What Color Was Your First Bike and Who Taught You to Ride It?

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What color was your first bike and who taught you to ride it?

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47 Responses Mar 25, 2009

<p>It was several colors...and none of them original! LOL It was a hand-me-down from my brother. It had the high-rise monkey bars and banana seat, and was painted black, red, and gold. Gosh, it was the coolest ride around!</p><br />
<p>My brother taught me how to ride.</p>

<p>I never had a new bike. It was a handmedown from my brother, it was this little black and yellow bike with these horrible wheels made of hard rubber, a feature meant to be good because this way you didn't have any flat tires but it made my ride really painful...one bump and my coxix was gone.&nbsp; But I loved it!</p>

<p>My first bike was red. My daddy taught me how to ride it at 5. Was my favorite bike ever! Until this big kid a family friends son came to our house and got on my bike and broke it! I cried for days over my bike! I wasn't from a&nbsp;rich family, but I was always taught valuable lessons about taking care of what I had. That experience show me just what a valuable lesson my bike was to me. And it taught me to never share my bike with big kids who have no respect in others belongings! I carried that quote with me for years and am greatful I took advanage of using that quote for many times afterwards! Only wish I had a used that quote for my broken heart.</p>

<p>the first bicycle i ever remember having, i believe it was grey and my younger cousin taught me how to ride it cuz he wanted me to cycle with him lol</p>

<p>I believe it was blue.&nbsp; My brother's was yellow.&nbsp; And I don't recall who taught me.&nbsp; I do have a photo of both my brother and myself on our bikes in the middle of the street....back when cars weren't barreling down the street.&nbsp; Ohhhhh....memories </p>

<p>it was pink and my sister taught me</p>

<p>&nbsp;my first bike was pink and white my 2 oldest brothers who taught me every thing i know but not before they pulled every trick on me taught me how to ride it</p>

<p>Blue....And it was the Man next door.....He taught me more than my own family did...</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Come on...Get your mind out of the gutter....He was a good man....That treated me as his daughter....And I miss him greatly</p>

<p>The color of my first bike was blue with training wheels.My oldest brother helped me learn how to ride.He took me to a top of a hill and gave me a push and away I went it was so fast,,although I was little I knew to turn to a soft place,thank God it was that or the creek,&nbsp;I landed in the cornfield,picked up my bike&nbsp;and started home told my mother,&nbsp;Joe tried to kill me and from that day on I learned myself.I think I may still have scars.</p>

<p>I remember being an embarrassed seven year old, the only one of my friends still reliant on my stabilisers. Papa has removed those loathed, trundling wheels at the start of summer, and he set my bike out for me while he went to the shop down the road for ice cream. Gran was the only one left in the house, and I pleaded for her to teach me. She told me to take my lilac bike out onto the grass, and sit on it. "Now, that's a good girl. Now just keep lifting your legs up, and get balanced."</p><br />
<p>I sat there for half an hour, on the my bike in the middle of the grass, legs flailing as&nbsp; tried to stay still on the quivering structure. Papa returned with Mini Milks, and the knowledge that Gran was talking piffle. Later that day, after the consumption of the ice lollies, he took me and my bike down to the promenade by the shore, and I rode as fast as I possibly could. </p><br />
<p>Then promptly fell over into the wall. But it's still a fond memory.</p>

<p>it was purple with random pink and white streamers on the handles. my mom just kinda took off the training wheels when i was five. she was like have fun....i was scared to even try to ride it until i was six....it didn't go well i'm glad she had to good idea to tell me to practice on grass.</p>

<p>It was a&nbsp;pink and white&nbsp;banana-seat bike!</p><br />
<p>I learned to ride it after many weeks (it seemed like years!) of trying and falling.</p><br />
<p>I finally got up on it, started pedaling, and promptly rode that thing right into the front of our neighbor's car.</p>

<p>A blue Huffy Pro Competition BMX and a cute&nbsp;little dishwater blonde&nbsp;girl down the street taught me to ride it. Her name was Danielle. I wonder what ever happened to her?</p>

It was purple with a sparkly purple and gold banana seat. My dad bought it at a garage sale but it still looked brand new. I rode it with training wheels until my feet could reach the ground and then my dad took them off and pushed me around the yard. He said it was better to fall off in the grass than on the driveway. It didn't take long before I was a pro!

