Did You Prefer to Play On the Slide Or Swing As a Kid?

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Did you prefer to play on the slide or swing as a kid?

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64 Responses Mar 26, 2009

The swing...always....and still, even as an adult, the desire to sit and swing at the park or playground still comes over me now and then! It is fun and brings back all those silly memories from my childhood!

<p>I loved the swing because it always made me feel free watching the clouds get closer and closer. The slide always had someone behind you pushing you so they could try to get in front of you.&nbsp; No one could do that on the swing. It was just you, your thoughts, and freedom.</p>

<p>I preferred to swing because I loved to go as high as I could, always trying to touch the clouds with my feetand then when I couldn't get any higher I would jump out of the swing to see how far I would fly before landing and then I would get up and try again and again, attempting to beat my last try until someone would make me get out of the swing,&nbsp; it was the only time I ever really felt free and I longed for it everyday, running as fast as I could so I could get the best swing before the other kids got there.</p>

<p>Swing. They're just so freeing.</p>

<p>Definitely the swing.&nbsp; Always tried to get to go all the way around, or get it as high as i could and then jump off.</p>

<p>ohhh I was so a swing girl! I&nbsp;liked to swing the highest and then jump off to show the boys how I&nbsp;roll haha... but in the end it at one point led to a broken wrist and elbow... but.. at 23 yrs old... I am proud to say that I still swing highest than all the kids at the playground</p>

<p>i was more of a swinging type of girl,&nbsp; although i never succeeded&nbsp;: i always tried to swing high enough to flip around the bar... and yes i saw it on myth busters, its not likely ever going to happen! but i thought i would someday do it!! the slide was fun dont get me wrong! i just felt so free on a swing, i still swing with&nbsp;my daughter at the park and i love it!</p>

<p>Both fun, but you can spend more time on a swing, and you can swing with someone next to you, which is always lovely. </p>

<p>i preferred the slide. idk but it was fun to race back to the stairs so you could do it allover again. even better is when the slide had all types of loops in it lol</p>

<p>HELLLLLOOOO!!!!!????!!!!</p><br />
<p>The monkey bars</p>

<p>&nbsp;Swings, i felt so relaxed on them</p>

<p>The swing mostly, swing high and jump out!&nbsp; The slid had its fun too.</p>

<p>swings. where else can you talk to friends one second and fly through the air the next. ther have been some very interesting times on the swings.</p>

<p>we had a big twisted slide to play on...we would play tag on it...launching ourselves off at the turn and on to the support pole....wheeee!&nbsp;&nbsp; OUCH! little help here!</p>

<p>What are you talking about? I still play on slides. My dog happens to have a love for slides too and she waits for me at the top for me to slide down with her.</p>

<p>swinging cuz i could go as high as i felt and nothing came in my way/ swinging made me feel free and alive, i still love doing it today</p>

<p>The swing, of course!</p><br />
<p>Still can't resist seeing just how how I can get whenever I&nbsp;pass a swing!</p>

<p>Swing, no doubt! &nbsp;There's just a couple of ways down on a slide, but there are many possibilities on swings! Sling swings, flat swings, tire swings,...and many ways to play on each!</p>

<p>On the swing&nbsp;of course!&nbsp;&nbsp;Because you can go into the sky on a swing. You can fly as high as an airplane. You can dream</p><br />
<p>about being a bird or a plane! You can go slow and dreamy or fast and furious! You can be whoever you want to be on a swing.</p><br />
<p>The wind rushing through your hair as you glide away!</p>

<p>the swing b/c it felt like i was flying and then whne id get the really high.....i would jump out and land on my feet and scream tada!!!</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp; Back in '59,we awoke to find a swing, a slippery dip, a see-saw( okay...TEETER </strong></p><br />
<p><strong>TOTTER!)</strong>and a rocker!</p><br />
<p>..This equipment Is still in use! </p><br />
<p>...<strong>The swing still my absolute favourite!</strong></p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>....<strong>THAT was a great Christmas!</strong></p>

<p>The swing! However I noticed noboby put the merrygoround and that was best of all of them!</p>

<p>I&nbsp;liked both, but i definitely spent more time on the swing.</p>

<p>For me it was the swing. &nbsp;I just liked to swing gently and relax. &nbsp;The slide really wasn't a good idea, &nbsp;most of us wore dresses or skirts, we would take over the swings. &nbsp;Run the boys off, unless they wanted to push, that was O.K. as long as they didn't push too hard.</p>

<p>Loved the swing, afriad of the slide did not like climbing the ladder.</p>

<p>Would it sound weird if I said I've always been&nbsp;a swinger? ;)</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Also I didn't like the slide. I didn't like getting my threads dirty, had to look good for the ladies. The slide was always dirty from other kids running up the slide.</p>

<p>&nbsp;I&nbsp;liked to swing. &nbsp;It was something I&nbsp;could do alone, I&nbsp;didn't have to play with other kids. &nbsp;Swinging doesn't promote a lot of screaming and yelling and chaos like slides and jungle gyms. &nbsp;I was always the kid off in daydream land.</p>

<p>The swings!! I loved that sensation!! And I used to love climbing the monkey bars too!!! Hanging upside down, what fun!! I&acute;d forgotten all about these things up till now!</p>

<p>As a kid??&nbsp; I still go on the swings every chance I get!</p>

I liked the swings so much that the kids called me swinging Serena.

