What Has Been Your Hardest Journey?

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What has been your hardest journey?

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67 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Am more or less still on it...</p>

&nbsp;watching my mother suffer so much in her life, and die in such pain....</p>

Reading all these sappy answers.</p>

ive had a few hard journeys specially recently,but as much as i wanted to give up on some days,i would change anything</p>
living through what i have done has made me the person i am today,i might only still be quite young but because of the experiences of the past, is why i can relate to a lot of people especially on here,and that has created some real bonds that cant be replaced,or forgotten,theres people have a place in my life,for life simply because of this</p>
life is a journey and even that hard times have gotten me from there to here,and now i will go from here to there</p>

being married to a manic depressive</p>

Finishing college after the death of my grandma and my father which happened within a year.</p>

L I FE</p>

The journey I'm starting now: moving to a different country, alone, with barely any money.&nbsp;</p>

<strong><em>Although it sounds trite, my hardest journey has been the journey to find myself.&nbsp; Without reaching this destination, nothing else I wanted was possible....</em></strong></p>

Losing many of my friends.&nbsp; A few through suicide, and wondering why.</p>

one of my hardest journey has been trying to win the heart of the one i love, mostly only succeeded in losing my heart....</p>

Learning how to love myself!</p>

Loss of family and loved ones. Learning to&nbsp;cope with loss was extremely&nbsp;difficult.&nbsp;So hard&nbsp;to accept we are here one day and gone the next. This journey&nbsp;defined my faith and beliefs.&nbsp;</p>

That is a very good question... sadly my hardest journey is still not over... and i don't think it will ever end. I am struggling with Depression and i believe i may be bi-polar too. I guess my hardest journey would be</p>
1. to overcome my depression.</p>
2. to forgive those who have hurt me in the past.</p>
3. to forgive myself.</p>
4. to learn to love myself.</p>
5. to be truly happy.</p>
These are my hardest journeys that i am still yet to face.</p>

Id have to say that acceptiong Christ has been my hardest journey. It was a long tough road with many obstacles and a lot or recriminations. I lost several "friends" because of it. And of course, getting over my own ideas about what God should and shouldnt be. Im proud to say now that I am a Christian with strong faith.</p>


One was visiting my dads grave, thinking of him, without crying. I still cry every other day, non<x>stop. I miss him soo much, he left too soon, I didnt even know how to talk</p>

my hardest journey would have to be leaving my family's religion. i had to accept myself and realize that i did not believe the same way. couple that with veritable obstacle course of well-meaning people trying to pull me back in for many years. leaving was the hardest journey of my life. i will never go back.</p>
peace and blessings</p>

None too hard just the usual life trials but hey I have loved it all.</p>

My hardest journeys have been both physical and mental. They are ongoing. The physical is due to a virus that paralysed me from the shoulders down. The rehab with both physiotherapy and occupational therapy was so hard and painful-learning to use my handss and arms and also learning to walk again. It was very difficult and even today-still freak out about it all.</p>
The hardest mental journey is a combination of a few things and this is an ongoing thing. This is a daily battle that i don't seem to be winning. Depression, Dissociative Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as the physical-i am having a hard time coping.</p>

The life that is still ahead of me.</p>

Learning to set a boundary between popularity and self-worth.&nbsp; Learning to base my opinion of myself not on what I see when I look in the mirror or what other people think of me, but on how I am living my life.</p>

learning to let go of the past and find myself again, being a mother is so much more testing than dwelling they keep you going but i'd rather be a single mother than depressed any day' its tough trying to balance the 2. but so much more beneficial watching her grow up&nbsp;than sitting there drivin yourself insane than trying to work out what happened before&nbsp;</p>

Being born with chronic illness.&nbsp; Feeling sick every single day of my entire life, and never experiencing normalcy.</p>

The guilt of not being able to save my little brother after he saved me.</p>

getting to this day, actually. i have worked hard for years to arrive here, today. i will struggle, grow and move on many planes as i travel into the future but i am so thankful and proud to have done what i needed to get here, today...</p>

<p>Battling back from the brink of despair,suicide&nbsp; attempts, and deep depression. I had a very hard childhood filled with sexual,physical and emotional abuse.When i was a teenager I started with the cutting,drinking ,doing drugs and attempting suicide. This went on for a long time well into adulthood. Finally I found counselors who really cared about me and thus began my journey back.Now I am a healthy happy person.Not to say I don't have bad days but I've learned how&nbsp; to cope and to be myself and I thank those along the way who really cared including the Lord.</p>

<p>&nbsp;My hardest journey (up until now) is over coming years of physical, and mental abuse and getting an education, going to college, supporting myself and making my parents proud. &nbsp;</p>
<p>I came from immigrant parents who came to the United States with nothing but their family, we rented a duplex that consisted of my family and my Aunt's with 5 children each while also being infested with cockroaches and living on food stamps.&nbsp;</p>