<p>I never learned to ride a bike. My dad wouldn't teach me, and even if he had, he probably would've thrown the bike at me at some point, and that is not a joke.</p>

<p>Red of course and my father taught me, then my mother showed me the right way!</p>

<p><strong>Gold and black!....3gears on the cross bar</strong></p><br />
<p><strong>My dad!</strong></p>

<p>It was light pink and mint green with a puppy on it!&nbsp;My mom and dad both taught me how to ride it!</p>

<p>My first bike was red in 1965. I taught myself how to ride. Mom ran out of bandaides before I fully learned lol.</p>

<p>It was purple :) and both my mom and my step daddy taught me to ride it</p>

<p>I had a light blue girly bike with a bananna seat and basket with a ******* bell and streamers...LOL, not my choice but i still enjoyed that bike.</p>

<p>It was red with a beautiful luster that i will never forget my dad got it from my uncle Joe and he taught me how to ride it</p>

<p>My first bike was pink! i was taught to ride it by my grandfather.</p><br />
<p>it was alot of fun. many lumps and bumps but hey.. was all worth it.</p><br />
<p>although i never actually ride a bike now. never get the weather for it here,</p><br />
<p>and when we do.. i just can't be bothered.</p>

<p>Hand me down from my big sister. White with pink, purple, red streamers hanging from the bars. yellow banana seat. Oh and those wheel guards that were white with&nbsp;hearts and girlie stuff. I was not a girlie girl but it was a bike. Thinking back a quite tacky bike. My parents helped me and I immediately told them I could do it on my own so they let go and watched me ride for all of about two seconds before I wobbled and crashed. I got back on it, steadied it for another two seconds and fell down again. Sister on the ground also, of course it was because she was laughing so hard at me. Good times.</p><br />

<p>I think my first bike was red and my sister and my dad helped me.</p>

<p>I first learned to ride a bike by accident.&nbsp; I was out in the fields with my cousins and someone got hurt.&nbsp; So I grabed on of the bikes to go get help.&nbsp; The house was several miles away and shortly after going the handle bars came off.&nbsp; I rode the bike useing only the shaft the handlebars usally set on.&nbsp; I did not ride a back for many years but eventually while in high school I had a blue bike for the long trips I would take exploring the area we lived in.</p>

<p>My first bike was a red and black motorcycle. I had named it "Banjara" - means gypsy in Hindi. It was the only one of it's kind in the whole University! Later the whole line was shut down and production ceased. When I was in US for my studies it got sold off as there wa no one to ride it - I still rem' driving off to the nearest woods with my g/f and driving in the rain with her holding me tight.</p>

<p>Red and my POPS!</p>

<p>My first bike was silver. It was in England and I was eight. My father would hold onto the bike and then let go! That is how I learned to ride it.</p><br />
<p>It didnt have any training wheels. I don't remember why.</p>

<p><em><strong>My first bike was pink and the fence in our back yard taught me how to ride it. &nbsp;My mom showed me initially but I used the fence in our back yard to teach me as my mom couldn't afford training wheels.&nbsp; After I thought I could ride without the fence I moved to the alley, which was all gravel.&nbsp; I only ever fell once!&nbsp; </strong></em></p>

<p>I think it was bronze. At least, that's the colour of the older bike of mine I can think of! My Grandpa helped me learning to ride it, in the yard at their farm! </p>

<p>My one & only bike used to be my sisters, but can&acute;t remember who taught me to ride it, only remember loving it!!!</p>

<p>It was blue and my cousin taught me. I never learned to ride a bike till I was 10.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Pink. &nbsp;My cousin taught me how to ride a bike</p>

