When Did You Last Stand In Line And What Were You Waiting For?

The question for today:

When did you last stand in line and what were you waiting for?

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18 Responses Feb 7, 2010

<p>at the bank because of the man who did'nt want to ask help</p>

<p>&nbsp;Haven&acute;t stood in line in ages!! But it would&acute;ve been to go to the cinema to buy entrance tickets.</p><br />

<p>Outside a hospital ward waiting for visiting time and doors to be opened</p>

<p>I waited in line to buy yarn and pink colored paper at a local arts and crafts store.&nbsp; I hope the others waiting in line were buying supplies for Valentine's Day projects, too!</p>

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; I was waiting in line in my relationship second to an addiction. I waited in line with hope of her getting to me before the addiction store closed the love line down. I didn't make it through the line.</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Now I find myself almost a year later in line again. Now I'm in the line of hope that another will see my love and open their heart to me. Hope is a fun line at times if not a hard one. My wish is that I make through this line and get to go through the line of love and make it through to the heart of one I can share my life with in the land of eternal love.</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I'm&nbsp;here and you're there. What time do you get off the register? I'll be waiting for you outside, ready to drive you away with me through the land of eternity.</p>

i la<br />
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i was last standing in line last friday ,in the school cafeteria line to get my lunch

<p>Christmas, waiting for a pre-wrapped 2 pound box of chocolate butter creams.</p>

<p>I&nbsp;can't "stand" in a line.&nbsp; My disability prevents it!&nbsp; I can faint in a line, or sit in a wheelchair.&nbsp; I find the wheelchair causes less problems.</p>

<p>&nbsp;The ever disgusting Wal-mart at Christmas time, just to get a purchase for my Dad for Christmas...yes, yes, just like the banks, only 2-3 wickets/registers were open. &nbsp;OMG *disgust and rage*</p>

<p>I want to answer this question- but I truly can't remember, props for thinking of the question though, interesting!</p>

<p>At the bus stop....waiting for the trian!:)</p>

<p>Earlier today at Trader Joes buying my food for the week :)</p>

<p>I live in a small country town. I dont remember the last time I stood in line for anything.</p>

<p>Getting an undelivered package, I stood in line at the Post Office so long I got hungry, called and ordered Pizza, got it, shared it around and ate it&nbsp;before it was my turn.&nbsp; THAT'S what cell phones are for!!</p>

<p>to cross the freakin street because people walk soooo slow! :)</p>

<p>It was at the Post Office, waiting for this old lady to hurry up and stop chatting so I could get served!</p>

<p><strong>i stood in line for 2 hours with&nbsp;a gopher, 6 snails, a rabbit, 2 deer and a snake to get into Wilmaaa's garden so we could raid it when the sun goes down.&nbsp; it was worth the wait and the competition.&nbsp; i just love her tender roots and the zucchini flowers.&nbsp; i also enjoyed those snails that were in line with me.&nbsp; yum!&nbsp; **fluffing feathers at the memory**</strong></p><br />

<p>Stood in line to get a frozen coke. The things we do!!!!&nbsp; It was totally worth it too!!!!</p>