Do You Like Your Steak Prepared Rare, Medium Or Well?

The question for today:

Do you like your steak prepared rare, medium or well?

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64 Responses Mar 24, 2009

<p>well - done afraid of getting disease from a rare steak... lol...</p>

<p>Wipe its nose, put it on, turn it over, and take it off. *grin*</p>

<p>I love my steak! It has to be medium rare. Just cooked enough to be cooked. I like it to be soft,&nbsp;tender and melt in my mouth not stiff and chewy to where I would have to knaw on it. What good is a an over done steak? It looses it flavor, tasts burnt and I would be afraid of loosing a tooth while trying to get through the first bite. But I do admit, they do make good frisbys!</p>

<p>well please dont want nothing running out my meat</p>

<p>On the fire just long enough to melt the bleu cheese!!!!MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...</p>

<p>Medium rare...a little bloody,&nbsp; a little pink</p>

<p>Definitely medium rare...there is nothing like a nice thick, juicy ***** steak cooked medium rare. Just enough red in the middle, not too dry, so much juice. Oh man, now I am really hungry!!!!</p>


<p>I&nbsp;like mine medium rare, yum yum!</p>

<p>As Wolf once said in <em>The 10th Kingdom</em>, "Rare. And when I&nbsp;say rare, I mean let it look at the oven in terror, and bring it out to me!" :)</p><br />
<p>Haha no, really, I&nbsp;prefer medium-well. I like to make sure it's fully cooked, but still like a little juicyness.</p>

<p>i like my steak well done, with a little char is good. no pink stuff for me</p>

<p>&nbsp;competly raw, I'm a vampire or I just like food posioning !!!</p>

my husband jokes with me<br />
I show it the oven <br />
let it quake in terror<br />
then bring it out on a plate<br />
<br />
<br />
that is just a little to rare for me

<p>8 mins on george with loads od onions and mushrooms yummy</p>

<p>Well Done. I can't stand any pink in it.</p>


<p>&nbsp;Well done</p>

<p>I'll pass on the steak.</p><br />
<p>I don't like cutting into it and seeing severed veins...</p><br />
<p>Ruins the "mood."</p><br />
<p>Shrimp and crab on the other hand...</p>

<p>&nbsp;I&nbsp;don't like the texture of steak, therefore, I&nbsp;hardly ever eat it unless I'm forced to.&nbsp;</p>

<p>medium rare, it tastes best pink in the middle and very juicy YUM.</p>

<p>I like my steak charbroiled. When, I cook steak at home its medium well for me.</p>

<p><em>I prefer rare! &nbsp;A little blood never hurt anyone! lol </em></p>

<p>Walking and happy in a pasture, thanks.&nbsp; NO&nbsp;WAY&nbsp;would I eat it.</p>


<p><strong>Reports have come through overnight to say that RED MEAT </strong>is <strong>DANGEROUS!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>SO, A GOOD&nbsp;Salad sounds fine to me!................................SO &nbsp;&nbsp; HEALTHY!!</strong></p>

<p>Rare...the bloodier the better!</p>

<p>medium rare with some red.....yumm..</p>

<p>knock the animal down, wipe its *** and serve it to me</p>


<p>I like my steak and my bugers and all my other meat to be medium-well to well done. I do not want any red juices or blood to be coming out of it, and if it has any pink in the middle I will not eat it, or I'll cut off and eat all the cooked stuff and then toss the pink stuff back in the pan to finish cooking.</p><br />
<p>My significant other is the exact opposite. If the meat is mooing then that is just fine. Bloody or very rare. But usually orders medium or medium-rare to be safe.</p>

<p>Medium rare fo me thanks....but tastes better done on a real BBQ</p>

<p>Well done.&nbsp; When I&nbsp;make it, I&nbsp;usually burn it, so I&nbsp;call it a hockey puck!</p>


<p>I like my steak Rare or Medium Rare, depending on the cut. E-coli threat is only on hamburger that is less than well done. ( I worked in a butcher shop for 25 years. ) Rare on Prime rib, medium rare on Sirloins and &nbsp;New Yorks. To me, the rest of the cuts aren't worth eating. Also have to have a baked potato with butter and sour cream and some steamed veggies. Yummy. :)</p>

<p>Just knock the horns off of it,show it to the grill and slap it on the plate!!YUM</p>

<p>medium rare</p>

<p>I never eat anything that once used to walk on its legs...</p>

<p>I think the universal preparation for the best steak is medium rare and that's how I will usually get it in a restaurant, but if I can afford some really good steak, I'll just barely sear the outside and throw it in the oven for a few minutes.&nbsp; I like it really rare, but I don't trust most poisoning is not fun!</p>

<p>medium well. Or not at all!</p>

<p>I some one taking a dinner order???? I thought that we were asked the other day what type of steak we liked????</p><br />
<p>Blood rare...So rare that it you just whisper FIRE over it.....and a baked potato....with butter......cheese toast....salad with Ranch dressing......</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Think that is about all......Thank you</p>

<p>Extra well done.&nbsp; When the cook begans to cry let it cook 5 more minuets and than it is done.&nbsp; I love burnt meat.</p>

<p>Medium / well. Although my husband and I often order the exact same steak and how it is prepaired, I always get the tough one.</p>

<p>medium rare, like my women</p>

<p>I like it medium - rare.</p>

<p>Medium-Rare is the only way to go baby!</p>

<p>Where's the beef?&nbsp; Not on my plate. Eew. But. Give me the cow, I'll skin it, butcher it, clean it, cook it and serve it ANY&nbsp;WAY&nbsp;you want. I&nbsp;just won't kill it.&nbsp;But, I&nbsp;guarantee, you'll come back for more.</p>

<p>I don't eat red meat its unhealthy. So I prefer the steak to be left on the cow and the cow left alive.</p>

<p>I rarely eat red&nbsp;meat &nbsp;---so if I had to make a choice it would have to be well done</p>

<p>I like my steak the way I like my men: Done, and well seasoned.</p>

<p>Rare.&nbsp; I maintain that if there was nobody around to prepare it for me, I'd just gnaw it off the cow...</p>

<p>Can I just have the cow still mooing and de-horned? If that can't work out then definetly rare...I <strong>love</strong> tasting the blood...*wolfish grin* Yes, i'm a sue me&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>

<p>Usually medium well, I like a little chard.</p>

<p>Medium, just a little pink in the middle.</p>

<p>Medium, I suspect you can dehorn it slap it on the *** and throw it on the plate and I would eat it tho.</p>


<p>well done :)</p>

<p>If a good doc can bring it back we're doing good... rare to raw works for me just flash the outside and leave a heartbeat in the center.</p><br />

<p>Well done to the point of charred to make sure there's is no ecoli bacteria to kill me!</p>


<p>Medium Well actually. Burn it and I'll spit it at you. Leave it bloody and I'll sue you.</p>

<p>Medium-Rare.&nbsp; I love the bloodiness.</p>

<p>I am not huge on steak but I like the filet mignon at the hibachi restaraunt done medium rare</p>

<p>Rare !!</p><br />
<p>Cz I love the way it's charred outside & raw inside Lol !</p>