<p>It was green and Ofcouse who else - but my loving Pa.</p>

<p>She&nbsp;was hot pink Lol !</p><br />
<p>Her name was Barbie :)</p><br />
<p>& every girls in the village loved her ...</p><br />
<p>Nobody taught me to ride her since she had four wheel = = !</p><br />
<p>I rode her myself and she had become my first girlfriend ever since :)</p><br />
<p>She is still now in Japan ohhh... Barbie, I miss you Lol !</p>

<p>It was purple with silver specks and an awesome banana seat :) I thought it was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen (even though 2 other kids in the neighborhood had the same bike)....mine was the only one with those streamer things at the end of the hand grips....&nbsp; I also remember putting a card in the spokes to hear that "cool" noise it would make.&nbsp; Self taught and have the plenty of scars to prove it.&nbsp; But it didn't matter how many cuts, bruises I got ---just the freedom that bike gave me was worth it.</p>

<p>It was blue. But a sad memory goes with it. I remember my father telling we gave your bike to&nbsp;the orphanage. Why he gave it away I don't know. All I remember is that it was gone.</p>

my first bike was a Red Rider tricycle. It had silver tassles. The seat was made of metal, but it was soft, somehow. it was rounded and curved, and supported a kid's bottom perfectly, for hours of circling the block. <br />
<br />
The crossbar on the back, was just right for my brother to stand on, because he was to tall to pedal. That bike was my pride and joy. <br />
<br />
I remember driving it up onto the lawn one day. emptying a bottle of blue Dawn dish detergent on the trike, and scrubbung my heart out. Then I watched my bike gleam, so pretty, in the sun all day, while my mom made me wash all the soap down to the street drain.

<p>i dont know how to ride a bike neither have i ever had one... but if i did, it would be a black one and probably my love would teach me how to ride it :)</p>

<p>I grew up with thrift store stuff that grandma would bring home (she worked there) so we had lots of bikes and such. I&nbsp;believe it was blue but I do remember the banana seat attached to it.</p><br />
<p>I&nbsp;taught myself and have the scars to prove it. I'd try and ride it on the alley behind her house but it was covered with shells and rocks and I remember hitting a larger one and going air-born over those big, "U"&nbsp;shaped handle bars and landing in that mixture on my knees. I was such a tomboy and loved every battle scar I earned.</p>

<p>I don't remember. I remember it had streamers on the handlebars, but I don't remember the color. As for who taught me? I just remember one day being able to ride.</p>

<p>Pink, and my awesome Dad!!!</p>

<p>My first bike was RED, bright red, and it had the red and white streamers, which were promptly removed by my dad lol and he attempted to teach me how to ride it, but it took only a few times of me falling on my A** in front of him to make me say I gave up... but then teach myself when no one was looking lol </p>

<p>My First bike was a red one w/white trim.&nbsp; It had training wheels on it, and no brakes. In those days, some bikes did not have free wheeling back wheels and one had peddle all the time.&nbsp; I didnt learn to ride on that bike.&nbsp; I learned to ride useing my sisters bike.&nbsp; I tried and tried all&nbsp;by myself&nbsp;till I got.&nbsp; Rode it down the block to where she was, crashed into a tree (not hard) and got beat up for useing her bike.&nbsp; Oh well, those were the days....</p>

<p>Oh man!&nbsp; Mine was purple with a white basket with a yellow,&nbsp; a white, and a pink daisy on&nbsp;it and an enlongated seat with a pink stripe on the back.&nbsp; From this discription you can probably tell this was back in 1969.&nbsp; They don't make those anymore.&nbsp; Thanks for the memories!&nbsp; I smile.</p>

<p>My first bike was a pink barbie one with the pretty pretty handlebar string things... ohhh and a bell on it... My dad taught me to ride it. I remember he would get on the bike to show me what to do and even at the young age, I knew that my dad on a barbie bike was funny!</p>