<p>My hardest journey has been accepting and loving myself physically. &nbsp;</p>

<p>loving someone who does not love you back but pretends to care</p>

<p>The one I am on now. I am trying to create a new life for myself with a new business. </p>

<p>Fighting false accusations brought about by my own family.&nbsp; I am guilty until proven innocent, the cost of a criminal attorney, black balled by EVERY family member; my heart is broken that anyone could ever believe these falsities.&nbsp; This indeed is a very difficult journey.</p>

<p><strong><em>Mine, thankfully hasn't been as bad as i have read here,. I know there is always someone who is worse off than myself, :-( I've found a lot of things hard in my life,. But nothing compared to half of these! </em></strong></p>

<p>many things..but most of all losing ppl u love</p>

<p>&nbsp;losing my father in law (and best friend) last March.</p>

<p>Finding yourself; realizing what you've lost and trying to regain it.</p>

<p>My Hardest Journey,mmm I'd like to spew out gut wrenching, tear dropping sobbing stories about my hardest journey but then I'd have to embellish. I was born intersexed, grew up abused. had an alcohol problem, been married twice, have mental illnesses but none of them have even equalled my hardest journey and that is self acceptance.&nbsp; I don't do well with it and I do try to not let others into&nbsp;my life.</p><br />
<p>I am a survivor, persistant and don't take noas an answer, but:&nbsp;I act tough and still have an&nbsp;self&nbsp;acceptance problem.&nbsp;</p>

<p>a accident,a few yrs ago..still in recovery..just a bout 17% more till i'm 100% again! Thank U to ask..Hope ur day is blessed!makes u a stronger and more grateful for life.(small things u cherish more*).and u gain a very compassionate heart..</p>

<p>My hardest journey is one that began shortly before Easter 2005.&nbsp; I got a call from my Mom to come down for Easter, that was when she told me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.&nbsp; At the time the prognosis was good, but in late June that same year, she was in a coma, and I had to make the choice to take her off the machines.&nbsp;&nbsp; During this time, I was living and working over an hour away from her and on my days off, and sometimes even after work, I was driving down to be with her.&nbsp; I was also in a relationship with an alcoholic who passed away in Feb of 2006.&nbsp;&nbsp; Through dealing with all that, I started getting scared that If I loved someone I would lose them, like I was cursed.&nbsp; It was definitely a hard road to travel, but luckily I had great friends to travel it with me.&nbsp; Or I honestly don't know if I would have made it through in one piece</p>


<p>Life is always the hardest, and most rewarding, journey of them all. </p>

<p>overcoming the severity of my mental illness and learning new copin mechanism with certain addictions that i will not state here too personal but ive overcome it and i have lost weight too and becoming more obsessive with excercise as a copin method for me so i still have a bit of a journey to go but im gettin there and each day brings a new surprise everday no matter how good or bad it is its improvin and my medication helps in so many ways than one thats really all i can think off :-) </p>

<p>&nbsp;My hardest journey! Probably Telling my family that i had been abuse for 3 years by my uncle. having to give evidence and then have him accuse me of being a ***** and taking me to court! I can't fight for much longer... i am only 15!!! i just want t be back to normal but it won't! so yes that is my hardest battle to keep on going..</p>

<p>Shoveling the driveway....again and again....and again!!!!</p>

<p>For me it is trying to reconcile being born in a man's body, but wishing I had been born a woman.</p><br />
<p>I understand that for people who don't have this experience, gender dysphoria (to be technical) doesn't make a lot of sense.&nbsp; I am not sure it makes a lot of sense to me.&nbsp; I have tried to understand it in all kinds of different ways, but in the end I am left with a hard kernel of truth - for as long as I remember I have wished I was born a girl. </p><br />
<p>The journey for me is how I reconcile this with living my life as it is.&nbsp; In particular I have children (now reaching their teens) and I have been desparate to protect them from pain around this.</p><br />
<p>I believe that one day I will make the change.&nbsp; When I think about dying without ever having the experience of living as I know I want to be it feels unbearable.&nbsp; Emotionally it has been a hard journey so far, but I am sure that there are harder parts ahead.</p>

<p>Basically growing up and experiencing life the hard way.</p>

<p>Motherhood...</p><br />
<p>It's ever changing and ongoing...</p>

<p>My hardest journey has got to be the Bi-Polar road I have been traveling. I was diagnosed bi-polar many many years ago but only since leaving my now ex-husband have I&nbsp;been able to get help for myself. It's been a crazy journey.. A lot of ups and downs on this road, many medications and bad reactions. I spent over a year alone, with only my children, 7 and 2, as company. I&nbsp;have worked on myself repeatedly over the past 5 years and have become a new person than the one I&nbsp;was. I am far from done.. I&nbsp;will never be off this Bi-Polar road but I&nbsp;know that whatever work I put into me.. it's worth it in the end!~</p>

