Do You Wear Pajamas Outside Your House?

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Do you wear pajamas outside your house?

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61 Responses Mar 16, 2009

<p>&nbsp;I don't wear pj's &nbsp;But what I sleap in, I've worn outside many times. &nbsp;</p>

<p>&nbsp;Jammies and a robe to run the kids to school. &nbsp;I&nbsp;confess, one of my daughers, out of defiance, wore her jammies to church. &nbsp;I just smiled and let the scrutiny make her uncomfortable :)</p>

What if I do?

<p>Well, I don't wear pj's, unless my birthday suit counts, in which case, the answer is yes.&nbsp; Much to my neighbor's chagrin, I love being in my backyard naked.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Oh yeah.&nbsp; It's the best thing to wear during midterms or Finals Week.&nbsp; And no one judges you for it!&nbsp; :D</p>

<p>Why would someone want to wear pajamas outside your house, unless they are in their garden or backyard, where they can't be seen by people in the street.</p><br />
<p>I have seen women wearing "slippers and flannel PJ pants in Walmart" -- </p><br />
<p>I do not wear pajamas outside my house ... because they are meant to be worn to bed, or while homebound.&nbsp; This seems to be the height of laziness and sloppiness .... </p><br />
<p>I have decent clothes that are more appropriate for wearing out the house, besides my pajamas</p>

<p>Stacey and Clinton say that I shouldn't,so I don't</p>

<p>Hell yes I do.&nbsp; I have been known to go to the store, friends' houses, and I would be more than happy to even go to work in my pajamas.&nbsp; No shame here.</p>

<p>well being that my PJ's are generally cut off sweat pants and a tank then that would be a yes...</p>

<p>Absolutely! I don't wear 'em to bed, but they're great to slip on to race up to the shops for the paper, when you run out of milk at breakfast, etc. Little girls squeal in delight when they see my pink fluffy slippers, lol, I don't care what anyone thinks - it's freezing in Winter and they're great to keep warm before the REAL&nbsp;day gets started =P I wear my jammies on the bus or train if I'm travelling&nbsp;overnight, nothing worse than sitting on a chair for 12 hours wearing uncomfy stuff! Once my car broke down at a busy intersection while I was on an early morning errand to return a key to my aunt's, I was wearing pink and purple Eeyore jammies and had to wait on the corner in them for the tow truck that took forever to get there, that was shameful, but hasn't deterred me from my lazy keep warm habits.</p>

<p>NO! I put on my big boy pants to go out and play!</p><br />
<p>jams is fer nity-nite time.</p>

<p>Yes,I have some real cute ones,with kittens,frogs,ducks and colored dots.They cover me,this way the neighbors won't talk about me.Sometimes I stay in them all day,it's called lazy day!</p>

<p>No, in fact I&nbsp;don't wear pajamas at all.</p>

<p>No they are meant for bed. Its that simply. </p>

<p>Once I did my nieghbour who lives alone wanted to go to the petrol station for something it was about 3am and she asked if i go with her in her car.. after debating for a while she said sneak.. so we looked up and down the street nobody around i snipered into her car like on some mission and we drove to the garage.. whilst driving we thought omg what if the car broke down lol</p>

<p>Anywhere I can. Wore slippers into the pizza place down the street once. Got lots of compliments!</p>

<p>No. I'm too serious to do that.</p>

<p><strong>No Way! Bed clothes are not street clothes. It looks stupid too.&nbsp;that's why jeans were invented.</strong></p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>My pajama's consist of either shorts and a t-shirt or just the t-shirt. In the latter instance, I would NOT wear just a T-shirt outside</p>

<p>of course! if i'm having a lazy day and just don't feel like dressing up for people, i'll just go to school or the mall or wherever in my pajamas.</p>

<p>no but see more and more young girls wearing them to go to the local shops what is that all about just lazy or nothing in the wardrobe it's awful</p>

<p>&nbsp;For quick runs only, like to drop off the kids at school. Definately not to a store, but out in the yard or to the mail box. I once went running into the road to see the damage to my car that a drunk driver hit while it was parked in front of my house.</p>

<p>HEll NO!!! I&nbsp;don't wear pj's anyway</p>

<p>I had to run down the street and catch my dog</p>

NO! I will throw on a tank top and a pair of shorts in the summer. If it's cold outside I still may throw a tank on, a pair of sweats ( that are meant to be worn outside) and a sweater or jacket. This new trend is too far out there of " I woke up, and had to run errands in the same thing I slept in" I believe in making a good impression. You don't have to put on a charity ball gown, but make an effort to look like you give a crap at least for yourself.

