Three or four days ago I wrote a story about my wife and I, starting with when we met in 1969.  One of the points I emphasized in that story was how my then girlfriend looked, without any artifice, around 15 to 20 years younger than she was.  And that this has been true through the rest of her life.  It sounded to me, on re-reading it after being posted, as if I was insisting that it was her youthful good looks that appealed to me, which they did, but that if she'd looked her age, I wouldn't have accepted her.  And that interpretation would have been quite accurate.  When I was 23 I was going out with college girls.  I would never have dated or had a relationship with someone who was 38 and looked her age. 

Though I mentioned in the story that I wasn't "lookist," i.e., prejudiced against women who aren't starlets, that only applied to women of my own age.  And that's continued to be true over the years.  As I've matured my tastes have matured, and for a long while now I've preferred to talk to mature women of my own age or closer to it.  They just know many, many interesting things that ditzy little kids just don't. 

But I was and am concerned, after spending a while thinking about it, that my women friends on EP might have been put off by that aspect of my story.  Might have wondered why women can't go out with young hotdogs like mature men go for wild young girls.  So I thought it best to remove the story so it wouldn't offend any one else.

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Zotz123 Zotz123
70+, M
Feb 26, 2010