Do You Remember Where You Were When the Challenger Exploded?

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Do you remember where you were when the Challenger exploded?

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39 Responses Jun 29, 2009

It was the first day of our second semester. I was in 8th grade and a representative from our local high school was trying to recruit kids for the home ec program at the high school. Our principal, Mr. Zimmerman, made an announcement over the PA system stating that the shuttle exploded shortly after takeoff and it appeared that there were no survivors. <br />
Throughout the day at school, we were all in disbelief, but had no visual account of this. We had no TVs readily available (wow...that sounds SO old!), but there were teachers who were sad because they had heard about the program to put a teacher into space. Some of them even had applied for the position. <br />
After school, I remember walking into the house & going straight towards the tv, seeing the explosion for the first time. It was heartbreaking & I slept very little that night after all of the special reports.

<p>uh i probably wasnt even born.</p><br />

<p>I was at home on my parents couch sick. I had missed school that day and my class was watching the shuttle launch at school, so I was watching it at home. When the explosion happened I screamed out for my Moma. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Even as a 13 year old girl the magnitude of what was happening struck me like a freight train.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; God Bless those who sacrifice their lives for the growth and enrichment of this country; from the fire fighters and police officers, to the men and women of the space program, and most importantly the men and women of the armed forces whose sacrifices make things like the space program and even this web site possible. And may their families know that their sacrifice is&nbsp;not in vain&nbsp;and that they are in our highest esteem. God Bless The USA!</p>

<p>Coming in from recess, the teacher gathered us inside and turned on the ancient television set. We watched it for the rest of the day. I don't think I really understood what was happening. I just knew we were sad.</p>

<p>I was home, sick, and my mom was home with me. She was in her room with the TV and I heard her say "Oh my God" I went to see... the magnitude of it did not strike me until I was older, as I was just 11 when it happened.</p><br />
<p>I always loved Christa McCaulife (sp?) I thought she was so amazing, and I wished she could have made that trip. She seemed like an amazing teacher!</p>

<p>Nope and I don't even know what ur talking about.</p>

<p>Yes, as always at home. What a tragedy!!! Like so many others.</p>

<p><br /><br />
C'mon that's not fair. I can't even remember what color undies I am wearing... And that's on a good day!</p>

<p>I was at home having just gotten off night shift at 8AM.&nbsp; I was in the Navy.</p>

<p>I only remember that it was aired over and over again on all tv-stations......</p>

<p>I was having lunch in Sterling Ht's, Mi with three of my co-workers, as we were eating the tv was on and we all noticed the news announcement about the same time. We all were stunned and in shock, All of us were engineers for the high tech industry and we all sorta took this as a personal/proffessional blow. It affected each of us in severals ways. I started to slow down my life spend more time with my wife and kids and&nbsp; basicaly learned that nothing is a given and to enjoy every second you have on this earth. I still think of those astronots when ever there is a shullte launch.</p>

At work. There was always a television on for the customers, and we all had been watching it live. <br />
It was surreal. Like we all REALLY didn't see what had just happened. You could have heard a pin drop...the shock. We started crying. <br />
I will NEVER forget that moment.

<p>I think I was in the third grade. I was in Mesa AZ.&nbsp; I still have the newspaper from that day shrink wrapped.&nbsp; I still remember it being on every news stand.&nbsp; </p>

<p>my mom was pregnant with me when she &nbsp;heard there is a space shuttle going into the sky ,&nbsp;she was&nbsp;was angry&nbsp;she &nbsp;couldnt go and jealous of the people who had the opportunity of getting in it. (she told me cos she wants me to feel lucky&nbsp;) but when&nbsp;she heard later that it had exploded , the right feeling sholud be "yea serves them right" but instead&nbsp;she broke down and sobbed bitterly.&nbsp; where was i when it happened ? in d womb.........</p>

<p>I was working at a hospital in Seattle then.&nbsp; All the patients were gathered out in the solarium (which was a smoking area!!). I was working, but I&nbsp;kept going out there to watch the TV with them.</p>

<p>I was in high school.&nbsp; In Astronomy class of all places.&nbsp; I remember the announcement coming and my teacher leaving the room.&nbsp; He had been one of the teachers that applied to go.&nbsp; My heart felt so swollen with grief, I&nbsp;can still feel it when I think about it.</p>

i wasnt even alive then bu t i remember reading about the teacher that went on board

<p>Nope! </p>

<p>was in school...we may have watched it on the tv in the cafeteria but...i can't be for certain.</p>

<p>Yes. I was at my sisters house in NM. I was bathing my son when I heard it on the news.</p>

