Who Was Your First Love?

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Who was your first love?

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40 Responses Feb 8, 2010

My first love was tracy cert 5th grade. She gave me my first kiss and it was in an alley. When I go home from time to time to this day. When I go buy the alley I always think of her.

<p>&nbsp;Elvis Presley</p>

<p>It was 1994. I was 7. My first love was Sandra Bullock in the movie Speed. I remember seeing her and that was that. I was infatuated.&nbsp;</p>

He was my ex the damn ******!!! Biggest mistake of my friggin life :-))

<p>My first love was at 24 and I met him on Match.Com.&nbsp;&nbsp;I still miss him and I&nbsp;still love him.&nbsp; If he decides to return to me then&nbsp;I know that I'm right about him also being my true love as well.</p>

<p>Hmm... are we talking 'crush on a movie star' kind of love at a distance? Are we talking first 'girl/boy friend' kind of love? Or are we talking about the person you asked to marry you kind of first love?</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>1.) Bo Derek in the movie '10' with Dudley Moore. Oh... my... God... that was nearly cruel as I&nbsp;think I was 12 years old when that movie came out.</p><br />
<p>2.)&nbsp;Chrissy (yes... not a diminutive of Christine... just Chrissy on her BC) in the 7th grade I&nbsp;think. First hand hold, first kiss, first hug with a girl with breasts, through about 3rd base I&nbsp;guess that summer.</p><br />
<p>3.) My wife. The mother of my sons and one of the primary reasons getting up in the morning isn't hard to do even at 41. The prior two were nice... the one you grow old with and laugh for decades with is true love.</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>The deep blue ocean, I still love her to this day.</p>

<p>My husband now of 12 years. I have loved him for 31 years. I walked away to pursue my interests and managed to get him back 13 years later.</p>


<p>My &nbsp;belongs to Jesus.&nbsp; But I&nbsp;guess my first love is my girlfriend of the last 17.5 years, Jenny.</p>

<p>A little puppy!</p>

<p>oh, my sweet Dixie Darling Diana.&nbsp;</p>

<p>The women I married, Oh dear how things change.</p>

<p>The boy next door.</p>

<p>My first love, ah now that is a story. I met him by accident, he was picking on my ex-beau.</p><br />
<p>Can you imagine a girl of 5 ft 3 standing up to a guy, who was 6 ft 2?</p><br />
<p>Well the next summer i found out, my step dad was friends with his family, when we attended a bbq, at their house. We spent all day together and i got a crush on him.</p><br />
<p>A week later we meet at the county fair and i asked him out.</p><br />
<p>We were together for three months, then he dropped me for his obsession.</p><br />
<p>I chased him for 2 yrs, finally I prayed for just one night with him, again.</p><br />
<p>It was answered, he called the night before my senior prom and I left with him, for a little while.</p><br />
<p>I didn't see him for 6 wks after that, i confronted him and he ran back to his obsession.</p><br />
<p>They are married now.</p>

<p>When I was nine years old I fell in love with William,who invited me as his partner to&nbsp;the local boy&nbsp;scout party. He turned up at my house with a box of chocolates and a cheeky grin. I still remember my&nbsp;butterflies on hearing the door bell.The fact he was skinny with black bottle neck glasses, greasy hair&nbsp;and a snotty nose had nothing to do with it. Love is blind!</p>

<p>my self</p>

<p>My first love was in seventh grade.It started with a friendship.we shared some stuff.and then he broke up with me with no reason.i felt terrible.but now&nbsp;i understand that it was just a waste of time.</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Donald L. from Chicago</p>

<p>I had my first bf at 16, we thought we wanted to get married, but that just dodnt happen. But for 14yrs of my life I had a huge crush on one guy. He had only asked me out once, but my mother said I was too young. Then on day he found someone, I still had tried to get him to notice me, but he was too in love with her. She was violent to him but he stayed and now he looks like a very old man, she was even controling over the time he spent with his family. I gave up on him the day they married but still asked about him through the years.</p><br />
<p>But as for the one I concider my first love, hes the greatest man I have ever met. We have met a few times through the years through friends, but something kept us apart, we knew this time we were going to be together for the rest of our lives so we married and he&nbsp; is still my one true love. Its funny how we feel we love&nbsp;certain people&nbsp;as we grow up, but realize it was only a crush until we finnally meet our one true love. I really know what a crush is now because I know what its like to live every day with my one true love.</p>

