Have You Ever Broken Any Bones? If So, What Was the Cause?

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Have you ever broken any bones? If so, what was the cause?

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54 Responses Mar 18, 2009

When I was five, I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted a glass of water. My brother and I shared a room and slept in bunk beds. I had the top. I went to climb down the ladder and it was dark. I fell down, smahed into the tiled floor (we lived in public housing at the time), and was literally crucified by the ladder. It broke both of my collar bones and I had to wear a full upper-body cast for six months. It wasn't too bad though because I got to have an assistant in school and didn't have to do any writing for the majority of 1st grade!

<p>Technically it was my little brother who broke my finger when we were fighting, does that count?</p>

<p>I&nbsp;have broken many bones, due to the black cloud that follows me. But, honestly the funniest was years ago. My X-brother-in law, threw a string of fire crackers at me. I ran backwards not paying attention and feel on the porch steps. My right arm some how got caught up in the steps and i ended up breaking the arm, in two places, the wrist in place and breaking my thumb...that is a fourth of July I will not soon forget.</p>

<p>I broke my mother's toes when I&nbsp;was two on accident. </p><br />
<p>Cause: me. :(</p>

<p>I once broke the tiniest toe on my right foot. I had to go around with crutches, all from breaking one itty-bitty bone! (I banged it against a wall; that'll teach me to go running around the house!)</p>

<p>No....No broken bones....But I have busted my daughters butts a few times.....hehehehe</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>But they deserved it......Should never look at those things....eheheheh</p>

<p>My nose has been broken many times.&nbsp; The cause can only be blamed on my temper!</p>

<p>i have never broken any bones, had bad sprains but that's it. i do have two funny (funny to me and thoes involved) stories about friends of mine who have had broken bones.</p><br />
<p>one of my friends kicked herself in the nose and, of course, broke her nose. another broke her foot during cheer tryouts, she waited moneths to have it checked out and by then it was so badly broken she was in a "boot" all year. it was a funny story to us because she would go against our advise and take the boot off and dance all night in heels. i have odd friends, but god i love 'em.</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><em>When I was 12, I thought it was so daring to jump my horse over a fallen tree trunk out in a field.&nbsp; I wasn't as cool as I thought, though, when my horse tired of jumping and balked, causing me to ram my finger into the saddlehorn!&nbsp; I couldn't tell my parents, so I just lived with the pain.&nbsp; Even now, 46 years later, it's a good reminder!</em></p>

<p>Never broken a bone in my life. I'm not planning to, either, it sounds pretty painful and gruesome. Compared to appendicidus, how bad is it? Luckily, I drink a lot of milk, so I have strong bones!!</p>

<p>I broke my ankle 2 times, the first time I tried to get over a dog gate without taking it down. The I fell on my bike from a pot hole!!</p><br />

<p>I broke my meg in three places...I wiped out on my dirt bike. I have been riding for 4 years and never broke anything until last year. it was hilarious. my friends laughed, i laughed. it hurt alot. lmao good times.... lol</p>

<p>I can't relate to broken bones,never had one!</p>

<p>I actually have not broken any bones. knock on keyboard.</p>

<p>I don't think so.</p>

<p>I cracked a bone moving a sideboard for my gran while my husband had broken wrist and cusion had broken ankle the three us met up all in stookes so funny</p>

<p>Yep, i was passionalety making out with my boyfriend on the couch. It got a little more intimate and i slipped off the couch and landed on my arm. I didn't really notice it until later, my boyfriend came down to the floor with me, and we continued mking out :)</p><br />
<p>But i had an awesome purple cast!!!</p>

<p>Just fractured my heels jumping off a shed ... landed wrong ...</p>

<p>HA! I have broken my right wrist 27 times, right forearm 17, right elbow 2, left wrist 5, left forearm 2, nose 5, all my fingers at least 2 times.... Seriously, all from sports...</p><br />
<p>Now, recently, I broke my wrist and 1 rib in a accident... I hit a deer... a big deer... I&nbsp;lived in MN for 12 years and never hit anything, I move to GA and hit a freakin deer!</p>