<p>Yes, but only to check the mail or take the garbage to the street.</p>

<p>I don't wear pajamas at any time... in or outside of the house, or bed...</p>

Outside my house.. No, only if you count running through my garden in PJ's!

<p>I don't always wear jammies but if i do,</p><br />
<p>and i need to go in the garden for something then i do,</p><br />
<p>but i generally don't tend to wear them out any further than that.</p>

<p>I don't wear pajamas outside the house. I would be too embarrarassed.</p>

<p>Yes i do. Especially when it's cold outside and I'm wearing my flannel pair, </p>

<p>just&nbsp; on homecoming</p>

<p>Well no,</p>

<p>Yes, my PJ&nbsp;bottoms at least. I usually wear a t shirt and pj bottoms. So yes!&nbsp;:P</p>

<p>Nope, only if I'm ill, which hasn't been for about 3 years </p>

<p>NOT USUALLY, i do wear my slippers though sometimes if im not getting out of the car and i have to drive my kids somewhere or something. sometimes i go in my yard to hang stuff i washed in my pjama pants slippers and t-shirt though.</p>

<p>Yes.&nbsp; Outside of my house but never outside of my yard.&nbsp; Well, except on the warm summer nights when we may take in a drive-in movie or a stop at the A&W.&nbsp; Nothing like a long hot summer day of toil then a cool&nbsp;refreshing shower and jumping into crisp&nbsp;line dried jammies and hitting the drive-ins.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>

<p>No ~ it's important&nbsp; to do the little things like getting dressed to go out.&nbsp; Unless of course I am throwing out garbage, you might get catch me... but w/my coat on. LOL</p>

<p>No. But then again I am older.... My daughter wears bottoms to class!!!</p>

<p>Yes...if you can count going out into the garden!! Otherwise,no! Is there anyone that does?</p>

<p>I don't even wear them to bed.</p>

<p>I would wear my Pj's 24/7 if I could but my kids won't let me! </p>

<p>oh yes I have done in the middle of winter i even had my dressing gown on as well, then a great&nbsp; big coat everything..., then drove to the corner shop to get milk. I have also gone out of the house with my curlers on cause i forgot them! that was just too&nbsp;embarassing.</p>

<p>Yes, I have & I confessed both time on here.</p>

<p>I have on occasion, taken out the trash in my jammy's.&nbsp; but I don't go to town in them.</p>

<p>I have done. Went to the supermarket and the bottle shop on the way to a friends party once. People looked at me funny. Can't imagine why. </p>

<p>No, I wear them outside my bottom!</p>

<p>I've worn pajamas to a club before.&nbsp; Damn alcohol !!!</p>

<p>Nope, unless you consider sweats pj's.&nbsp; Believe me you would not want to see me in my pj's.</p>

<p>I don&rsquo;t wear Pjs so do I go out in public naked???? Hmmmm........... only at they beach lol</p>

<p>Yes, but never to a public venue.</p>

<p>No, never! I've never seen anyone around, in fact: here, people wearing pijamas outside their house would usually be considered quite crazy!!</p>


<p>No.&nbsp; I've seen people wearing their jammies in grocery stores and even the bank!&nbsp; Back in the day people dressed for dinner!&nbsp; Remember the boxer dross phase of the mid nineties?&nbsp; What a mess that was!!!&nbsp; Girls were wearing mens underwear to school and everywhere else.&nbsp; I NEVER allowed my daughter to sink that fashion statement!&nbsp; Things certainly changed with being practical!&nbsp; Gone are the days of dressing up to go shopping too.&nbsp; Some people hold onto the the ideal but I've seen some scarey folks roaming about!!!!</p>

<p>No, but I also don't wear them around the house. Clothing makes me unhappy.</p>

<p>I did when it was the coldest Ive ever seen...15 F below, 26 below C.&nbsp; Ran around the the house in my PJs, just to see what it was like.</p>

No. I don't wear PJ's period.

<p>Bananas in pajamas...</p>

<p>Yes I do! And am proud of it. I'll take them camping, do laundry in them and even go fishing in them. You've got to be comfortable once in a while! I love my jammies.</p>

<p>I don't wear pajamas inside my house. I don't own any.</p>

<p>what better place to wear them.......heheheheheh.....I mean if I was inside my home.....Than why wear anything&nbsp; at all.....Silly Billy</p>