<p>finding my self-worth and peace of mind, I think. I've yet to completely get there. Sure, there have been difficult times, but I can't compare them. & I think this is what ties them together: the search for love, acceptance, self-worth, and peace of mind.</p>

<p>No hard&nbsp;ones just different kinds</p>

<p>The hardest jorney ever is the journey from my bed to anywhere that is not in my bed.</p>

<p><strong>i thought my journey was hard until i read some of the journeys my fellow EPeeps have gone through.&nbsp; i am grateful for my own difficulties.&nbsp; at least they're familiar.</strong></p>

<p>That's a tough question, but I can answer it. I believe it was when I became U.S Citizen. It was a long and tedious process, with obstacles. For instance, I had to study real hard. I had to learn about the government, and political process and the history of the United States. Then, I had to reshedule my appointment several time due to school issues. Then, after an initial interview, I passed my test with flying colors.</p><br />
<p>Then, it got tougher. I had to go to several area. I had to get my fingerprints on file. Then, I had to go to the immigration department to get my passport. Everything, from my social security, name change forms, and driver's license. It took me exactly three months to become a usa citizen, but I'm proud of it.</p>

<p>trying to be independent</p>

<p>The path that I am currently on has to date been my most difficult...and that is saying a lot considering all the icky paths&nbsp;it took to get here.&nbsp;</p>

<p>watching the man I love have an affair with his married assistant and not say anything. Cant leave now in financial hardship so I have to stay friends with him and watch. He acts like it is so great he is having sex with her not even a thought that she is still married. I&nbsp;guess it is the thrill of sneeking sex. The sad part is I do not want to be around if she "does " leave her husband&nbsp; He will be an idiot and act like he won the lottery. Of course sooner or later she will cheat on him But I cannot make it that long.</p>

fighting sever social anxiety and fighting to finish college in spite of it all.

<p>The struggle in my heart each day having 3 of my children in prison</p>

<p>getting over my low self esteem.....actually i'm still working on that one</p>

<p>Search & destroy missions</p>

<p>The one I'm on and have been on everyday of my life.</p>

<p>Taking care of my parents & grandmother.&nbsp; My, dad became sick, in 2005 and died in 2007 of renal failure.&nbsp; My mother became sick in the spring of 2008 of cancer, and died of it in the spring&nbsp; of 2009.&nbsp;I took care of them, as a son should, I have put my health on hold, and now, I am taking care of my 95 year old grandmother, who I been, taking care of since 2000.&nbsp; My parents, had a wonderful life together, 50.5 years.&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>I will never be able to have children, do to medical reasons, but I took care of them as they did me as a child.&nbsp; I, changed and bathed and feed my dad, as he did me as a child.&nbsp; I took care of my mother the same way, and gave her the resecpt, and the love up until the moment she passed away(i watched her go), to Heaven.&nbsp; I watched the moment she slipped away, but I sang to her, read from the BiBle to her and held her hand, for the comfort, as she did me, as a child.&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Now, I am taking care of my grandmother, I have been taking care of her since 2000, she is a wonderful, but stubborn little woman, but I Love her, she has memory loss, and sometimes she forgets things(i dod too), but I have given her all of the love and support a grandson can give.&nbsp; Her other son lives in Flordia, and he doesn't visit, and she has other grandchildren, who live in SC,GA,CO, who once in awhile send a card, but never call her.&nbsp; But, I try my Best to give her the things she needs, take her to the doctors appt., feed her three to six meals a day, if that's what she wants, pay her bills, and manage her home and mine to, when know one else will.&nbsp; The only true friends I have, are the ones on here (EP), and although I don't know your real names, your my friends, you let me vent my feelings and, you may send me a comment, that I may not like(but that's OK), because, you are my TRUE FRIENDS.&nbsp; And if it wan't for you, I would be talking to myself.</p>

<p>Finding your way</p>

<p>This journey That I am on now the journey that no one wants to take but the one we all must face at sometime in our life the journey that only God can help me thru.</p>

<p>Raising three daughters on my own and putting them through college......my last child was born&nbsp;natural at&nbsp;11lbs ....... breaking my neck in a car car accident and placed with a halo brace for a whole summer......almost dying during a surgery from blood loss and how I was at death's door,but was shown that my life was meant to be lived. What does'nt kill you,makes you stronger. My whole life has been a journey, but the hardest one has been accepting God, but I did it because I realized how much He loved me and was with me all along. I just wouldn't look. :)</p>

<p>Making it to the bathroom, after a fleet enema.</p>