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Is a virgin still a virgin after having cyber sex? Just thinking about it, try not to hit me with something bad! And of course i know that his/her virginity in the sense of skin breaking off is not happening! Thanks :) 
I just realized that since it has the word sex it probably wont be seen on the question board so made a stioy about it....
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AKA: losing virginity = First sexual penetration. you just lose your E-Virginity(worthless and fake)

Hehe that sounds more like you, na in fact that is you! :P

Haha, you? a fool? Of course...... not! maybe. :P Well, okay, maybe not <i>far</i> from dirty, but close to it. Hah.

Well most of the people are bt read's nan's answer on the other page, it explains clearly and i think it s a fair explanation! =)

Far from dirty? You think me a fool? =P<br />
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Thanks nan, thats along my line of thought too, practically its condition is not fulfilled, but in essence you have given it! =)

what? Me? Of course not! My mind is far from dirty. Hehe. :P

Hi, Sweetie. Virginity. Such a simple subject, yet with so many ramifications (oops, sorry, unintended pun). Not to mention semantics.<br />
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I suppose the most basic definition of virginity is someone who has never had sex with another human being. So cybersex would, to my way of thinking, be pleasuring yourself with the aid of some "outside" stimuli. <br />
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Someone who is raped may have torn membranes but to my mind still has not had sex - has simply been assaulted.<br />
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There are plenty of men out there (and maybe a woman or two) who brag to their buddies that they have "taken" someone's virginity. To my mind, virginity cannot be taken. It must be given.<br />
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So my definition of virginity is, you are a virgin until you make the conscious choice to share the sexual act with another living, fully present human being.<br />
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When it comes to virginity, or even real sex, using a computer, phone or sex toys as an intermediary doesn't count!

Hehe yep yep yep, dont get your mind too dirty though! =P

Hehe, no, I didn't forget, Floyd. =] Of course not!<br />
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In essence, no, you're not. Especially if you're really committed to this person, which I know you are ;), and you do cyber sex as if you really are connecting with this person in that special way, even if not physical.

Hehe I am very much "in the situation" ally, you forget huh? ;P<br />
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Yes thats what I mean, in just the physical sense you are..but in essence?

You're not a virgin anymore... in a sense. Trust me, I have experience in this department. Heh. Well, you are still a virgin only in a physical sense. But, it's complicated. You know? Everything long distance is complicated. You know what I'm talking about if you're in the situation. <br />
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Well... I'll just let you brew on that answer, because I'm not even sure I understood myself. =]

if i ever get the opportunity i will lol

Thanks for your thought but i think i already mentioned that i know that the membrane/skin has to be broken for virginity to be lost! I want to know what it would be in essence..

Taking viagra for becoming cyber bots?! lol maybe they become cyber poles ;)

I have already found, she is! the answer now please? :)

No answer from me until you find yourself a virgin....

Nup just an answer for me?

I am telling you I know...

you have to find a virgin first...

Well i what would your answer be?

ha ha... first you have to find a virgin....