Yes Or No?

"there is a yes/no question i could ask you that, in answering, it would be logically impossible for you to lie! (i'm assuming that you answer either yes or no.) you are forced to tell the truth! what question would work?"

submit your answers as comments and i'll confirm the correct one. don't look at the comments if you don't want to know the answer!

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7 Responses Dec 31, 2007

"Are you alive?"

hahah, well done..and the magical question is.......Do you exist?

Are you lying right now? <br />
or<br />
If you would always lie, would you say that 1+1 = 3?? [or anything non-true]

for my reference, answer is on pg. 92

not the answer given in the book, no. (can't try to figure out if it would work too, brain imploding currently)

Do you tell lies?

close, but less jargony ;)