<p>I just broke my ankle in Sept.&nbsp; and it still hurts like a Mother ,&nbsp; I fell off the curb&nbsp;of sorts &nbsp;in a non lit area LOL&nbsp; I have s__ luck</p>

<p>i broke my tailbone from slipping on ice. it hurt for so long that by the time it stopped, i didn't realize it right away.</p>


<p>never i drink milk</p>

<p>I broke my small toe in a judo class.&nbsp; A newbie tried to toss me over his shoulder but failed to get me completley off the mat.&nbsp; I did a piroette around my toes, broke it in half and ended up with the top of my toe sticking out 90 degrees from the plane.&nbsp; It was winter&nbsp;with the hospital was three blocks away and I couldn't even get a boot on it.&nbsp; Hurt like a sumbach when he snapped it back in.</p>

<p>My elbow, when I was nine, from sports.&nbsp; I fell and landed right on it, went inside, and my mother took one look at me, said I was grey, and called my dad so we could go to hospital.&nbsp; They had to operate and I have a pretty scar that looks like a plant leaf or something.&nbsp; </p>

<p>Never.&nbsp; I must be very lucky!</p>

My arm. The bones connecting my hand to my arm, snapped. clean. <br />
fell of a kirb to be honest. then i was trying to move my hand. and i managed to. make it click.<br />
i thought hmm! this must be good. i can move it. so there's no problem.<br />
haha the click was the snap.

<p>Thank the good Lord no!! A very bad sprain I have had, and that was awful! :-(</p>

<p>I was feeling pretty good and I went to hit another girl and broke 2 knuckle.&nbsp; Had a 6 week cast.&nbsp; You know what life is like with your right hand in a cast when you are right handed!!!</p>

<p>Yes I&nbsp;have, but thank goodness they weren't any major bones. I have broken all eight of my little toes as ridiculous as that sounds! It has happened over time and mainly due to stupid things such as stubbing a toe way too hard, having a friend run over my foot, jumping into the shallow end of a pool and really dumb stuff like that. Needless to say, my feet are a bit strange looking but then again, I don't believe there are such things as beautiful feet.</p>

<p>I broke my pinky at ballet when I was 4, by bumping into another girl. That's pretty damn stupid isn't it XD? Then I&nbsp;broke my wrist when I was about 9; the cause was falling down the stairs when I was running down to the living room to get my doll... on my socks. Never wise.</p><br />
<p>Never broke anything apart from that; I did get more bruises, stitches and that kind of stuff than I can count.</p>

<p>I broke my leg...&nbsp; My horse fell on me.</p>

<p>a few&nbsp;of my toes, because i would stub or jam them in a drunken haze...i wanted to break my ex-boyfriend's bones</p>

<p>Yes I broke my toe.&nbsp; I was in a terrible relationship.&nbsp; He was controlling and obsessive.&nbsp; I just wanted to leave and he wouldn't let me.&nbsp; I was so frustrated I kicked an old, heavy, wooden door thinking it would move when I&nbsp;kicked it.&nbsp; It didn't therfore I broke my toe.</p>

<p>I was going to Uni to talk with a professor. I was crossing a square when I stumbled in some pavement which was being repaired or rebuilt, I don't remember.&nbsp;I was wearing high heeled boots and carrying a heavy bag full of books and notebooks, so of course, I squashed to the ground-With my hand reparing my face from smashing the asphalt. The result was, I badly broke three fingers and dislocated all the joints in them. I had to be plastered for 6 weeks, got under physical rehab for 6 more... Not one of my happiest memories, really. </p>

<p>Bone in my leg&nbsp;&nbsp; Cause Gun shot</p>

<p>broke my nose doing a triple front flip off a bridge.</p><br />
<p>Right pinkie, playing dodge ball in second grade</p>

<p>collar bone&nbsp; in a car accident 3 years ago it was horrible</p>

<p>I broke a knuckle punching a boy in the back of the head while I was in high school.&nbsp; I suppose that's karma.&nbsp; He just kept pulling my pony tail until I snapped and turned around to whallop him.&nbsp; The worst thing was that my mother thought I was just being a hypocondriac and so wouldn't take me to hospital.&nbsp; Ergo, my knuckle reset itself into a very wonky shape.&nbsp; It feels very weird now, though I suppose it teaches me not to punch boys.&nbsp; In the future, I'll just throw rocks at them instead.</p>

ive broken a nail!...does that count?