<p>Glad to see a challenging question as so many here have requested.</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Yes. I had set aside time to watch the lift off that day with my brother and a couple of friends.</p>

<p>I was standing in my living room....In the past..we always recorded the launch...and the mission...(sat. set up to watch NASA tele...)</p><br />
<p>But...Well it was always the same...So we did not this time....So when it happenede...I ran into my room...and woke my husband up....and them we turned on NASA...for all of the news...It was direct feed from we got more news...then the newsmen</p>

<p>I was in Mr. Chapman's AP&nbsp;chemistry class in High School. He was in the final 8 teachers in the competition to be the first civilian american astronaut. He really liked Ms. Christa McAuliffe who was the final one chosen and he was so proud of her... then the shuttle exploded... it was like he had seen a ghost. He nearly broke down in tears and had to leave the room. While he taught the remainder of the week he took the next several weeks off and was never really the same again. It was pretty horrible as he was such a nice guy and brilliant to boot. I've always hoped he was able to overcome that and get back to being the incredibly engaging teacher he had been.</p>

<p>no =P</p>

<p>Yes. </p>

<p>I was probably playing with stuffed animals or watching Sesame Street, I&nbsp;was just 3 when it happened.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<p>I was in school we were watching it when it happened. </p>

<p>&nbsp; I remember that I usually liked to stay home from school so I could watch the launch. But, that day I was very very nervious and wanted to go to school. I was sitting in class and then it was announced. I knew something was going to happen. We ended up putting the picture of it on our year book that year.</p>


<p>I remember seeing it on TV in class since we always kept the news on in my class. I thought it was a video game and pretty much laughed. (I was a little kid). I didn't learn until later when my brother told me that it was actually a real thing that went on and people were dead. After that, I felt pretty bad about laughing.</p>

<p>I&nbsp;was 9 when this happened, and was at school.&nbsp; It was awful.&nbsp; I still remember it like it was yesterday.</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp; FAST ASLEEP!.......................................It was halfway through the night!</strong></p>

<p>I get the two confused (challenger and columbia). The first one I was in school and we watched it on tv. Being that young, it didn't have that much of an effect on me (sad but true). The other one I was at home. It was very sad but that is a risk they were willing to take. What was twisted was people were collecting parts from the one shuttle and trying to sell them on ebay. It's a scary thought how disturbing and uncaring people are.</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
I was working in a sheet metal company and at that time in my life I was doing Quality Control.&nbsp; I heard about it on the radio, I just remember the sick feeling I had knowing the families and friends that were there and had watched it happen.&nbsp; I remember praying that they had some how survived.

<p>I was not even thought about yet...merely an egg waiting to be fertilized</p>

<p>I had just moved to Florida and had a job interview with a Marketing Company.&nbsp; The company was quite a distance away, so the interviewer stated we could meet half way.&nbsp;&nbsp; She asked me to meet her at a Holiday Inn, at the Bar.&nbsp; We sat at a table and although the Bar TV was quite a distance away, we could see it had the Challenger Launch on.&nbsp; I had never seen any Rocket Launch before and right before my eyes I saw it explode. &nbsp; At first I was completely perplexed thinking....was that suppose to happen?&nbsp; I didn't know if perhaps part of the Rocket was suppose to separate...maybe I just missed the part that went up (o.k ....I know I'm blonde..... but I was also very young at the time.....and it was my first rocket launch...)</p><br />
<p>Anyway, it only took a fraction of a second for me to realize I had just witnessed a total Tragedy.&nbsp;&nbsp; It was a strange interview, we just looked at each other and realized we just both watched people die right before our eyes.&nbsp;&nbsp; I remember just minutes before the launch the announcers were talking about the teacher that went aboard.&nbsp; All I could think about was the fact her husband and kids were there watching....witnessing the death of their mom.&nbsp; Today, that's what I think of when people talk about the Challenger....the kids that lost their mom that day. </p>

<p>At the time, I was a kid living in Concord, North Carolina.&nbsp; I was home sick with walking pnemonia.&nbsp; I remember calling my mom at work and telling her the shuttle blew up.&nbsp; She didn't believe me till she saw it for herself.</p>

<p>I was in school and it was on every television. That was when they didn't sensor things like they do now and the kids got the full effect. It was a very sad day for so many....</p>

<p>i was at&nbsp;grade&nbsp;school&nbsp;with the kids, watching it on TV.&nbsp; i couldn't believe this happened, and that my kids saw it live.&nbsp; all of us were stunned.&nbsp; it was a very sad day for us.&nbsp; i will always remember that tragic day, and the horror on my kids faces.&nbsp; i cried for a long time.&nbsp; they were heroes.</p>