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Thinking About It

alright friends i've been thinking about changing my profile name, some reason it just don't go along with my profile if you think about it, jennylovestodance, so my question is what should i change the name to,
jennylovestosmile jennylovestosmile 18-21, F 10 Responses May 13, 2012

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If you like to dance leave it, it's catching and it's one of a kind.

I'd keep it as that's wht you are known as. But if you do change it, keep it something along your personality or your likes

I like Jennylovestodance!

I agree with the first few posts.. You did or still do dance and gynastics and this is what people know you by. Having a dirty name like some suggest does not describe you more than your current name. These names just attract people who are looking for sex and naked pics and such.<br />
Depends are want you want from EP what you change your name to.

how about...."Danceinmypanties"

I like your nick you should keep it.I had some questions for you if you wanted to answer them.I wasn't sure where to ask them.<br />
<br />
1, How long how you been doing Gymnastics?<br />
2. How did you get into teaching Gymnastics?<br />
3..Do you like wearing Leotards?<br /> you have a Favorite Leotard?<br /> you have a favorite Gymnast?<br />
6. Do you have a favorite wrestler?<br />
7.What's your favorite colour?<br />
8.Do you have a favorite Gymnastics trick/flip?<br /> did you get into doing Gymnastics?

or u can call ur self but only and only if u mean it!!! jenylovetofuck or jennylovetosuck, or jennylovetobeblow, or what ever u really love to do d most in live, i want to change my and name my self the horniestalive....koz lm always horny, and idk why

You do love to dance so why change it?<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

just a thought i had,

I would stick with it--it's what all your friends here know you as.

well i could

i agree.. i like it :)