look older. Now, I do quite the opposite.&nbsp;So, that's life. Anyway, I'm in my not-so-mid/almost-late 30s but usually people think I'm about 10 years younger.&nbsp;As&nbsp;I've written somewhere else here in&nbsp;EP, these days when I meet a guy&nbsp;I always ask &nbsp;him how old he thinks I am, then I put him in front of the cruel truth- just in case he's 24 and not interested in gals as old as his auntie Bertha!&nbsp;:)</p>

<p>OMG that so depends on the situation...</p><br />
<p>If you are on the phone with me I can easily play a 12 yr old</p><br />
<p>Or maybe you are my neighbor who's watching me and the kids jump around and dance in the summer rain?</p><br />
<p>Ah but I grow up quick when you're in the car that cuts me off... I also turn into a sailor, trucker, oil rigger, potty mouth.</p><br />
<p>If you are a buyer calling in I'll be whatever you want so long as you take our cars *giggles*</p><br />
<p>OH but if you are in my living room watching me get off the floor during a board game you'd swear I was 199! UUHHGG!</p>

All three, depends on who I am with.

<p>People always think I'm younger than I really am. They are surprised to find that I'm 40. Most people think i'm in my late 20's, early 30's.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Many poeple on here told me that I&nbsp;act older than I&nbsp;am. I'm still teenager but there are few friends of mine who don't have any problem to ask for advice or opnion and they are older than me... &nbsp;:) I'm thankful they trust me.&nbsp;</p>



<p>I've been told that I act childish but when you have children and grandchildren and you play with them that involves being childish and I won't change and become some old stick in the mud who has no joy of playing.&nbsp; I roll around in the dirt with my grand kids now just like I did with my kids when they were coming up and I throw a football and play basketball and wrestle and board games and just whatever.&nbsp;&nbsp;People think that I am their mother and are really surprised when I say that I am their grandmother.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>