<p>Both and i still enjoy going to the park and having fun with my son.</p>

<p>The slide of course! Head first on my tummy! Thought I was wonderwoman when I&nbsp;was five and jumped off the top! No soft fall areas then! Not nice. </p>

<p>Swing!! It's limitless!!</p>

<p>The swing!!!!&nbsp; The higher I swung the more free I felt. &nbsp;I still love the swing.</p>

<p>ya the swing that is the most amazing thing they could of came up with for kids to do back then when every buddy had a great idea and went for it that shows how much we really do in this life time by making things that can be enjoyed for generations and generations so lets raise a glass to the guy who invented the swing where ever you are in heaven or hell this ones for you</p>

<p>The swing!&nbsp; I still swing... me and my daughter love to do it together and we pretend that we're flying. :)</p>

<p>The Swings! The big red slide (which recently got torn down )'= ) I&nbsp;would go on a few times, cos it was awesome but the swings were my fave, I&nbsp;were to go to the park today and there wasnt anyone on the swings I&nbsp;would go on them =P &nbsp; never too old. lol &nbsp; &nbsp;(the see-saw was fun too)</p>

<p>swings and roundabout all the same to me</p>

<p>The swing!&nbsp;I was a lazy kid, I hated having to go up the steps just to slide down and have to run back! Maybe I should&nbsp;have done that more though and maybe I wouldn't be such a lard butt now!&nbsp;</p>

<p>The swing</p><br />
<p>but i had a special swing that could spin and swing in any direction it was the best swing in the neibhourhood we often had other kids over just so they could play on that swing</p>

<p>Swings were always so much fun when I&nbsp;was little. I&nbsp;used to pretend like I&nbsp;was parachuting from an airplane.&nbsp; I still love to play on the swngs now.</p>


<p>Obviously the swings.....lol. Today I still love to swing.....the higher the better and it's nice to get that fabulous head rush when you hang upside down and then whip back up real fast. </p><br />
<p>The slide pinches my ***, makes my hair all static clingy and I get effin shocked like twelve times every time I go down it. I'm over it. Lol.</p>

<p>Probably the slide.&nbsp;I used to feel terribly sick after a 'ride' on the swing. Poor little me!&nbsp;I liked it so much but....</p>

<p>The swing.&nbsp; Freedom</p>

<p>The slide was so boring, as soon as you reach the bottom you have to climb back up again. Swings are amazing, I still go on them now!</p>

<p>Gotta be the swing! Burned my butt on the slide once really pissed me off!</p>

<p>The slide was pretty boring, there was so much goof trickery to be done from the swing.</p>

<p>nothing better than swinging as high as you could then jumping out. woohoo</p>

<p>the swing....always the swing....It was great....going back and forth...Higher and higher....and when you got real high...To jump out at the top...And to feel like you were flying...and then for just a moment...to just stay still...like you were floating....</p><br />
<p>Awwww....to remimber that feeling...It is the greatest moment of a childhood</p>

<p>Oh I was a swinger. : )</p>

<p>neither, i liked to run ;)</p>

<p>Definitely a swing. My Grandpa built two swings that held strong all my childhood. Oh the wonderful memories you have given me!! Thank-you!!</p>


<p>The swing!&nbsp; We would give each other "under-doggy's" and get lots of hang time.&nbsp; The slide was just too much work, climbing up the ladder all the time.</p>

<p>SWING ----&nbsp; I&nbsp;used to go so high my Butt would bounce at the peak and almost not land on the seat.&nbsp; Plus I&nbsp;fell asleep once on the swing.&nbsp; I&nbsp;woke up with it stopped and I&nbsp;was drooling. LOL</p>

<p>Swing, I liked to prtend I could fly.</p>

<p>OHHHHH the swing! Twist it up and get dizzier than a drunk duck lol.</p>

<p>The Slide!!</p>

<p>The swing. It was great to see how high you could go!!!</p>

<p>Always the swing.</p><br />
<p>So much fun.</p>

<p>Swing of course</p>

<p>Not the swing you could get motion sickness and then. <strong>LOOK OUT</strong>!!</p>

<p>The swing. WOOHOO!!!</p>