<p>When I was on grade one i broke&nbsp; a bone in my knee. This man, I was afraid of, came along and picked me up and carried me home to my granny. From that time being afraid was replaced by an angel God sent to help me.</p>

<p>Broke my big toe when I kicked the bucket ( a 5 gallon bucket&nbsp;of gypsum)</p>

<p>&nbsp;Never broke a bone until I was 34, when I stepped on something that was on the floor&nbsp;in front of the ladder I was on. When I stepped off of the ladder&nbsp;my foot&nbsp;slipped on the ob<x>ject&nbsp;and I twisted and fell. Thank goodness I wasn't holding anything. I ended up braking my ankle from&nbsp;top to bottom, twisted and pulled everything. It took longer for the everything else to heal and 6 wks for&nbsp;the brake. I was on light&nbsp;duty for 10 wks, and that was hard since my job had very little light duty to it.&nbsp;</p>

<p>I've had all of my fingers and both thumbs broken from falling out of trees. I had my left arm broken from being on&nbsp;a swing set when it broke.&nbsp; I reset the arm myself to avoid getting in trouble for being where&nbsp;I wasn't supposed to be. It was a compound fracture and created a scar on my arm to remind me that listening is important.</p><br />
<p>Many year later my arm was xrayed and the doctor read the xray remarked that who ever set the bone knew what they were doing.&nbsp; when I told him I did it myself and no cast he was astounded. I babied my arm for several weeks.</p>

<p>Only my nose... twice. Once playing football and once at work.</p>

<p>First one ever was my leg in the 1st grade!</p><br />
<p>It was a great, big slide on our school playground. We were at recess and all kept joining together to create a train as we went down. Suddenly Nicole decided that she didn't want to play choo choo anymore and just pushed. On my way down my foot hit a few of the support beams and I landed spread eagle in the dirt. My grandma was called and all 4ft 11in of her carried me all the way home where my mother met us to take me in. Had a cast for what seemed to be forever and couldn't master the crutches so the big kids had to form this bridge with their arms and carry me to different school activities (big Catholic School).</p><br />
<p>There have been a few more but that was the first and stands out the most. Damn it Nicole!!!!</p>

<p>I think I may have broken a toe one time. I never went to the doctor and just heeded my mom's advice on broken toes (she's done it many times) and took care of it myself.</p>

<p>My neck!&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>I was in a car wreck when I&nbsp;was 16 months old.</p>

<p>Nope. Not one.&nbsp; It's really surprising considering that I was into sports, the&nbsp;military, arm wrestling, and was beaten for a couple of years. &nbsp;</p>

<p>I&nbsp;broke my ankle. Twisted it badly when I was drunk, walking in high heels, carrying a bottle of wine. I&nbsp;just picked myself up and kept on walking. Wasn't till the next day I saw that it was all black and blue and very swollen. Xrays showed I&nbsp;had a broken bone in my ankle! &nbsp;</p>

shattered shoulder right noe they arw waiting for three weeks befor they do surgery for the bruising and swelling to go down

<p>&nbsp;Oddly enough, I have never had any broken bones.</p>

<p>1. I broke my scull 2 times, once I was a baby and my sister dropped me, once I was hit by a snow board!</p><br />
<p>2. I broke my toes, about 5 times, ran into wall!!</p><br />
<p>3. I broke my elbow, fell in snow</p><br />
<p>4. I broke my leg, jumped from balcony</p>

My left ankle/leg twice... once when a kid threw a bat at me on a trampoline and once in martial arts<br />
My left upper arm on the trampoline doing a summer salt<br />
most of my fingers doing misc things<br />
both big toes in martial arts<br />
My nose twice.... once when my friend hit me with a book on accident and once when my cousin head butted me in the pool<br />
And I have had nerve damage on the right shin from martial arts <br />
And nerve damage in my right wrist from piano of all things<br />
Wow, I think I get broken a lot.