Caravan Thief On Trial

"a man was being tried for having robbed a caravan. three witnesses came forth and made the following statements:

first witness: the defendant has committed over a dozen robberies in the past!

second witness: that is not true!

third witness: he has certainly committed at least one robbery!

as it turned out, only one of the witnesses had told the truth. did the defendant rob the caravan or didn't he?"

submit your answers in the comments and i'll confirm the correct one. don't look at the comment if you don't want to know the answer!

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4 Responses Dec 31, 2007

You can't really tell from the statements. The first 2 are meaningless as they don't refer to this robbery. They are about the past.

I think he did it.


If the first one is true then the third one is true... SO first one is false... then the second one is true. THen the third one cannot be true.<br />
<br />
Defendant is NOT guilty