<p>Was 7 or 8yrs old, {lived across the field from, an alongside of the Delaware&nbsp;River, next to the old US Steel Plant in N.J., (now Trenton Thunder&nbsp;Stadium),&nbsp;and there is a park now where the houses where}.</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;My best friend's sister would watch us play army, etc. One day she asked if she could play with us, (I remember thinking how beautiful she was), at first my friend said no. Then as we talked about it and as I looked into her eyes and saw her smile, she & i keep thinking about it and then she asked if she could be the nurse for when we got hurt. Brilliant!&nbsp; This turned into a wonderful experience and I ended up becoming wounded more&nbsp;often. As we attacked the imaginary&nbsp;forces of evil charging from the top of the&nbsp;hill we would pretend to get shot, (and sometimes fall and actually be scraped up). Then she would run over, or sometimes wait at a nearby bench, and tended to us so that we go back to saving the world... but at some point she had kissed a scratch and then this turned into her giving me sweet Innocent kisses on my arms, neck, face etc. Then one day while I was resting my head on her lap as she looked down to me we leaned towards each other and kissed. Wow that was the most amazing and wonderful events of my childhood! We looked forward to seeing each other and getting together almost every day until my family moved away.</p><br />

<p>My first love was Duane D. We met at the community pool and I fell hard .I was only13 but well developed !I remember trying to impress Duane by doing double flips off the diving board and one time my bathing suit top came flying off right in front of him.I was totally humiliated but of course I won his undying love!I however stopped doing those flips off the diving board.</p>

<p>&nbsp;My First Love is a lady that I still love. We have known each other since I was about 7 months old, and she was about 5 months old.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Her name is Susan. I never had the nerve then to tell her how I felt. What a loss!! Love and passion are wasted on youth.</p>

<p>my right hand :)</p>

<p>My mother, she watched me grow up throught the years, and spending quality time with me teaching me things of life, about love and friendship with God.&nbsp; Till, God took her away from me on May 28th, 2009, I miss her badly.&nbsp; I love you, mom.</p>

<p>i ve alwaz been a very shy but 2 much attractd 2wrds gals sort of a guy.. i ve a galfrnd now so nt now n she is my first love.. but b4 i met her, since my childhood i usd 2 b very much attractd 2wrds gals. wen i was jus 3 mayb. since thn. n i had a frnd(gal) wen i was not evn 3 i thnk, thn v usd 2 show each other our own genitals n it usd 2 b all my idea.. i usd 2 b evn attractd 2wrds my cousins n usd 2 touch thm here n thr at nite wen they fell asleep.. but nw i feel i shouldnt ve done all tht.. i ve told my galfrnd evrythn but still i wud ve been a diffrnt person, a stronger one infrnt of my girl if i dint ve such a bad past. i usd 2 evn peep frm impossible places wen my aunt usd 2 b takin a bath n my cousins sumtimes.. i was very desperate b4.. ve got total control ovr myself nw</p>

First REAL love? My current. :D

<p>I've quite literally just found my first love and never want to be with anyone else as long as I live, his name is Alex and there is no-one like him on this Earth.</p><br />
<p>Of course you probably think I'm naive but I've never been consistently happy in my life, but since i've met Alex that is what life has been</p>

<p>Saad benchekroun for 4 years, but he didn't love me back ^^</p>

<p>My first boyfriend was my first love. We broke up for a year and just recently got back together (hear the exciting details in my blog!). He's frustrating (especially right now) but&nbsp;I still love him with everything I have everyday.</p>

<p>Well first i cant say i have had a first love how relationships are now in days you never know what is true and what isnt si i would say idk yet mayb one day ill have a better answer for you</p>

<p>Bati Nyandro :L I remember that day he joined us in Year 6. It was love at first sight :D</p>

<p>And they call it puppy love...</p>

<p>No one...yet!</p>

<p>my first love is anup 10th grade student i wasnt able to say my love i still like him a lot</p>

<p>my first love????? sorry firstly &nbsp;i don't know what love means,secondly ithink ther's no love&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<p>My first love was in second grade. His name was Jordan Ramsey</p>

<p>I&nbsp;have traveled long in this life to remember my fisrt love is impossiable</p>

<p>Queen Latifiah!! I was 14, she was on 'Living Single' *day dreaming*</p>