Do You Mostly Print Or Write In Cursive?

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Do you mostly print or write in cursive?

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56 Responses Mar 28, 2009

I definitely have a mix of cursive and print. My handwriting is beautiful though. Mostly cursive, but I don't always use it. For example, when I write m's, I don't use 3 humps like in cursive, I only used 2... so it just depends. But I love my handwriting.

im a mix of both actually

I write in Cursive.

<p>lol I have a sort of bastardized mixture of the two with my own added flair</p>

<p>I start off printing but generally end up writing cursive.</p>

<p>I do both. I usually start out cursive but the middle is print then the ending is usually cursive - I think my hand is just so confused it does not know what to do.</p>

<p>I definitely use a combination of cursive and print when casually writing.&nbsp; I have cutsie little style I use with some of the letters of the alphabet.&nbsp; When I am focused on "proper cursive" (i.e. signing a check or receipt) I stick to the script. </p>

<p>&nbsp;I write in my own little weird loopty-loop, half-cursive half-print scribble.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Print only</p>

<p>I&nbsp;mostly print, because I think I&nbsp;write neater when I&nbsp;print. I&nbsp;used to have to write in cursive on every paper I turned in, but now that I have a choice I mostly print.</p>

<p>my handwriting has gone to crap since the computer</p>

<p>I write in print because it's important in my workplace that my writing is legible.</p>

its definetely cursive print once in awhile.

<p><strong>I do kind of a combination of both.&nbsp; Whichever looks neater at the time.&nbsp; My handwriting isn't as nice as I'd like.&nbsp; Funny, when I first started wearing a wrist brace for my carpal tunnel I couldn't write neatly at all.&nbsp; Now I&nbsp;write better with it on!</strong></p>

<p>i would say i mostly print cuz my cursive pretty much looks like sh** lol</p>

<p>I write in print</p>

<p>I mostly print, the only time I write in curcife is when I am signing something,,,that is very strange,,,mary</p>

<p>&nbsp;its a mixture, which is so confusing to my teachers but i cant help it. if you asked my write completely in cursive i wouldnt know how. thats why its a mixture. but either way i type as much as i can as often as i can.&nbsp;</p>

<p>I write in cursive when the meaning is right. I like people to know I took time to think over what I have planned to say. I love it when people tell me how they felt after reading my notes. I put alot of tought in the way I write, it puts an impression on people that wouldn't normally happen. That may be me just being quarky...</p>

<p>I hate the way my writing looks in cursive but its easier and quicker for me to do so I write in cursive, but I avoid writing at all costs!&nbsp;I prefer typing instead!&nbsp;</p>

<p>Guess I'm like Purplriz.&nbsp; My writing is a combination of both, cursive and printing.&nbsp; Seems to work best for me.&nbsp; Although my handwriting isn't bad, I prefer this combination.</p>

<p>tell me what it is first lol</p>

I do a little of both!

<p>I write in CURSIVE</p>

<p>I use the computer.....For some reason my hands shake when I am under stress....(which with a MIL like mine......Is all of the time.....</p><br />
<p>But when I do write....I use cursave</p>

<p>Mostly print, but I've been known to do a combo, and throw in some backwards letters also.</p>

<p>I mostly write in print, although my print is horrible, but it might as well be cursive because I am to lazy to remove the pencil from the paper, therefore.. My letters are connected</p>

When I write I print. When I write my name I scribble. You'd think I had a Phd.

<p>mine is a mix of both usually, for just day to day writing.&nbsp; usually just text or type things anymore these days tho...kinda sad really.&nbsp; i need to write notes and letters more often.</p>

<p>cursive, my print is worse than a doctors.</p>

Curly cursive : )

My normal handwriting is a mixture of both, depending on the letter. No one has any trouble reading it though, as it is neat and legible. I didn't even really notice it, to be honest, until my boss told me one day how much she liked it, and how unique it is that I intersperse cursive and print.

<p>If I start out printing I always end up writing to finish quicker!!</p>

<p>I've been told I&nbsp;have very nice handwriting.&nbsp; I do have a combo of writing and print but it works for me.</p>

<p>Niether...when I <em>curse </em>I'm usually pissed off...and I talk it!&nbsp;<br /><br />
Yeah I know what ya mean. It all depends in what&nbsp;application I'm using it.&nbsp;If it's something important...I'm writing. If I'm writing a grocery list...I'm printing. See, I just contradicted myself.&nbsp; &nbsp;Guess I should have said...If I'm printing a grocery list...I'm printing.&nbsp;But that does'nt sound right. Now I'm gonna curse!</p>

<p>Cursive comes naturally ...&nbsp; I have to concentrate to print.</p>

<p>I Mostly write in cursive, when I write in hand. However, most of what I write since school has been with the computer.</p>

<p>I print, but when I&nbsp;get excited about something, I connect some of my letters. They're still not cursive though.</p><br />
<p>I&nbsp;never really grasped the concept of cursive and I&nbsp;can't even remember half of the letters.</p>

<p>I use both in my own little style.</p>

<p>I do a little of both actually.. I&nbsp;think my cursive is a bit better then my writing..</p>

<p>I do a mixture of both...not on purpose, it just kind of works out that way.</p>

<p>I always print in capital letters. Used to drive my high school English teacher nuts &nbsp; My capital letters were just larger versions of the same thing. She finally got me to the point were I did submit something in writing. After that she never asked again-lol</p>

<p>Is there a difference?</p>

<p>My handwriting is so bad&nbsp;I type everything. I was the product of an elementary school teacher who used her wooden ruler on our knuckles when we did not write neatly.</p>

<p>It depends on what is faster sometimes! For most of the time I do a little of both.....</p>

I too write in print. Weirdly (i say that because i don't realise i do it) some of my letters in the middle of words are capitals and the rest small letters. I don't get it? lol

<p>Both equally...</p><br />
<p>At work I sign lots of titles and affidavits which require cursive and print.</p><br />
<p>As school it depends on how fast the professors are yapping and how legible I want my notes to be. *giggles*</p><br />
<p>I&nbsp;think my very fav though is what I call "proper print". I do this when I work with my children as they have so many ppl teaching them and I want us all on the same page.</p>

<p>My writing is mixed and illegible. Print, cursive, uppercase, lowercase... Unfortunately even I can't read it.</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />

<p>I am sad to say that I don't do much of either, because of the internet I type a lot, but cursive when I sign documents or send gretting cards.</p>

<p>chicken scratch!lol</p>

<p>Cursive.&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>The nuns in school made me do it. Whack, whack, whack!</p>


<p>My handwriting is a bit of both....&nbsp; Especially if I am in a hurry it turns into sloppy cursive print... yes... I made that up&nbsp;:)</p>

<p>I print unless signing my name. Although cursive it artistic, I feel like its&nbsp;like&nbsp;make up. Something to cover up an inperfection. I love expressing my true colors and myself for who I am no mater how sloppy I might be.</p>

<p>I am a cursive writer.&nbsp; Allthough my mother MADE me a rightie I was born a leftie and I write better in cursive with my left hand than I do with my right.&nbsp; So when I need to print I'm a rightie and when I need to script I'm a leftie.</p>

<p>I mostly print, I am ambiguous enough without the added curves.</p>