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Getting Some Help

Me and Trey been talking about getting someone to help me around the house since I have a baby now, my mom friend her daughter has to have a job if she wants to drive, my mom thinks it would be good for her to have a job taking care of Samantha or cleaning, what you guys think, and what should we pay her she is only 16 If you want to know
jennylovestosmile jennylovestosmile 18-21, F 3 Responses May 1, 2012

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My friend comes every Monday, we pay her $60/day. She cleans every room including my bedroom, helps with laundry and then helps with any other projects that need to be done. Ex: Next week will be organizing our shed. She usually gets here at about 10 and leaves at about 3.

Try her 1 day a week to help clean and do laundry. That way she won't interfear with your lives. Minimum wage plus a little more on an hourly rate would be good.......

do ya wanna pay her by the hour or per day?<br />
and ya also have to consider how your lifestyle will be affected by having a new person around.<br />
paying by the hour might sound better, but she would not be in your home as much.<br />
and less would get done.<br />
paing her a little less but per day, would mean she would be there everyday, but there would be less for her to do since most of the work is alreadyy been done, so ya can send her home earlier.

i know what you mean, summer break is all most here for us since the schools are getting out early