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I Am Sorry....

I am getting old.  
I am pleasantly confused and have a poor memory.  You know that.
I have always tried to please you.
I thought about pleasing you last  night, but you did't notice.

It's a known fact I drink wine out of a box.
But I thought you might like something with a cork for a change.
But you didn't notice.

It's wasn't my intention to insult you with 'not remembering' the wines you like.
I was just thinking of you during the purchase, but I am sorry I couldn't remember the hoity toity  kinds you liked.
Even though you have spoken about them more than once. 

I am getting old, pleasantly confused and have a poor memory... remember?

I apologize for being a bit sarcastic with my 'I BET' comment after you apologized for 'not appreciating' my gesture.
Excuse me for not feeling the sincerity at that particular moment.  It wasn't my intention to negate your 'hurt feelings'. I do know it is important to recognize other's sensitivities.

Excuse me for wanting your whole heart.  I am sorry for my need for true connection.  Is your loving gaze and touch too much to ask? 
I am sorry for my need.
I am sorry for not being who you need.

I am sorry....


DrewBerry DrewBerry 46-50, F 24 Responses Mar 1, 2011

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I fit that description quite well according to my wife. I MAY remember to b y her a Christmas present.

Thanks for the ling Doc!

I am afraid it is too late darknight. Moving forward to a more natural connection... It's not easy, but I have to open myself up in order to find the right person.<br />
<br />
All in good time.....

You can share a box of wine with me, or a bottle, I don't care, I'm more interested in the company. And, if we finsih the box, neither of us will remember, but old has nothing to do with it. Isn't it amazing how the important things often get lost and the piddly-sh!t is all that's reflected back. I sincerely hope that the subject comes to realize this, and soon.

TY my new friend Z~ <br />
<br />
Me and he have said our Final Goodbye... never even getting close to speaking the same Love Language. <br />
<br />
What a bittersweet love affair, now lost.

Your story had given me a new perspective in all aspect. You wrote it so sincerely.

TY badgretchen. <br />
good advice salar!<br />
<br />
crossy - skip the box wine... I've had better KoolAid... :)

Lovely prose Drew!

Chin chin D..... well written , as for the subject perhaps a step back let him do the chasing for a change ......

Wine from a box huh? I will have to give that a try.<br />
<br />

Not Down on Me, or him honestly, TS ~ just letting the feelings out. It's very cleansing.<br />
<br />
@MTV - That is ONE HOT HOT HOT Avatar picture - Grrrrrr!

BCJ - darling.. you know I've been holding out for you all along!<br />
<br />

AWW -- THANKS z<br />
<br />

Thanks for the wonderful support my friends... and I appreciate you warm and sincere advice Shepherdess. <br />
<br />
It will all turn out in the end.<br />
<br />
~ hugs ~

Here's my humble, pummeled-down-by married life assessment.<br />
<br />
I've been married 33 years.<br />
<br />
Many husbands can be just plain old arseholes at times!<br />
<br />
Go out with the girls for a fun night to get over this.<br />
<br />
Mothers, if we can raise our sons not to treat their wives as if they're invisible, we have SUCCEEDED!

me, me, me <br />
<br />
PLEASE<br />
<br />
love you sweetie

Girl....lets you and I go out for some BEER...... screw wine baby! *wink* <br />
(((hugs))) sorry sweetie, there are some people out there that can never be's not's them...

That's okay<br />
<br />
You are still fun.

((((HUGS))) Sorry that the one that should be appreciative of these gestures gets stuck on brand. It is just a sign of other things that are not being appreciated.

TY OT and AP, I am trying to read the love language. and Yes, I know the love is there.<br />
<br />
I am sorry for needing more than can be given. <br />
<br />
but I still hope..<br />
<br />

DrewBEE!!!<br />
<br />
Men are clueless and they don't always appreciate everything you try to do for them. Only the other day I put my foot in my mouth because my specialist (she is a woman, yes she is) waived her fees for me and I thanked her by saying, "Mmm... thank you for waiving your fees, I hadn't expected that."<br />
<br />
I know I hurt her feelings because she paused for a bit and said, "You hadn't expected that? Right." and I had to apologize and tell her that I wasn't used to dealing with doctors and didn't realize that doctors could do that and I was really really clueless and very very sorry.<br />
<br />
:(<br />
<br />
For me, I was already beyond grateful because this doctor is really well known in her field but she has been giving me appointments at short notice. Her husband performed major colonic surgery for my grandmother and shocked his staff by offering to remove my grandfather's gall bladder (when he was such a senior surgeon)... both times the fees were waived. I just didn't think that it applied to me too. I mean, I know her and her husband, and one of the daughters, but I thought they were doing those things because we are old family friends and in my society I am just way too ordinary to get the same kind of waivers.<br />
<br />
When I saw that she had waived her fees for my first consultation I nearly cried. Hopefully I'll be able to find a way to tell her that, using the right words.<br />
<br />
You are a lovely, generous, thoughtful person.<br />
<br />
DrewBEE!!!!<br />
<br />
*hug*<br />
<br />

Cheers! <br />
<br />
Box of Ouzo for you

hey taz. I am sorry. I will be good from NOW ON.<br />
<br />
(( hugs ))

So k <br />
<br />
just dont do it again